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While there are few perfect analogs to be found anywhere in world history, there are parallels between the contemporary domestic political situation in the United States and the period immediately before and during the Spanish Civil War. And while the situation in the United States might play out in a much similar way to the Spanish Civil War, it is worth noting that our previous Civil War was the bloodiest in human history. There is little doubt that a Second American Civil War would not be significantly more destructive.

Full article, HERE.

They do raise some interesting points and it’s worth thinking about the parallels. I, for one, hope we DO NOT end up in this kind of situation. I hope…


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  1. Very interesting. However, in my own opinion a better parallel is the French Revolution. There isn’t a monarchy to be overthrown this time, but the same dependence on a group of self-anointed elites raising mobs…

  2. While some of us (myself included) speak lightly of Civil War, ie “Bring it on!”, the economic devastation would be horrible for even the “winning” side.

    • Ed – I have observed numerous times that if it happens, there will be no “winners” – only survivors.

  3. A Civil War would be bloody beyond anyone’s belief. It would make the breakup of Yugoslavia look like a church picnic. I really hope people take a step back and take a breath; but I really don’t expect the left and their followers to do that.

    • It will only become that way when the Chinese and other countries start sending in their forces. Understand that the UN WILL get involved and they WILL send their peacekeepers who will murder and rape their way across this country, ‘paying us back’ for everything little slight, real or imagined that has ever happened.

  4. Yup, that’s how I’m seeing it.

    I also don’t see any chance of avoiding this outcome. The Fraud in this election is going to be monumental. And the democrats will NOT stop recounting the ballots until they have won.

    Because that’s what they always do, and have always done, and they just know it will work yet again because NO ONE has ever stopped them from doing it before. Hell, they almost got away with it in the Gore/Bush election.

    Personally it is my dearest hope that if they try it this time, or once the fraud becomes blatant, that Americans pick up their guns and go to war. Because at least then we’ll be fighting on our own terms, and not theirs. Because a Biden / Harris win will signal the start of a civil war as they begin to strip away all of our rights and render the constitution as nothing more than words on a paper that only the high priests of the supreme court will be able to interpret.

    Still, we’re only buying time. Unless we do something to start purging the radical leftists from our government and our country, all a Trump win would be doing is kicking the can down the road a few more years. Something so many in the GOP have been more than willing to do for half a century now, as they’ve lacked the stones to do anything to stop it.

  5. Makes sense. The City Elite vs the Country Peasants. That’s pretty much where the major dividing lines are already drawn.

    And though the American Civil War was bloody, it didn’t bloody the civilians to the extent the Spanish Civil War did. That was a very nasty war and the average person got caught up in it too much.

    I pray daily that the Soros influence upon the Left is removed. I think we can handle the 60’s radicals like Ayers and their trained followers if it wasn’t for the vast, almost unlimited resources of Soros and the few other mega-elite that seem to have sworn to destroy us.

    • Soros already donated 90% of his enormous fortune to a group of foundations to continue his work without him. And then there’s the Ford foundation, the Clinton foundation, the Gates foundation…

      The Left has deep, deep pockets and an existing organization (parallel government). We have a whole lot of pissed off people with no real organization and no funding to speak of.

  6. That was a great article and good analysis.
    and a clearer history than I’d ever read of the Spanish Civil War without Hemingways’s romanticization.

  7. Hey Old NFO;

    I hope we don’t go down that road, but the left keeps pushing the issue and eventually we on the right side of the political spectrum will have to either fight or get steamrollered. because the left is all in, they want to win at all cost, they view us as sub humans already and they are perfectly willing to kill us off to establish their utopia on the hill that is their dream and they are willing to stack the skulls like Pol Put and Stalin did to make it happen. I don’t wish to go quietly into the long night without a fight. I don’t want a fight and I hope and pray that reason breaks out before it happens. The Left thinks that violence is a knob that they can control, whereas we on the right know that it is a switch that will be flipped .

    • The problem is, IMHO, that the left doesn’t believe the right ever will fight back. Because until now, we haven’t. They’ve been caught on the news saying just that.

  8. The article said that “anything but a Biden landslide will result in massive violence and civil unrest.”

    I’m not seeing it that way. I’m more concerned about the civil unrest if Biden/Harris win, and then try to follow through with their program of firearms confiscation.
    I live in Cherokee County, Georgia, about 20 miles north of Atlanta. Our sheriff is on record, saying he won’t enforce gun confiscation.
    Now, the sheriffs in the Atlanta counties, Fulton and DeKalb, probably have a different opinion. But consider this: NONE of their attempts to confiscate firearms in the most crime-ridden areas ARE WORKING RIGHT NOW, not even from the CRIMINALS.

    So, magically they are going to gear up a massive effort, and start an impound? To me, THAT RIGHT THERE? That’s how you get massive violence and civil unrest.

    I TRULY hope they don’t push this thing. I’m old and set in my ways, and I’ve got two kids in high school. Let me get them graduated, and THEN if they want to start something, why, I await their pleasure.

  9. One way to think about probability is that if you have a list of all possible events, you can count a selection of the events, and the whole list, and get the chance by dividing the first by the second.

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

    Five even numbers, ten numbers, one half chance of even. Gets more complicated but still doable to plan to select a number two times, and calculate the chance of an even if you first get a five or a seven.

    We are assessing the possible events from theory or from gut instinct. Theory comes from words. Gut instinct comes from experience. Neither can match the full range of possibility within a human society.

    When we talk about certainty of violence and civil unrest after a specific election outcome, that is a statement of conditional probability. Human theory does not predict everything a group of humans may do. For whatever election outcome, the set of possible subsequent events can not be completely listed by any human means. Therefore, certainty is an assumption which may not be valid. Perhaps we’ve covered all of the important angles, and what happens will be classified among those.

    There’s room to hope as long as it hasn’t actually happened yet.

    One of the central heresies of the left is their faith that theory (based in reduced order models) must determine what events are possible. It is the essence of their revolutionary eschatology.

    Studying how they think can help you kill them more efficiently. It is a mistake to let yourself actually believe it. Among other reasons, they give up when they think that things are theoretically impossible.

    • Civil War 2.0 kicks off next year regardless of who wins the election. There is no realistic chance of that not happening. The Left wants power too badly to let the country survive.

      • That they will try to start it does not mean that they will have the power to succeed in starting it. They’ve been actively trying for four months, and the Covid lockdown may also have been intended that way.

        (Frankly, my 2016 opposition to prosecuting HRC, for fear of inspiring leaders to start civil wars after losing elections, looks woefully naive. She has been trying to start one since losing, regardless of Trump’s follow through, because she is that insanely ambitious. (Frankly, it begins to look like liberated feminists are a little too unstable to be permitted engagement in civil society. Hopefully, future generations will be able to teach a better context around feminism, and we won’t have so many girls growing up to be evidence that the suffragettes were wrong.))

        There are a massive number of uncertainties.

        We go into this with overconfidence in false models, that will change our target selection.

        Our problem to winning the civil war is putting the victory coalition together. Our strategy for that needs to include fucking up our target selection less than the left does.

        The left has wide target selection baked into their theories, and into the nutjobs they have recruited. But some of the people assisting in their efforts so far are only doing so because they are not aware of everything being done.

        If everyone who thought Chauvin behaved inappropriately was fanatic enough to build and place bombs, the left would have a bombing campaign. They do not. There were people on the right who thought complaints about Floyd’s death had merit.

        One of the left’s ideas is that they will pull the rabbit out of the hat, and get what they want.

        That is one we uncritically believe at our peril. Trusting their thinking, generally, is a path paved to making exactly the same overly wide targeting mistakes they will.

        Being skeptical of how well their plans will succeed is important for the confidence to risk erring in the direction overly narrow targeting.

      • It has already started. Started when Hillary lost. But, you are right. Things will really heat up regardless of who wins. They are ready for “take no prisoners.”

  10. A somewhat relevant quote, taken from the series I am now reading for comfort (the fact that I am reading military science fiction for comfort, and that it is Tom Kratman’s military science fiction, should be considered when evaluating my perceptions):

    “Valid moral judgment must also be realistic judgment. It does not become so merely for taking a favored fantasy and insisting it is reality. And yet so many, throughout human history, have done just that.”
    Jorge y Marqueli Mendoza, Historia y Filosofia Moral, Legionary Press, Balboa, Terra Nova, copyright AC 468

    Tom Kratman. The Lotus Eaters (Kindle Locations 637-640). Baen Books.

  11. I am an hour away from a major urban center, Seattle. I can actually see dropping the Tacoma Narrows bridge and interdicting the ferry terminals on my side of the Puget Sound. There are basically two land routes in through dense forest and hilly terrain. That a former squid is looking at this means that there are many others with more practical experience that are more prepared. may God have mercy on my Country.

    • We have no choice. The DOJ has arrested no one. NO ONE! Soros, Obama, our Dem Congress critters who blatantly espouse sedition, those who wasted so much time and money on fake charges against so many including the duly elected President of the country. People need to be behind bars and yet, nothing.

      That is why I believe the actions leading up to this election will only escalate afterwards regardless of who wins.

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