Debate… My take…


To put it mildly, it went rodeo, early and often… Sigh…

Biden called Trump a liar out of the box. Trump was basically debating Wallace rather than Biden.

Trump: Why did the mayor of Moscow give your family $3.5M? Biden: that is not true totally discredited

“Will you shut up, man?” Biden is getting flustered.

Biden called Trump a racist.

Biden accuses Trump of pouring gasoline on the fire of riots! Wow…

I can’t watch anymore of this BS… sigh…





Debate… My take… — 13 Comments

  1. My gift-from-God, happily-ever-after trophy wife Vanessa, the elegant, foxy, praying black grandmother of Woodstock, GA, and I discussed watching it.
    We both realized that the ONLY attraction to it for us was to be in taking pleasure in the discomfort of others, and frankly, neither of us desire to encourage that in ourselves. So, we gave it a pass.
    Prior to that, I did mention to my adult daughter who follows and understands political things, that if I wanted to hear old assholes making noise, I could go to the men’s room at the Mexican restaurant.

  2. I watched it for about 15 minutes and wondered how many red bulls creepy joe drank beforehand. wallace is a shill.

  3. Man o Man. Three boys in a school yard arguing. Two of them ganging up on one. Orange man bad. Nothing of substance compared and discussed. I turned it off after the first hour. Those two hours will not change the opinion of anyone who has decided to vote.

  4. I don’t have much patience for debates, so I decided to wait until the morning after to find out how it went. Glad I did. It’s been a little amusing to see my friends descriptions: shit show, dumpster fire, & toddlers arguing.

  5. Disappointed in the President’s interruptions and talking over senile Joe. I feel like he’d have been better to let Biden roll and then hit him with an unexpected question just as he finished his little prepared speeches. Some decorum would have been nice.
    Biden calling the President a clown repeatedly shows his lack of class.
    I liked the fact that Mrs. Trump came onstage afterwards to calm her angry husband and support him. Good wife choice there.

  6. Would have been more interesting if they did it in the middle of a wrestling ring and lobbed a half-dozen weapons or foreign objects in the middle for use.

  7. I watched it all. Biden started off ‘glitchy’ with his topic transitions and just started falling apart about half-way through.

    I do believe that President Trump went out purposefully to rattle Biden and shake him, and he did.

    Though, yes, the interruptions from all sides were just annoying.

    And… it was interesting to hear Biden basically say that he has absolutely no plan for anything, but he’ll have one come Day 1 of his administration. And the Green New Deal isn’t his platform, even though it’s on his website.

    That and his poor defense of Hunter.

    Him attacking Trump because Trump has business accountants, not hidden accounts (like Biden..)

    The election security thing was horrible. That segment just said everything the Dems say. Trump will win big on Nov. 3, only to lose big three weeks after.

    I watched because someone needed to.

    Though I am looking forward to the Veep debates next week and any following debates if they happen.

    Plus, I really hate early voting. This is why. People who haven’t seen either one perform under pressure have already made their minds up. What happens if one candidate strokes out or is rendered unfit due to various shenanigans? And people have already voted for that candidate? Sad. No Vote before all debating is done.

  8. My 2 cents:
    -Trump missed a bet by not accepting Biden’s challenge to “go behind the barn and have it out”. The two of them could have put on the gloves and donated the proceeds to the charity of Joe’s choice, after Joe recovered from his wounds.
    -The left has never acknowledged the reason Orange Man was elected in the first place was to undue all the damage they’ve done to the country I risked my life to defend.
    Draining the swamp strands MANY snakes, lizards, and alligators. I don’t like Trump. But I want the damn swamp drained.

  9. All- Thanks. I just had to turn it off. Shitshow/dumpster fire was my thought too. It was Wallace and Biden against Trump… sigh

    Posted from my iPhone.

  10. Saw the “moderator”, and shut it off after he was about 90% finished stating the first question.

    I just knew it would be all downhill from there….

  11. Glad I was at work and didn’t watch it. I do think that if there is a second debate, President Trump should start out letting Mr. Biden have his time uninterrupted. Then when Biden and the pseudo-moderator(s) start interrupting President Trump’s answers, President Trump should let go on them about the fairness of the vaudeville show that it is.

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