Trash Panda…

Has resigned from being the Covid spirit animal…

He drunkenly mumbled something about Karens and their screeching about his mask, and he wasn’t washing his hands enough!


Trash Panda… — 11 Comments

  1. Fortunately the coffee mug didn’t break, and didn’t spill on something important. LOL!

    That just calls for a song. I will neither confirm nor deny being in such a state … (mumble)

    “It’s six in the morning, and I’m out of beer.
    The darn truck just drove me, why am I here?
    Dumpster was empty, when it broke down the gate,
    So Ossifer leave me, to unhappy fate.”

  2. *gigglesnort* I’ve had days when I’ve wanted to be in that state (minus the hangover that follows).

    Knocking over garbage cans and stealing pet food for a living is certainly less stressful than dealing with social media.

  3. PK- You’re on a roll this morning!

    McC- LOL, the Amarillo team is the Sod Puppies (AKA Praire Dogs)

    TXRed- You DO have a point! 🙂

    • That’s a missed opportunity. They could have been the Amarillo Armadillos!

      • Ah. That one had been used two teams ago (The ‘Dillas) and so it is not available. (I miss the ‘Dillas and the Dilla Villa.)

        The Sod Poodles are . . . Yeah. Don’t get me started. The name is cute, the team is good, but the supposed origin of the name is, ahem, not as historic as claimed.

  4. Chuckling, at least trash panda wasn’t drinking some flavored water like PBR or keystone light.

  5. Rocket Raccoon, abandoned by Groot, drowns his sorrows amid the Chinese Plague.

    You know, Old NFO, if I was drinking these days, I’d have become a horrible drunk during this lock down BS.

  6. Grog- Point!

    Bob- Yep!!!

    LL- You and me both. Sigh

    Phil- Yep, just got the email!!! Finally, after 10 days in limbo! Posting it tomorrow morning, as I’m away from my computer until tonight.