Ruth Bader Ginsburg died last week, a victim of cancer. She wasn’t dead an hour before the hissy fits started…

For God’s sakes people, give the woman’s family the dignity to quietly grieve and to bury her before you start dancing on the damn body!

I may not have liked a lot of her decisions, but I always respected her as a jurist who followed her beliefs and did what she thought was right on the highest bench. You have to honor her for that.

Kudos to Michael Ramirez for this ‘toon… Well done, sir!

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez


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  1. I do not have to honor a dishonorable foe. She violated her oaths every day on the bench. She worked hard to dismantle American society. She’s dead now, and good riddance.

  2. I agree completely with you, oldnfo. I didn’t agree with some of her decisions, but she was a person of great principle and great intelligence. May she rest in peace.

    Her death, though, and the squabbles over her potential successor, reveal very starkly — if nothing else has lately — the depths to which the Democratic party has sunk. There is, and never has been, a person whom they would not oppose if he or she (or it) was not a loyal member of their machine. Provided that person ticked the right boxes (female, black, preferably gay, but subservient to the party) qualifications wouldn’t matter.

    Is this what we want for a country? Might as well move to Cuba or Venezuela…

  3. Oh and before someone jumps all over me. I wouldn’t mind a bit having a black, female, gay Justice. Provided that they were among the most eminently qualified judges in the country. But putting the outward box ticking first, and leaving the qualifications out of the picture? No, sorry.

  4. Justice Scalia, very conservative, got on well with RBG, which indicates that she had charming qualities. I disagree with almost all of her legal decisions, but E Pluribus Unum (out of many, one).

    I think that all Supreme Court Justices have the obligation to interpret the Constitution faithfully and RBG didn’t do that. As with all of the leftists, she wanted to insert her political philosophy into it. That’s not the job.

  5. She took an oath just like I did.
    Then actually made the comment that South Africa’s Constitution was better than ours.
    Buh-bye you evil person! And a HUGE thank you for not retiring five years ago.

  6. The left, including Schumer and Clinton, are saying we must wait until after the election to choose RBG’s successor, when you can easily find them taking the opposite position a few years ago. In fact, RBG herself said it was the Senate’s DUTY to move as quickly as possible in filling Supreme Court vacancies.
    And yes, thank you Justice Ginsberg for not retiring a few years ago when you had the chance to ensure a left leaning judge would be your replacement.

  7. > I always respected her as a jurist who followed her beliefs and did what she thought was right on the highest bench. You have to honor her for that.

    On the other hand, the SCOTUS backlog is years deep. She was unable to carry her full workload for at least five years, and has been basically absent for the entirety of the last year. That not only put her load on the other justices, it denied justice to the people – her employers, no less – who were waiting for their cases to be heard.

    It was a dirtbag thing to do, and eclipses anything that might have been her “legacy.”

  8. Akshully, according to the customs of my cohort, why I am not able to be all ‘dead /white supremacist/ female’?

    I’ve been vaguely trying to remember if I made any commitments to treating the dead with respect, largely because of temptation to drag on the respectful for not being True Conservatives TM.

    But not too badly tempted, because we can praise Ginsberg for recognizing that Obama is much too vile of a person, too prone to nominating and appointing monsters, to have been offered an additional opportunity at the supreme court.

    By Kauvanaugh rules, we don’t know that Garland is not a pedophile. In fact, the pushback on QAnon, and that Rice’s son is making a big show of being publicly pro-Trump, makes it more likely that Obama and hence perhaps also Garland is a pedophile.

    As it is, Kagan and Sotomeyer have already moved the court too far towards legalizing pedophiles and serial killers.

    Denying Obama an opportunity to try to replace her in addition to his opportunity to replace Scalia was a correct act on her part. It would have been more correct if she had resigned in 2017, but difficult circumstances such as health can make it more challenging to follow through with the right choices when they are hard.

  9. All- I understand there are a lot of ‘hard’ feelings. But at least let her be buried before the knives come out. I’m not happy with many of the things she did either.

    Posted from my iPhone.

  10. She came straight to the court from the American communist lawyers union. She should never have been allowed within a country-mile of the court.
    As far this “don’t speak ill of the dead, we’re better than that,” that’s the way you lose this war. AND WE ARE IN A WAR FOR THE SOUL OF THE COUNTRY, EVEN IF DA CUCKS DON’T WANT TO ACKNOWLEDGE THIS FACT…
    This is like not bombing Haiphong Harbor because “We’re better then that”. How’d that work out?

  11. Yeah, I’m a contrarian jerk.

    a) Exactly what benefit does speaking so really bring us? Sure, Additional Protocol One is a collage of unnecessary restraints that only hamper warfare and the process of maintaining relatively civilized warfare via reprisal. There are things which are against more restrained norms, yet do not bring any actual benefit. Aiming for a 5% to 25% death rate in boot camp perhaps can not offer any actual military benefit. Yes, the establishment really does seem to be actively trying to lose, and have done so for a long time. What are the policies of those who cry ‘cuck, cuck, cuck’, and how exactly do those translate into victories?

    b) When exactly can the knives come out? I understand that she was nominally Jewish, and I understand that they aim for burial within 3 days. I also recall hearing something vague about a seven day theory relating to the afterlife. Should I want ten days? Can I skip the wait if I structure a knife as praise? I spent three nights and two days holding my tongue; at this point, haven’t I failed both at basic human decency, and at being tediously confrontational?

  12. I feel sorry for her family for their personal loss.

    As to her, well, bless her little heart.

    But… from the timeline I have looked at, it wasn’t the conservative, horrid, inbred, racist, bigoted, white supremacist right wingers who were screaming and shouting horrid things once the Notorious RBG slipped her mortal coils, no. It was her beloved Left that cursed her and started throwing the monkey-poop. Most right-wingers said something like “Sad that she finally passWeed, but glad that she has vacated her position finally as her career as a jurist was rather spotty and full of radical interpretations of the United States Constitution, and that’s when she actually stayed on target.”

    Well, except for a few meanies, but considering the pent-up frustration of the strict interpretationalists (like, please, once again define the word ‘infringed’ so that it means the complete opposite of what it actually says) and, yes, wishing we had more of a Euro or South African outlook to our founding documents.

    Again, sorry personally for her family. And cancers, multiple cancers are a stone cold intact-female-dog-of-breeding-age. Bless her little heart.

  13. I’d be far more willing to put the knives away if she’d shown some damned dignity and retired, even if that meant Obama got to name Garland without any “it’s an election year” excuses to delay voting on him.

    But instead, she clung to the job.

    Too many people do that.

    And it affected my life that she didn’t retire in rulings made in the past three years from that refusal.

    No tears. Low respect.

  14. Good riddance.

    I refuse to play along with the “walk in beauty” crowd. Why even have standards if we throw them away to politely lie about the deceased?

    She wasn’t an honorable foe, and clearly violated her oath. That’s the nicest thing I can think to say of the woman.

    We live in uncivil times, and the left has time and again used our civility as an excuse to kick us in the teeth. I don’t buy the “be better than the other guy” line anymore.

    I have a hard time disagreeing with you guys, but this one has me confused.

    May her family be comforted by the end of her suffering if nothing else.

  15. Hey Old NFO;

    My opinion is that she wanted to wait and have Hillary replace her, because the Polls had Hillary in the lead. Well Hillary Lost. Much to the shock of the Donk establishment. Well RBG figured that she would last until Biden took over because the polls had him in the lead…..and she lost that one. She should have retired when Obama was President and enjoyed his retirement but she hung on too long. She was good friends with Scalia they could separate their work and personal lives, something that a lot of democrats can’t do. I am planning on blogging a bit on RBG probably on Wedenday, I already have something loaded on the schedular thingie for tomorrow and I have to work.

  16. The positive in her staying past the point she should have retired is that she saw the true quality of Obama’s appointments, and didn’t want to be party to that.

    Sure, she could have resigned once Trump took office, but he didn’t seem very good to her.

    Once Biden appointed Harris, Ginsberg could no longer force herself to keep living, merely to have an Obama tier or worse replacement.

    Her final words? Either deliberate trolling meant to provoke an immediate nomination, or she didn’t have any idea how actual human beings work.

    You don’t have to interpret her actions this way, but it is worth considering the possibility.

    Ruth would have wanted Trump’s nomination to be passed speedily. Perhaps soon enough to shut down some of these ‘last minute’ changes to election policy. And she was deeply troubled by Biden and by Harris.

    There is naked partisan benefit to be had by pushing this angle hard, perhaps much more than any amount of personal aspersions could gain.

    If Trump and even one Senator had the balls, he could nominate a Tom Kratman, and the hearing could be run as a farcical campaign attack. I think there is more to gain by letting Democrat Senators act unhinged towards Barrett.

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