Was volunteering this morning for some cleanup efforts, forgot to put up a blog post. My bad… Go read the folks on the sidebar!!!



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  1. But there are all sorts of important things!

    People said stuff on twitter.

    Assertions were made about the campaign.

    Somebody, somewhere, has published a new covid rule.

    How could anything be more important than following every single teensy weensy detail as soon after it happens as possible?

    I did wander across a neat blog last night. Some maniac has spent about a year skimming social science papers as part of a study into predicting replication. He came away less than entirely impressed with the state of social science research. Makes me wonder what similar research into engineering and the hard sciences would show.

    Obviously, if things are bad enough, the bottom of the research market will sooner or later fall out, no matter how things are covered up or not publicized.

    It isn’t obvious over the campaign noise, but there are all sorts of interesting questions about institutions. (At least interesting, if you have nothing invested.) 1) quality of research 2) universities as business 3) What about that Annapolis fellow*, and the state of the officer corps 4) what about the basic role of expert?

    *Kind of ironic and not, that the policies of King Woodrow the II, if followed to their logical end, could result in the resegregation of the Navy.