Welp, now we know…

Which direction the ACB hearings are going to go…

Full on attack on ACB about overturning Obamacare and everything else including Roe v. Wade. I was stuck in the car yesterday for 7 hours coming back from Colorado which was basically in the middle of nowhere, so I listened to the first day of the SCOTUS hearing.

The Dems stayed on script the whole day, apparently including multiple pictures of ‘children’ ACB was going to kill, since they can’t play the Christian card, or the sexist card, etc.

Democrats have managed to turn Monday into an Obamacare hearing. One-by-one the panelists on the Senate Judiciary Committee presented photos of patients – many of them children – with pre-existing conditions, suggesting that their health care protections will be wiped away if Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett gets on the court.

Full article, HERE.

Plain and simple, they are going to try to Bork her… Dammit… And if approved, and they win, I believe they WILL stack the court. They don’t want SCOTUS as an arbiter, they want to use SCOTUS to make policy the Dems can’t get through Congress.

This was a comment by Dick Durban, D-IL,  on Biden not saying if he’ll pack SCOTUS: “It’s a common question being asked because the American people have watched the Republicans packing the court over the last three and a half years. And they brag about it. They’ve taken every vacancy and filled it.”

Thoughts, comments, corrections???


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  1. “They’ve taken every vacancy and filled it.”

    The President…shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, Judges of the supreme Court, and all other Officers of the United States, whose Appointments are not herein otherwise provided for, and which shall be established by Law….

    Isn’t it the President’s Constitutional Duty to appoint Federal and Supreme Court Judges? Would not leaving positions vacant be a dereliction of that duty?

  2. Kind of ironic that the use of needy children is used so much by the party that fights to insure abortion remains. If they care so much for the welfare of the child, doesn’t that include allowing their birth ? Who speaks for the fetus ?

    The nominee is a mother of seven, I guess she knows quite a bit about what it takes to raise a family. She would know how much money is involved to raise a child and how important having affordable healthcare is.

  3. One has to remember — or acknowledge, if one hasn’t been paying attention — that the elite of the Democratic party has one goal and one goal only: seize power. They really truly don’t care about the poor or the working stiff or minorities (there was a time when they did, but that was long ago) except as a source of votes to place them in control of both Houses of the legislature and the executive. Once there, they will destroy the judicial system by appointing flunkies rather than judges, and after that they will alter voting and other laws to ensure that they, and only they, remain in power. They misfired with Hilary, but I have a very uneasy feeling that the Harris – Biden ticket may not misfire. Exactly which faction of the radical Left assumes control after that, I don’t know. It may be the Stalinist group under Bernie Sanders, but it might also be a simple pragmatic dictatorship more on the Chinese model under Harris. Either way, there will be purges in the ranks of the Democratic party. As for the rest of us, tough luck. Keep your head down, keep your powder dry, keep your opinions to yourself, and, if you are so inclined, pray.

  4. I would like to comment on Durbin’s remark.

    Namely, well, DICK, maybe then-President Obumbles shouldn’t have left those slots empty, huh? It’s not like they were mysteriously vacated in January 2017!

    And now — NOW — you have the unmitigated gall to whine about it, just like you’re whining about President Trump pushing through a nomination that he has -every right to do so-.

    Here’s a thought! Maybe, just maybe, your ‘notorious RBG’ should’ve left SCOTUS when her health started to take a downturn, and allowed Bumbles and the Dems to nominate an ideologically sound replacement.

    But no, that wasn’t good enough for you OR her, was it Dick? It HAD to be a woman President to replace RBG!

    And now — you’re screwed. See, I’m pretty damn optimistic about this year. Oh, it’s gonna be rough riding, but Biden and Harris generate all the ‘heat’ (in pro-wrasslin’ terminology) of a wet fart. Meanwhile, Trump could fill stadiums by just showing up and reading sections from his books. Love him or hate him, the man knows how to work the crowds; he’s a born showman.

    Go ahead. Riot. Throw a tantrum. I’ll stand over your broken body, laughing as you die. Because my sympathy has run out.

  5. I’m with Borepatch. I smell desperation in the air that surrounds the Democrats. They won’t lose everything or everywhere, but I think they’re going to lose a lot more than the media would like people to believe.

  6. Well… I really do hope that borepatch and toastrider and freeholder are correct, and I am far from a conspiracy theorist. But… the election we are about to witness will be no more free and fair than, say Azerbaijan — thought the other party will do the optics better (it won’t be 97%, but given the ballot shenanigans, it will be no problem at all to finagle the margin in a few critical states to, say 52%. If I can figure out how to do it, I’m sure there are others who not only can figure it out, but who will do it quite happily.

  7. We here in the flyover hills have already committed to cwII . Too late to pull back now . My whole church has been organizing for the festivities . Yes ! My church ! The preacher is a patriot. And ex-Navy Seal .

  8. Since the original Bork got Borked, and even before Borking was a verb, the demon-rats have pulled out every dirt trick they could to destroy any ‘conservative’ judge.

    This is no different. It doesn’t matter that Judge Barrett is a female, mother, provider to two adopted children, a wickedly sharp mind, or anything back. It only matters that she is not one of the leftist elite.

    These attacks are horrible. The senators who are conducting this attack, in a more polite time, would have been challenged to a duel over their baseless and uncivilized attacks.

    She’s going for a job that is supposed to be only about considering the Constitutionality of any new law or executive order. That’s it. Does XYZ fit within the confines of the Constitution.

    But, no. The Supremes, on the left side, have become a separate house of legislation. And squishy Justice Roberts is one of the problems.

    Stupid Dems… They are setting up a situation like what Harry Reid did with the nuclear option in removing the 60-vote requirement.

    From now on, any leftist supreme nominee will have their whole life brought out for everyone to see. Doing this, well, Kagan, Ginsberg and Sotomayor would most likely never have made it through the process.

    Personally, what the ‘good’ senators from the left are doing? Behind the woodshed, a large deep hole or well, “THIS IS THE USA!” and well, yeah. Or flogging and a good tar and feather job.

  9. All- Thanks for the comments, and yes, Durbin et al were ‘planning’ on Hildabeast getting to do all that.

    Posted from my iPhone.

  10. “…(The Republicans) have taken every vacancy and filled it.”


    Show me a bunch of Democrats who wouldn’t be doing what Trump and company are doing right now, and I’ll… Wait a minute… I guess I won’t be doing anything… I can’t find that bunch of Democrats…

  11. I am so fearful that all the crooked things the dems are going to pull on Election Day/night, that I cannot get a good nights sleep!! I wake up from the same dream every couple hours. I’m 82 this month and I wonder if all those years in the USN were a waste of time! Obozo’s flunkies are all the ones in charge now, and they are all told what to do by all those ELITE Leaders club members! Won’t be around too much longer, but if this all goes to hell, I will do all I can to rectify the situation! Like voting s few times and 8-10 times after I am dead!

    • Me? I’ve been having Gotterdamerung level Ragnarok dreams, going down under a veritable horde of leftist dead. Think “John Wick” meets “Conan” except the hero dies, finally.

      I only have these types of dreams during troubled times.

  12. I’ll have to clean this up, since my first reaction is to channel my inner Gunny, plus my late grandfather’s Bosun vocabulary….but I suspect that the (dis)Honorable Mr. Durbin could benefit from consumption of a large quantity of Ex-Lax…

  13. I don’t call what Trump has done as Packing the Court. . . . There are still nine judges, and he only replaced those who died. Nothing more and nothing more than his Constitutional duty as POTUS

  14. Thoughts, comments, … OK, since you asked.
    The D/S/C (Dems/Socialists/Commies)never accepted the results of 2000 but were blindsided by 9/11. That stopped them from impeaching Bush 43.
    2016 will go down in history as the last peaceful (yeah, yeah “Mostly Peaceful”) change of power in US history. While they (i.e. Hillary and The Swamp) did have a contingency plan they never really expected to use it (Hillary victory a 98% certainty – NY Times) and they REALLY didn’t expect Trump to fight back. “Repubs just don’t DO such thing. Just surrender gracefully and we’ll invite you to speak at state funerals.”
    The Smarter Half and I have sold our house in NoVA and come election day we’ll be in the hills of southern Appalachia. OK, a town but we’re on a hill and I have a clear field of fire. There will be no acceptance of anything but a Harris victory. And they’ve telegraphed their intentions to steal it any way they can.
    And, no. I don’t think any of use have enough ammo. At least we have bayonets.

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