I’ll take…

Not as young as I used to be for $500, Alex.

Sigh… 3 1/2 hours volunteer work yesterday morning tearing out drywall, dissembling a bar, and moving a #%%([email protected] mirror that I swear to Ghnu weighed over 100 lbs (it was bolted, screwed and tapped into the 2xs holding up the wall). OBTW, this was in a metal building with no air, 85% humidity, and no airflow. I came home with white hair, just about able to wring sweat out of my shirt, hacking up half a lung from the drywall dust, etc.

And three hours later, got out and walked 1 1/4 mile mowing my yard… for a total of 3.4 miles today. But at least the humidity was down to 60%!

Needless to say, I’m NOT up to par today! My ass is draggin…

Guess I’ll go get a haircut later… Sigh…


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  1. Dude, take care of yourself, working like that in non air conditioned space really takes a toll on the body. Hope like hell you had H2O to stay hydrated.

    Unless you have a hard deadline to accomplish tasks like that, take it easy. The Golden Years are the time to smell the roses and enjoy the environs.

    I need a haircut myself.

    • *Hugs* Prayers up for save travels.

      Working outdoors in the rain, even “warm rain” (not 40 F), is no fun. Been there, squelched through that.

  2. Yeah, as we get on up there, the heat and humidity are butt busters. I worked with a welder last week… I needed the therapy of hard work and sweat. And I could and did wring my shirt a couple times. This humidity is a killer.

    When I was a kid in Lubbock county, the summer humidity rarely topped 30%. I used to freeze climbing out of the pool on those days we got to go. Had to lay on the concrete apron to stop the shivering… I stapled a handkerchief into my hat band and soaked it with water to keep cool working in the fields… (nice tip, dad… it really did work)

  3. I learned – while living in Florida – to add a couple items to my “volunteer tool kit” – Northern Tool has a heavy duty 24″ 3-speed oscillating stand fan that moves a LOT of air, goes on sale in late summer for ~$100. I have two. Then I add a 100 ft extension cord and a 50 ft cord and a pair of 6 ft long 4X “multi-outlet” cords – one for the wall outlet and one for the far end of the 100 ft cord. A furniture dolly, a few C-clamps and bungee cords, and I’m set. I have no problem sharing ONE fan with whomever needs it, but the other follows me around on that furniture dolly to wherever I’m working at the end of that 50 ft cord. You move MY fan, you die, right here, right now !

  4. I got home yesterday to discover that one of my hundred year old apple trees had a major split and about 1/4 of the tree had fallen over and was resting on the ground. I spent about two hours cutting out branches and cutting them into smaller lengths for disposal. Trying to make sure that the split doesn’t break further by having weight put on it so I’m attempting to leave some “load bearing” branches sitting on the ground til the last possible minute while I reduce weight by strategic cutting.

    The point of the story is that my back was a bit sore this morning but not as bad as I thought it would be, given how much work I did. Maybe I’m figuring out the “slow but steady” strategy as I age. Or to quote Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings:

    “Young bull says old bull let’s run that heiffer down and have a ball
    Let’s make her squawl
    Old bull says young bull let’s just ease on down and love ’em all”

      • Exactly! In laws had an old apple orchard that had given up the ghost and sold all the wood to an outfit who used it for smoking bacon and such. They got good $$$ for it and the buyer did all the field work.

  5. Hey Old NFO;

    Dang, you know that you are a “Late Summer Chicken” right? You can’t keep doing stuff like that…The yardwork could have been outsourced this time you know…..Just a thought. We don’t want to pile on you for overdoing it, BUT…Like the rest of us have room to talk lol

  6. There was mention on someone’s blog not very long that an older person can still give a good eight hours work, but that eight hours might have to be stretched out over several days.

    • Sounds about right, that does.

      We have guests coming, and so the “few hours of hard work” getting the house as shipshape as we want it to be has… been strategically spread out from Sunday ’til tomorrow morning.

  7. All- Thanks, recovering nicely. And yes, I could have used a fan, but I ‘thought’ we were going to be working outside… Travel safe, Pat!

    Posted from my iPhone.

  8. Coughing up a lung from the drywall dust??? This is what those masks are SUPPOSED to be used for!!!

    …They don’t make parts for us anymore…

  9. NFO, the temp just dropped what feels like 10* and there’s even a suggestion of rain.

    Yes, there is hope!

    And of course, no gain without pain 🙂

  10. LSP- Yeah, but I gave that whole no gain thingie up a LONG time ago when I retired the FIRST time!