Finally!!! Rimworld- The Rift is alive!

After 10 days in limbo, Amazon finally spit it out after multiple emails…

The Rift introduces a new set of characters with a few that you’ll recognize if you read the previous books.

Click on the cover for the link!

The blurb-

Danny Ortega was a failure. He couldn’t tolerate the implant to be a starship captain…

But Danny Ortega has run his deep space research vessel Ghost alone for years, flaky AI and all, mapping the most unstable and unexplored regions of the Rift for the Cartographers Guild. When his latest mission lands in a mass graveyard of ships, including some ships out of legend, lost for hundreds of years, the guild isn’t happy with him.

He picks up a misfit crew out of the asteroids and the games begin!Turns out he’ll need them not just for research and salvage, but to help him keep his ship! As word gets out that he has artifacts and is returning remains, Danny finds he’s gone from chasing a prize to becoming one himself…

Unfortunately for his enemies, Danny didn’t get his own ship by being an easy target or giving up. His odd connections and crew have plenty of surprises up their sleeves, too!

As always, HONEST reviews are appreciated. Thank you in advance, and I apologize for the delay in getting this one out.


Finally!!! Rimworld- The Rift is alive! — 22 Comments

  1. The link worked perfectly, and it’s now on my Kindle.
    Reading will commence soon.

    A very good start to a Monday morning indeed. :)a

    Thank you!

  2. I was able to download the sample but never riven the opportunity to purchase the book. I will keep trying.

    • Right now the Kindle version is the only one available. The paperback is going to take another couple of weeks.

  3. Found it on Amazon last night. Reading it now. I will do a full review when finished.

  4. Link works fine. Just downloaded it to the Kindle. Thanks JL!

  5. Well dammit I almost missed this, and that would have been troubling…
    Now loading on my Kindle!

  6. Bought it, read it, reviewed it. Now, get busy on the sequel. There WILL be a sequel, right?

  7. Finished it and a review submitted on Amazon UK. Let’s see how long it takes them to post it! I’m now torn between wanting a sequel or a continuation of the Fargo arc.

    One line in it made me wonder if the author has ever read a book called ‘Don’t cry for me, Sergeant-major’ as I’ve seen that smile for real.

  8. Bad- The books will alternate at least for the next two… After that we’ll see. Re the smile, if you served, you’ve seen it… 😀

    • I’ve not served but we live a mile from where they were based in the UK for many years. I first saw the smile when they drove a lorry the short way round a roundabout towards the oncoming traffic!!! 3 of them in the cab, all grinning. Also saw it when I did karate with them. Love the little buggers.