One of my readers sent me this…

Apparently was in San Diego paper last week!!!

No sugarcoating in this one, not a bit!!! 🙂


Snerk… — 12 Comments

  1. That’ll leave a mark. Ouch.

    OT: leaving marks – the cat brought home groceries last night. Fresh chipmunk to share, door delivery. I wound up scrubbing concrete.

    • Protein’s protein. I got a warm spot in my heart when my mouse-killer brought home a carcass to share. Good kitty! Not that I partook of her generous offering…

      • Got to agree with Robert; Protein is protein. Just wish my mousers would stick to the rodent family and not branch out to snakes…

        • Oh, merciful Maude, yes! I had one cat that ignored rodents, but hated snakes. He killed every snake in the neighborhood. Then the rodent population boomed, but he was too busy hunting for snakes to pay them any mind.

  2. Do you really think Democratic voters will EVER not vote for a D-DemocRAT? All will depend on whomever the Repubs or Libertarians/independents put up against Mz LGonzalez.

  3. Hey Old NFO;

    Hope it works, but I think the anti-capitalist strain is too strong in cali, I think she will win again. I do like the ad though, its gonna leave a mark 🙂

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