Y’all need to see this…

My neighbor has known this lady for over 30 years. He said she is the real deal. She didn’t mince words at all!

Please share this far and wide!!!

Blunt honesty from a lady who went from welfare to millionaire…


Y’all need to see this… — 15 Comments

  1. Made more sense in a few minutes and Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and a host of black representatives have made in 30 years.

  2. She will be ostracized, shamed and run out of town on a rail by BLM. If they let her live.
    But truth indeed she spoke.

  3. Bless her and she should make any of us proud to be her fellow citizen. And if I can figure out how, I’m gonna steal this to my Facebook page too.

  4. Any chance of getting a link outside of Fakebook?
    Non-facebook users might want to see it as well…

  5. I don’t do Facebook, and it won’t let me even look at it.
    What is it that I’m missing?

  6. I have several dozen Facebook addresses blocked at the router since they’re a major tracking outfit. Same with Twitter.

  7. Merlin- That’s all I have.

    Sam- This lady nails the whole BLM/Panitfa meme to the wall with facts and as she said re the confederate monument, “It’s a rock. It didn’t help me or hurt me. I don’t care.

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