A dog’s life…

PP’s pups were chilling… Well, Koda was…

But Karl couldn’t leave well enough alone…

And Koda didn’t want to play even after that. So… Karl jumped her, knocking her off the dog bed.

And she just lays there… LOL She usually kicks his butt when she wants to.


A dog’s life… — 8 Comments

  1. I try relaxing like that, there’s a cold nose poked in my stomach. Time for a walk or a ball toss.

  2. Dog’s are one of life’s better ‘perks’ – unconditional love. That’s why folks that abuse their dogs (and cats) are lower than whale feces IMHO. And there is a good reason why dog owners live longer than those unfortunates who don’t have dogs.

  3. Leash for an exuberant Retriever. For a Lab, I think 2″ hawser and a 500 lb anchor MIGHT slow him down

  4. These two crack me up as they are better than TV. They wake me up EVERY single morning by 6 demanding to be fed since they are obviously wasting away from lack of food, then they are tearing through the house after each other running into everything. Then they pass out for hours and back at it again with demanding to be fed before 5pm. Then they get their second wind. I have yet to find a leash/harness/collar combo that will hold them. If they want to go they are gone!