Fox in flames…

They have continued to beclown themselves even more, including certain day time ‘anchors’ pushing back that ‘things have been taken out of context’…

Yeah, right…

There is this for starters, HERE. Others are below…

An article, HERE, breaks down how badly they are doing. They fell to THIRD behind CNN and PMSNBC!!!

OAN and Newsmax are now the logical choices if you are a conservative. The question is, how much longer will Carlson and Hannity hang on before they are kicked to the curb???


Fox in flames… — 17 Comments

  1. Since I haven’t owned a TV in the past five years, I don’t care. There is a lesson for any business here. It is your customers, not your social circle, that determine your fate. In the case of Fox, your advertisers. How soon will they leave you because the consumers they want to reach are leaving you?

  2. I’ve removed the entire Fox air station from my television channel lineup. Fox news went the way of Drudge. I’m watching Newsmax and OAN online.

  3. We have had no broadcast TV at our house for over three years, my wife likes old British TV series things and I like to watch an older movie very week or so. I quit using Fox News as an internet link the day after November 3, they will get no more clicks from me. Drudge was flushed a couple of years ago for the same reason and it will be a pleasure to see if Fox viewership keeps on circling the drain and loses advertisers.

  4. Hey Old NFO;

    It started when they ran O’Reilly off a couple of years ago. They tried to run Hannity off and Hannity and he saw how O’Reilly was blindsided and got expensive lawyers and fought back. The Slide continued. Hannity will leave when he is ready, Fox already learned not to push him, he has good lawyers. Tucker is new at this game, hopefully he is listening to Hannity but I guarentee if a better conservative network comes available, both will bail in a new York minute.

    • Rumor has it that Tucker is planning/hoping to get fired so he won’t have to deal with any non-compete clause in his contract.

      My wife booted Fox News (except for Tucker) and is happy with Newsmax on our Dish Network feed. I usually don’t watch TV news to protect what little sanity I have left.

  5. Newsmax is the go-to, but it’s not really ready for prime time. Tomorrow’s Sunday Sermonette will touch on the fact that AT&T ($150 billion in debt) will be shedding its less enterprises and that CNN is up for sale.

    Now if President Trump got a few of his billionaire friends together…they could buy CNN.

    Wouldn’t that be fun. The popcorn bowl will empty quickly if that happens.

  6. Personally, I just like to get the news. No right slant, no left slant, just the facts.

    I’d also like a 2020 Corvette and I date with Kiana Tom.

    None of which is going to happen.

  7. Though I would love to see President Trump and other mega-rich Conservatives buy CNN or even Fox and make it conservative and great again, I would much prefer it to happen in 4 years or so, as I would much prefer President Trump to keep on presidenting for 4 more years.

    As to Fox, when Murdock left, there was a decidedly left shift in everything. O’Reilly wasn’t pulling as big numbers as they wanted, and he wasn’t parroting the new establishment’s bullscat, so off he went. Hannity and Tucker are what’s keeping the network afloat. Especially since pulling the rug out from under Judge Jeanine.

    And hiring Donna Brazille as ‘liberal balance?’ That’s like hiring Margret Sanger for a Family Planning clinic…

    Meh. Like IowaHawk says, Leftists have to take over an organization, gut it and wear it as a skin suit.

  8. I gave up on network “news” years ago. My stomach still thanks me.

  9. ^^^ Yeah, me too, Sam.

    Fox News, even before the liberal shift, was nearly unwatchable to me. They were just too technically incompetent.

  10. Well, I don’t see it as Fox News.
    I see it as Tucker Carlson, Levin, Gutfeld, Waters, Piro (if she comes back) even Baer. Laura, if I stay up late.
    And I’ll watch them wherever I can, until I can’t.
    When Mike Lindell, leaves Fox, they sink. 🙂
    Libs are idiots.
    Take something unique and profitable and make it like everything else.

  11. I’m with Ed, but I switched off TV a decade ago and pull up as needed from the *net.

    That said, wow, the utter sham of what used to be the press is a sight to behold. Even if from a distance. Apparently millions still watch that garbage. Huh.

    Let’s see Fox crater and disappear.

  12. I’ll follow Tucker, Waters, and Piro wherever they land but it won’t be at FOX. Hannity is a stupid puke. All ego and repeats his talking points endlessly. I like O’Reilly much better.