Still intarwebz problems… Pretty decent thunderstorm rolled through…

Lite blogging/commenting will continue all weekend, ’cause we’re getting together with a few folks…

Hopefully back to regular posting on Monday… Trying to do this from an iPhone sucks!

Go read the folks on the sidebar!!!


Gah… — 10 Comments

  1. Hey Old NFO;

    I wish I could have made it, but as I explained..I didn’t plan on my transportation going “Kung-flu” on me…I was bummed out…I WILL make NEXT YEAR DANGIT. Take Lots of good pics….

    Still bummed.

  2. Alright, sounds like your dance card is punched. Y’all have fun symposying.

  3. Cedar at MGC also posted a screenshot that shows that.

  4. I’ve been to plenty of conferences with no better panels than those cited. It could be real; who knows?