Welp, now it gets interesting…

Kamala Harris is the ‘current’ VP pic for the Dems in November…

And the left is already playing the racist/sexist card on anyone that says anything negative…

One can’t help but wonder if Hidin’ Joe will even make it to November now, much less what the campaign is going to look like going forward, considering the animosity between the two during the primaries…


Welp, now it gets interesting… — 21 Comments

  1. I left this question about Kamala Harris on another blog.

    Question brought up by my wife. Kamala’s Dad is Jamaican and her Mother is Indian. How does that make Kamala African-American ? I’ve seen Hispanics with a far deeper ‘tan’ but I’ve never heard them called African-American.

    • Jamaica was populated by African slaves. They didn’t grow there spontaneously… but she IS the same color as Joe.

  2. jrp, good article on Reason about that. You get to claim your own ancestry if there is an actual background and if people generally identify you as such. She could go with Asian (1/2) or black (1/4) or white (1/4). Apparently she has chosen black and given her skin tone, that is generally accepted. White probably would have been a struggle as no one would have generally believed it due to her looks. Ditto BHO. He could just as easily have chosen white but given his racial skin tone and looks, probably wouldn’t have been as accepted.

    Not saying it’s right, just saying that in these days of tribal identification, people are generally choosing the tribe that garners them the most benefit or into which they feel that they fit the best.

  3. And she is a naturalized citizen rather than natural born. So is she eligible for the presidency? Bet the Dems say it’s quibbling about minor issues.

    When she told Biden during the debates she was one of two little girls who were first to integrate a public school in California it was reported that she actually went to a private school. Anybody know the truth?

  4. She’s a lying ass radical leftist politician (I know, redundant) whose family owned slaves in the past, who sucked her way to the top of CA politics and who put lots of black people in jail for behavior she herself admitted to (smoking weed). The hypocrisy is very strong with this one.

  5. Oh yeah – she was born in Oakland, CA, so she is eligible to be President. Posts saying otherwise are incorrect as far as I can tell.

    • Tom – ‘maybe’ and maybe not – since neither of her parents were US citizens she would at best be an anchor baby. But what the heck, the dems obfuscated enough – and got away with it – about barky’s parentage it is likely to be a moot point.
      I’m way more concerned about her socialist tendencies.

  6. I think we need to look VERY carefully at any pictures of these two embracing. Make sure the hands are empty.

    • WSF – they will do absolutely everything to keep him propped up until after inauguration day (if he wins of course). Sort of like they have been doing with RBG………………

  7. Now, here’s my conspiracy theory…

    The Dems know Joe is broken, broken and maybe won’t make it till November (as when senility and dementia take over, the body fails rather quickly, and you can see it in the Joe of January and what little they show us of Joe of August – he looks like he’s aged 10 years, and he didn’t look good in January.)

    The Dems know that Kamala isn’t a viable candidate, due to them dropping a lot of negative intel to get her out of the campaign race.

    Now, suddenly they want to hitch a walking-dead to a street-walker and think it’s the cat’s meow?


    I wonder… I wonder if they did this pairing to get Trump’s campaign to spend money on attacking them while they get the real candidates ready for introduction, either on the last days of the Democratic convention or just a week or so after.

    I mean, Michelle is still constantly in the news in a positive light. And we just got told she’s depressed due to the state of the nation (which, of course, she and her idiot husband are one of the prime causes of such state.) So, yeah, she’s available (and her husband has to somehow get out of a book deal or two he’s welched on.)

    And then there’s Okra, I mean Oprah, who is busy quietly divesting herself of her media empire. Which is required for President or Vice President. And she’s been the power behind the throne for years, so…

    Seriously. I am not kidding. A Michelle and/or Oprah ticket, with possibly Sally Rice filling in for the Veep if they don’t get both.

    Why? Because both Michelle and Oprah have positive publicity stats at this time. Their names are connected deep into DC politics but nothing really major has ever stuck to them (especially with the help of a very friendly Justice Department and News Media.)

    So… Brain Damage Joe and Dame Bramaged Ho? Chances for that wondertwin team to succeed against Mitt Romney would be hard, but against the proven team of Trump and Pence? Not a friggin chance. Pence has the conservative Christians, Trump has both the conservative and compassionate Christians, and Trump has the deplorable majority (which keeps getting larger as the Left kicks its own out of the fold, like legal gun owners…)

    How far do I trust the Dem national committee? Well, nuke them from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure…

  8. Beans is presuming that they don’t plan to have BLM literally lynch Biden and Harris at the convention.

    I’m too paranoid, I probably need to stop trying to figure this stuff out.

    • One way or another, I don’t think Joe and Ho are the final candidates for the Dems.

  9. Bill Whittle thinks it is possible Biden will bow out of running “to spend more time with family” after he’s nominated, leaving a wide open space for the DNC to name the candidate.
    Moochelle scares me, as does Oprah, while 18 yr-olds vote.
    WOW… wouldn’t that be hysterical? (Oops, I meant historical.)

  10. It’s just bizarre. The worst candidate ever chooses the #BlackIndian as running, ahem, mate.

    Full theater of the absurd.

  11. I think this is a terrific pick for Biden. It should insure his loss.