A modest proposal…

I would like to see the ‘games’ being played with voting brought to a halt.

What I would like to see happen is that ALL voting is kept sequestered until all states have completed their counts, certified them, and all states be required to release their totals and winners at the same time across the country. ONE dump, none of this crap of partial releases, etc. Nobody gets to be the ‘kingmaker’, continuing the count until that state is accorded the ‘honor’ of being the final vote that puts whomever is running over the magic 270 number.

Since the states all have different ‘schedules’ for counting, nobody could release anything, regardless of how quickly they get the count/etc. done. I think that would put more pressure on those laggard states to get the job done rather than procrastinate as some appear to be doing this time.

The other thing I would like to see is a national voter ID. If India can do it, or South Africa, or any other 3rd world country can, we damn sure should be able to! Hell, I’d be perfectly happy to have to dip my finger in indelible ink! That would at least quash the dead people voting (maybe)…

And real criminal penalties for ANYONE who leaks vote totals!

Granted this would make election night a non entity for the media (not that that is a bad thing), and would cut down on the media attempts to influence the vote on voting day.

Florida in 2000 comes to mind with CNN and others saying Gore had won Florida before the polls ever closed in the panhandle, the ‘automatic’ awarding of California, Oregon, Washington, NY, NJ, etc to the Dems as soon as the polls close, etc.

I know I’m pissing in the wind on this one, but damn…I’m tired of the BS…


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  1. Simple easy request for sure. But if they can’t win without cheating then they will never ever give in to “rules”. The next week or so will be very interesting for sure.

    • Alas. Damnit.

      The steps are simple, clear, and obvious.

      As are the reasons to avoid them.

  2. We have voter ID, and wouldn’t you know, most of the state went red.

    • And that, right there (left there?) is why so many places are so dead set about even the simplest step of genuine accountability.

  3. Add that all votes are kept sealed until the polls close and that once counting starts, no more votes may be accepted at the counting place. That includes votes “already cast” that got lost and were then found. If that happens someone goes to jail. Also that the count starts at the same time GMT across the country. Yes that means that the counting does not start until about 8 PM in Hawaii.

  4. Hey Old NFO;

    It was simple, until it got complicated, the donks using the dog whistle of “voter suppression” made all these exceptions and hence the confusions. All the problems seems to come from the donk held enclaves run by you guess it….Democrats. It is every 2 or 4 years. The Republicans don’t have a spine to deal with it because the democrats use the word “racist” attached to it and scare the GOP off. We need to totally overhaul the system and I don’t they want to do it, because oe party benefits from the confusion and the other party with the exception of a few have no spine.
    Sorry for the Rant

  5. No ID for absentee ballots just is asking for fraud.
    Purge the voting rolls from those people who have died that year.
    No vote tallies without members of all parties present.
    No absentee ballots accepted unless post marked the day before the election.

    Not going to happen, but I can dream.

  6. I saw the same thing in 2000 as well. If you pay/ed attention when the DEMONRATs are leading by more than one-or two percentage points the DEMONRAT MEDIA will call the state for the demonrat. If the republican is ahead by double the margin for error or more they will NOT call the state for the Republican. This is why I do not watch election coverage because I get really pissed off about it.

  7. 10 years HARD for every proven count of voter fraud/intimidation/shenanigans. No plea-bargain, no tome off for good behavior. More than 5 counts of voter fraud/intimidation/shenanigans is now a Capital crime. Every block of 5 votes past the initial 5 is a separate death sentence.

    Illegal and you vote? That’s 10 years.
    Knowingly sign up an illegal? 10 years per illegal.
    Vote in 2 states? 20 years.
    Vote twice? 20 years.
    Sign up 6 dead people? DEATH.
    Fill in ballots for comatose or dementia-riddled people? 10 years per ballot.
    Take money to vote a certain way (even if you don’t?) 10 years per ballot.
    Pay someone to vote a certain way? 10 years to Death depending on the number of people, and that includes paying them with cigs or drugs or food or a hotel room or or or.
    Harvest ballots? 10 years to Death.
    Judge orders ‘late ballots’ counted? If 6 or more, DEATH.

    See how easy it is to stop voter fraud? DEATH

    And I mean DEATH. By hanging. In front of the local, state or federal courthouse.

    Why death? Because illegal voting is… usurping the Constitution. Which is sedition or treason, depending on who’s behind the illegal vote.

    Harsh? No. Considering what will happen to a lot of old people under a Joe/Ho administration (it was the last Dem admin that saw huge price increases in many drugs, not to mention the abortion called ‘Affordable Care Act’ that tossed many seniors and poor people completely off of good health care plans)

    And this just doesn’t stop at the actual point person doing the fraud. Follow the chain, adding death upon death until the whole infection is burnt out.

    No. I am not joking. We used to hang people or put people to death for sedition and treason. We need to return to those days. (Seriously, if we had hanged Jane Fonda, how much better would the world have been after said hanging? My feelings are a lot better. She still needs to account for her actions in actively going into North Vietnam.)

    And every 2 years the voter rolls need to be purged. With today’s technology we could do it every year. Simple. Compare the REAL ID Driver License/Identification Card and Social Security money recipient lists to current Voter rolls. Anything that spits out questionable gets investigated or sent a letter saying “Hey, Potential Voter Fraud Person, Prove you are who you say you are.”

    This stuff has to stop. Should have stopped after Kennedy got elected by Chicago. Should have stopped after Broward County screwed with elections, and screwed with elections, and screwed with elections (though, once they got a Republican for the county voter head, all or most all of the shenanigans went away just like THAT!) Should have stopped after the 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2018 elections, all which had huge instances of recorded fraud and shenanigans…

    One Person – One Vote. It’s the only way to do it.

  8. In person voting, paper ballots, ID required.
    Vote at your assigned polling location; if overseas, not on government business, you can place your ballot at the embassy or consulate.
    Nationwide the polls are open from 0000 — 2359 Least Coast Time, which should make it feasible for all to vote no matter work or other commitments. (If 100% of the vote is in for a poling location, it can close early as “mission complete.”)
    Absentee ballots should be distributed parsimoniously. Military or other government employees serving overseas, few others.
    And, yes, a blackout on any election results, projections, or polling until all votes are in and counting is started.


    • Been saying this for years, just this thing. No more early voting and you’d better have a friggin doctor’s noteto vote absentee.

      And voting at embassies, consulates orUS military bases only.

  9. All- Thanks and good additions… I figured I’d get laughed at for this, to be honest.

    Posted from my iPhone.

  10. Alaska issues a free voter ID card to everyone who registers, which sent the ACLU packing when they showed up here, 8 years ago. But any valid ID can be used, providing you have backup proof of address (like a utility bill or payroll stub). Not too many dead people voting in previous elections, until this year when a local judge declared that absentee ballots need not have a witness’s signature anymore.

  11. The race in Florida was not supposed to be start being told until 8:00pm EST since we have two time zones. After the 2,000 election screw up, News Media promised to wait for proper time to start with their projections but somehow this year they “forgot” and coincidentally they had Biden in the lead for a while. Why? They were sure Florida was going to fall.
    It did not.

  12. After The Great Culling institute the following:
    Start from zero.
    All prospective voters must have proof of citizenship.
    They must pass the same citizenship test we expect foreign nationals to pass.
    Photo IDs at polls.
    Indelible ink on index finger once voted.
    Gallows in front of every polling place … just in case.

  13. Your proposal is modest and reasonable. Perhaps a miracle will occur and it’ll be enacted. In the meanwhile, we’d be living in a bana republic if it was, actually, a republic.

    Ye Gods.

  14. I want to go back to the old ways. Everyone goes to the polls on the same day and shows an ID to vote. They punch cards. We count them that night with plenty of observers and declare a winner when everything is tabulated. Done and transparent.

  15. 1) Delete EVERY SINGLE REGISTERED VOTER NATIONWIDE and require re-registration, to be conducted IN PERSON during a 90-day period and based on uniform identification sources; all subsequent voter registration must be conducted in person, with no exceptions.
    2) Establish a single UNIFORM NATIONAL VOTING ID certified by one organization within each state, and based on certified, verifiable information; issuance of a ballot to each holder of a national voting ID shall be recorded in a standard format and treated with the same security procedures as ballots.
    3) Prohibit registration changes 60 days before a national election (Congress, Senate, President); presentation and verification of such national voting ID is required at each precinct location prior to issuance of an incompleted ballot; if you have moved during that 60-day period you must vote based on your old address. No exceptions.
    4) Establish a national standard PAPER ballot configuration which MUST be used for national elections (Congress, Senate, President), with the requirement that a verifiable PAPER ballot MUST exist for each and every vote counted; said paper ballot may be machine-readable but MUST be human-readable IN ENGLISH. A state may use that format for other elections if it so chooses.
    4) A national standard procedure for counting and tabulating paper ballots which includes direct observation by any member of the public seeking to do so, to be condcted in such a manner as to permit unobstructed observation of ballots and ballot handling without allowing contact with or influence over such ballots, from the moment of ballot issuance to final counting and tabulation.
    5) All ballots, upon issuance, must be retained; damaged, incomplete or ruined ballots requiring re-issue must be identified as such and accounted for and retained in a secure manner separate from but associated with completed ballots from the issuing precinct; discarding of any issued ballot, regardless of its condition, is prohibited and shall be a felony punishable by a minimum period of federal incarceration of two (2) years, without opportunity of parole, commutation of sentence, or suspension of sentence.
    6) All completed ballots must be indexed by voting precinct and retained in a secure manner for a minimum of five (5) years and available to the public for inspection within 24 hours of release of voting tallies in such a manner as to provide unquestionable ballot security.
    7) Release of ANY vote tabulations prior to 24 hours after the closing of the last open voting precinct in the United States is prohibited; release OR dissemination of vote tabulation data prior to 24 hours after the closing of the last open voting precinct shall be a felony punishable by a mandatory term of five (5) years of federal incarceration without opportunity of parole, commutation of sentence, or suspension of sentence.
    8) Any and all election advertising for any national office (Congress, Senate, President) must contain the name, address and contact information for the individual authorizing payment for such advertising and the name and contact information for the issuing source upon which said funds are drawn.