Thumb on the scale???

We can all pretty much agree there is bias in the media after the last four years…

Personally, I think it started back in 2000 over the Florida ‘hanging chads’ and has just gotten worse.

The local fishwrap’s headline was the USA Today headline about there are ‘not enough’ undecided voters, and Trump’s campaign is foundering and going to lose.

Insidious? I think so… When you see this day after day, week after week, eventually people will start believing it. As the old saw goes, ‘Lies have gone around the world twice before the truth can get its pants on.’

There is also the issue with social media were the bias is probably more egregious…

Twitter and Facebook have censored the president’s social media accounts and the accounts belonging to his re-election campaign at least 65 times. In contrast, the companies have not censored former Vice President and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his campaign accounts. At all.

Full article, HERE at Techwatch.

And the whole thing about the Hunter Biden laptop… Real, unreal, fake or??? Apparently nobody knows OR wants to find out… Interesting, that…

And yesterday, DOJ initiated an antitrust suit against Google for a monopoly on search tools through various means.

The Justice Department on Tuesday sued Google over allegations that its search and advertising empire violated federal antitrust laws, launching what is likely to be a lengthy, bruising legal fight between Washington and Silicon Valley that could have vast implications for the entire tech industry.

Full article, HERE from the WAPO.


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  1. The laptop is real. This isn’t the first time it’s come up in the news. Trump & co saved up their own October Surprises – because any weapon the enemy uses if fit and meet for me to use.

    Or put it this way – if there wasn’t something to it, the media wouldn’t be spinning hard enough to influence the Van Allen belt.

  2. Thumb? Are you kidding? They have a 300 pound gorilla jumping up and down on that scale hoping the springs break.

  3. The bias is real. “Eyes wide open, keep your head a-swivel, don’t miss nothing.” Still good advice.

  4. It goes back much further than that. It was clear in 1992 that the media was talking down the economy which was recovering nicely, to hurt George H. W. Bush. I’m certain that it goes back much further than that, but I was too young and naive to notice.

    What’s changed is that everyone sees it now – well, except for Democrats who *don’t* *want* to see it. And so the media is entirely unable to move the needle anymore.

    • At least that far. I recall Sam Donaldson doing his damnedest to mess up or catch Ronald Reagan on any and every little thing. And there was NO equivalent for Clinton, nor Obama.

    • Agree with Borepatch assessment on 1992 election. President Bush had 90% plus approval right after the Iraq I had been put down. Convincing the American public that economic hardships were imminent, along with Ross Perot 3rd Party, killed off Bush, which ushered in the Clinton stain on politics. Right after election, media claimed the economy rebounded and no problems were in sight.

      • That ass went big on being anti-gun, which is why he didn’t get re-elected. He was a one world elitist f’er.

  5. I track media bias back to Vietnam, myself.

    Specifically, the reporting on the Tet offensive.

    Now, I’ve talked to guys who were ‘in the mud’ and didn’t have an easy time of it. But the overall result of Tet was an absolute disaster for the VC/NVA. They made the one mistake they could not afford to make: they challenged the U.S. Army to a straight up fight, as opposed to the guerilla tactics they’d used. Result: they got pasted hard. One of their generals admitted if the peace treaty hadn’t been signed they would’ve had to throw in the towel.

    But that’s NOT how it was sold here in the States. Tet was sold as some kind of -defeat- for the U.S. military, by a media that had more in common, ideologically, with the Communists than with its own country.

    When you’ve done that, how hard is it to justify shading things in your favor, over and over, till finally it’s blatant bias?

    • There was a comment somewhere that said they missed Walter for his fair treatment of the news.
      I reminded them of Tet.

      • IIRC, after he retired, he admitted that he was a card carrying communist. Yeah, his reporting about VN was all about helping the enemy win. I think he also worked to get the Democrats to defund the South Vietnamese support, which enabled the North to overrun them. F’ing Dems are all about losing wars.

  6. I have a Question? We all know they are trying to play it both ways yet again. Now they say there are NOT enough undecided Voters right. Then how come in most of their Polls they show the number of undecided voters is almost equal to the UNDERCOUNTED republican voters??????? This shit goes at least back to Reagan. The local Demonrats are pulling the same tricks about republicans wanting wanting to sell off the public lands and they are the party of wealth just as they did back then. SAME OLD SAME OLD

  7. The biased press has always been with us. It is a consequence of our freedom and first amendment. Back in the day, you had newspapers that wore their bias in their masthead. There were newspapers that actually had political party in their name – the “Tallahassee Democrat” for example. But for every paper biased toward the Democrats you could find one biased toward the Republicans – usually in the same city, so you could always get both sides.

    What is different today is the lopsidedness of it. That, I believe, is the consequence of two things:

    One, the consolidation of most news services into just a few corporations – all biased left.

    Two, the Watergate scandal. Now, every reporter (…excuse me, “journalist”. There are no more reporters.) Now, every journalist tries to mimic Woodward and Bernstein and is out for their very own Pulitzer prize. And because they all grew up in red diapers, it’s only the Republicans they go after nowadays.

    It is my opinion that the biggest threat to our country is NOT Russia, or China, or even Iran and the Islamic terrorists. It is our own feckless, lying news media. I hate them with the heat of a thousand suns.

    There will be a reckoning. I just hope the country survives it.

  8. As I keep saying, I despise, detest, and distrust the NYT, The WaPoo, and the rest of the media. I don’t know if the media is/are a wholly=owned subsidiary of the Dem Party, or it’s the other way round, but it’s OBVIOUS that they are in cahoots!

    No copyright here, Feel free to use this.

  9. To expand on what Roy said, beginning before WWII a certain country in western Europe was buying up not newsrooms but journalism schools. And it got worse after WWII as they started buying up newsrooms.

    Yes, I know, it sounds conspiratorial to say the USSR was behind the leftyization of the news industry, but their own darned records, released after the fall of the USSR, shows that both media schools and outlets, and education schools and systems, were systematically bought and controlled by the Soviets in order to influence the USA.

    More and more, Joseph McCarthy is proven that he was right.

    Sadly, because of the media and the schools, few people will ever know this.

  10. People were attracted to abusing the tech and economic conditions as soon as the tech was invented, and the economic conditions became favorable.

    In hindsight and with the advantage of learning about Crossfire Hurricane, Watergate looks like a scam by media and FBI insiders.

    And the FBI appears to have always been very attentive to PR.

    FBI has a pattern of behavior, and it seems like it would not have shown it in the early stages if media were not willing to play along.

    FBI’s pattern of behavior appears to have been deliberately inculcated by Hoover. Who wasn’t simply an FDR man, he was also part of Wilson’s regime.

    CP schofield argues that it is more matter of replacing two opposing sets of bias media with one set of biased media pretending lack of bias.

    But some areas apparently had suppressed some of the opposition by force, or something, back in the day.

    1919 Arkansas and 1921 Oklahoma. Wilson’s officers were tied to the first. The second? The depth of official cover up, and the degree to which it was common knowledge in state are chilling.

    Which cover up continues. Boren and Stipe’s careers pretty firmly place them in the category of people who were comfortable with white supremacist politics so long as it was a path to power. Boren is gone just two years from OU; his crony Harroz may have gotten the sexual assault charges suppressed, and the financial irregularities hidden again. (Boren would not have bothered with the campaign to remove his replacement Gallogly if Boren were innocent. The OU board of regents was wrong to cut a deal to minimize scandal, in a probably futile attempt to preserve the school.) Harroz and Boren front an effort to rebrand the ‘Tulsa Race Riots’ as the ‘Tulsa Race Massacre’. Which conceals the extent to which the pattern of media spread initial (false) claim, and official tolerance of private violence actors matches the current ‘peaceful protests’. Terming both riots communicates an essential truth.

  11. Borepatch’s comment worries me more than anything.
    We have kin in Chicago. They would vote for a three week old ten bag of dog feces before they’d vote for pumpkinman.
    And if you ask why, their most intelligent answer is “because”.

  12. All- thanks for the comments! I was being “generous“ about how far back the media has been biased. But you’re right it does go all the way back to Ted in Vietnam… Sigh

    Posted from my iPhone.

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