Thank you!!!

Many, many thanks to those who bought April Fool!

Right at 300 sales in two weeks is, for me, amazing! I had to wait three MONTHS for my first book to sell that many! And the reviews have been fantastic! I cannot thank you enough for both of these things!!!

A lot of the reviews want an expansion into a full length novel, so I will take a look at doing that, but it won’t be until later next year.

I’m two chapters from finishing the western, and it should go out to the alpha readers this weekend, and hopefully be out early next month. I failed to get it out before Christmas as I’d hoped, and that is completely on me.

I think I can speak for all the authors when I say I would also like to thank all of you who bought/read/left reviews on Tales Around the Supper Table!

Y’all’s support will allow us to buy at least one good supper! We thank you!!!


Thank you!!! — 10 Comments

  1. I was very tempted to purchase a print version of Tales Around the Supper Table, but admit I am slammed for space in our small home. Not a fan of screen read books because my time for reading in only in many small blocks of time before some task drags me away. Much easier for me to put the book down and continue on when I get back.

    Glad to hear your books are selling well and hope that continues – I like your writing.

  2. Really enjoying the snippets from the western. Looking forward to seeing the entire thing.

  3. not a big western or Sci Fi guy but Grey man series and now April Fools knock it out of the park. I am sure I am not a single voice when I say we would like to see much more in a Generations line along with April Fools. Keep it up Old FO, ya do good for a Veeper!

  4. jrg- Understood! And thank you!

    Tom- Getting close

    George- Thank you sir!

    Brig- Appreciate that!

    Ed- Thanks!

  5. Regarding April Fool, gee, isn’t it as simple as deleting “The End” and just picking up and writing from there? Seems it would work for me as a reader!


  6. Agree. I like the characters in this story and would pay to hear more about them…

  7. Just got Tales, and am half way through the first one! As an avid Reader of the Dragon Riders of Pern series, this one has me hooked. already!