All good things…

Must come to an end… Sigh…

Back to reality, break is over. Back on the road to the house today. Realized I’d never posted and EDC pic for the trip, so here ya go…

Real blogging/commenting should resume tomorrow.


All good things… — 18 Comments

  1. Great little flashlight. Have one just like it. Great for checking bores at gun shows or otherwise negating “sellers lighting”.

  2. When you blog about driving to/from Blogorado I think about the road hazards. The speed trap town that solely relies on traffic fines to fund the town. The 40+ miles going through OK (and my encounters with their state troopers) and a restaurant in Dumas (now closed) we always visited. I like West Texas, to visit, but have no desire to live there.

  3. What’s the knife below the key and left of the flashlight. I’d like to know the brand and the name. (I like kniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiives.)

  4. Phone number visible on your coin. Don’t know if you want to address that with some judicious blurring.


  5. LL- The ‘other’ stuff was in the trunk… LOL

    Stuart- Concur, and it’s amazing how much I use it!

    WSF- Yep, that is TRULY 40 miles of bad road… sigh

    Brig- Thanks, home now.

    Miguel/Pat- That’s the pocket one, the bigger one is in the car.

    Sam- Kershaw 1555TI

    FF- Thanks! (thought I had it covered) now fixed…

    Bob- Shaddap… don’t give away my secrets!

    JP- Thanks, home now!

  6. Kershaw provides a good product for the price. The SAK Classic is … a classic. Probably the most common key chain knife around.

  7. I recommend you replace the base plate of your G43 magazine with a Pearce +1 base plate. This will give you seven rounds in the mag with no loss in reliability.