And… we have an official mascot for the WuFlu!!!

Meet Trash Panda!

THIS should make the Karens happy, but you know they’ll be reporting him for not wearing his mask correctly!!!


Snerk… — 10 Comments

  1. Karen can’t turn him in. That’s species-ist. Has to complain about the nearest man, instead.

    LOL – nice meme.

  2. Have you noticed the number of leftist Karens who lecture us on “social distancing” and mask wearing manage to have their masks down around their chins so the camera can see their faces, wear their masks upside down, or just have it covering their mouths but not their noses? Yes, I’m talking about you Chuck Schumer, who I saw not only had his nose uncovered, but also had the mask on upside down.

  3. Great meme
    Personally I think the Karen thing is off base. It should refer to ‘Nancys’ given how idiotic the speaker of the house is. She’s as much a scold and even further off base than ‘Karen’…. and she has a greater need to be regularly mocked and told to STFU …

  4. PK- Thanks!

    NRW- Oh yes… getting their 15 seconds of fame…

    LL- 🙂

    Tom- LOL, I don’t even want to THINK about her in yoga pants…

  5. Perfect. Nasty little creatures causing damage all out of proportion to their size, always rooting around in your personal space, shutting things down at inappropriate times (rabid coon hunts in liberal cities are fun to watch.)

    And, I like shooting them down. Just like the Karens/Nancies/Chuckies/Faucis of the world.

    Except I’m not allowed to actually shoot the Karens/Nancies/etcs… But then again, I wasn’t ‘allowed’ to shoot trash-pandas either.