PR stunt or CYA or???

CA Gov Newsome signed AB-2147 (Convictions: expungement: incarcerated individual hand crews) on Friday, HERE

There are some ‘interesting’ provisions for who can and can’t have expungement…


 (a) (1) If a defendant successfully participated in the California Conservation Camp program as an incarcerated individual hand crew member, as determined by the Secretary of the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, or successfully participated as a member of a county incarcerated individual hand crew, as determined by the appropriate county authority, and has been released from custody, the defendant is eligible for relief pursuant to this section, except that incarcerated individuals who have been convicted of any of the following crimes are automatically ineligible for relief pursuant to this section:

(A) Murder.
(B) Kidnapping.
(C) Rape as defined in paragraph (2) or (6) of subdivision (a) of Section 261 or paragraph (1) or (4) of subdivision (a) of Section 262.
(D) Lewd acts on a child under 14 years of age, as defined in Section 288.
(E) Any felony punishable by death or imprisonment in the state prison for life.
(F) Any sex offense requiring registration pursuant to Section 290.
(G) Escape from a secure perimeter within the previous 10 years.
(H) Arson.
Note that drug dealers, manufacturers, domestic violence, etc. ARE allowed to request expungement…
And there is this interesting little sentence hidden further down in the bill…
(2) The order shall state, and the defendant shall be informed, that the order does not relieve the defendant of the obligation to disclose the conviction in response to any direct question contained in any questionnaire or application for licensure by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing, a peace officer, public office, or for contracting with the California State Lottery Commission. 
Now where I (and PP, and others who know about EMS) have a problem is, what is carried on ALS units? Drugs!!! So a felon drug dealer/domestic abuser who gets his conviction expunged can become a Fire/EMS person WITH access to the drug boxes and the hiring authority cannot ask what their conviction was… Ain’t THAT speshul!
Personally, I think this is a CYA move by Newsome, as, per PP, firefighters/EMS are wore slap out trying to fight the multitude of fires without the normal complement of CCC inmate volunteers.
Also, in Oregon, the state fire marshal is gone!
The Oregon State Police on Saturday announced Fire Marshal Jim Walker had been put on paid administrative leave. Then, later in the day, the state police announced its superintendent had accepted a resignation offer from Walker.
Apparently there was a ‘loss of confidence’… Full article, HERE.
There is a definite ‘thinning of the herd’ among senior LEOs/Fire/EMS personnel in the Northwest…
Makes one wonder if there will be enough folks left to even manage the crap going on…


PR stunt or CYA or??? — 7 Comments

  1. Isn’t Newsome one of the people pushing “Ban the Box” legislation where employers can’t ask if you’ve been convicted of a felony? But it’s OK to ask if you’re applying for some government jobs.

  2. California has entered a dystopian phase where it’s twisted like an old rag. The donkeys seem to be running wildly from point to point, making declarations, making rules, and none of it makes any sense at all. Then again, they’re donkeys – it’s sort of what they do.

    Land of fruits and nuts.

  3. So… this legislation is just totally useless, as they have basically stopped jailing and prisoning anyone with less than the big felonies. So how are they going to get people on to the fire crews?

    Just joking, but… not joking, really. California’s decriminalization of crime in order to not have a high crime rate has seriously wiped out a whole lower segment of prisoners.

    Top that off with paroling most ‘non-violent’ felons due to the Covidiocracy and you end up with pert-near no-one to fill the crews no matter what.

    Again, when looking at California, we see the abyss, and it looks way too much like Heinlein’s future history…

  4. Historic wildfires…

    My gut instinct is “My ass. Leave aside whether the Dems are dancing to a PRC tune. The set up is years of Democrat environmental policy. The Dems were ready to roll out the explanation that the fires were totally climate change. There’s some evidence that many of the fires were set by arson. This cycle, the Dems are burning down buildings, and using official authority to prevent suppression of the crimes, for partisan gain. Why do we know that these other fires aren’t a likewise a democrat criminal conspiracy for partisan gain?”

    So, two ways to understand this resignation, hopefully paranoid and incorrect ways. a) Walker was in on the Democrat crookedness, and is being replaced as part of fixing things. b) Walker was honest, and his resignation is the fix being in.

    Frankly, the resignation is maybe a sign that there is no ‘wildfire’ conspiracy, or that the Dems are crazy from panic. If the plan all along was to push climate change with arson this cycle, why wouldn’t the Oregon governor have ensured the proper appointees in advance? And if they are switching to wildland arson after the failures of impeachment, covid, BLM, etc., without adequate preparation, what are they going to be doing in 3-5 weeks?

  5. All- Thanks for the comments, don’t disagree at all! PP is hanging in and hanging on…

    Posted from my iPhone.

  6. Seems to me they’re setting up for a “color revolution.” But it’s odd, the revolution’s only going to happen in Democrat states. So where does that get them, apart from politicizing normal Americans?