Red sky at night…

‘Usually’ means sailor’s delight (e.g. smooth sailing).

However… In this case, while pretty, and obviously red, it’s due to the smoke from the fires in Colorado and California. And breathing is…interesting.

But the big sky nice to see!


Red sky at night… — 10 Comments

  1. You took a picture of the sun with that tree in the way.
    The only tree I can see.
    And you couldn’t walk a few feet to the right to get it out of the picture?
    Other than that, it’s a great picture.

  2. Getting tiresome. We need winter. The only positive is the public is waking up to the disastrous policies of the econazis. Maybe we can go back to proven forest management practices.

      • They were supposed to be the “new” or ensuing or countering Duran, Duran. But hey, the bassist looks like the Hamburgler!

  3. Wow, that sure looks familiar. We actually have beautiful skies for the first time in a while. The Glass Fire in California is almost out, it rained a bit yesterday and the winds are calm. It came way too close for comfort.

    Just started reading the new Anthology today. I am enjoying it. Had to go on a no book buying jag for a month or two, so starting with the anthology was a nice way to come back to reading.

    Glad you are enjoying your well deserved break.