Ah, the ‘odd’ things one finds in the bottom of the old Nav bag…

This was a cheat sheet (as they were called) for frequencies that got regularly used back in the day. The Navy primarily used UHF radios for short range communications, and the VHF freqs were a backup.

And then there were ‘parking spots’… Kinda nice to know where you’re starting from…

Yes, the runway lat long changed at Lajes… Accuracy of measurement and all that…


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  1. Somewhere, possibly still in the stack of stuff on my kneeboard, is the cheat sheet with the ADF and super-strong commercial AM frequencies for the area around [redacted]. Because VORs are nice, and GPS is nifty, and both of those have gone “blargh” on me at really bad moments. WNAX “Your Five State Farm Station!” would get me most of the way home from northern KS almost to Manitoba, depending on signal bounce.

  2. All of my training materials are long since gone. I do have a copy of my 201 file somewhere, courtesy of some sly, underhanded, covert, and just plain stupid actions taken during a change-of-duty-station in 1973.
    What I DON’T have is my original medical records, which were lost when was originally shipped to Germany. (They lost my pay records, too, but that was easy to fix.) I wanted my medical records, though, to document a back injury during basic training. I wanted the points in case I applied for a civil service job. Alas, couldn’t document it. I did get disabled status, though, even if it was 0%, due to some surgery I had after medic training.
    Wonder what I did with that 201 file? Maybe the single copy I received of the orders awarding my Good Conduct Medal is in there. They never did give me the actual medal.

  3. Nostalgia, it is… Freqs from my past. The Sangley Point VHF ones I used a lot with the Sangley Point flying club. Didn’t see Cubi Pt freqs on there. Usta get free time taking people up to Clark or over to Cubi Pt.

  4. TXRed- Yep, WLS, KGO, and a couple of others come to mind. You could hear them ‘forever’! And I was navigating before GPS…sigh

    Pat- Ouch. I made sure I had certified copies before I retired!

    Fluge- Figures…LOL We didn’t go into Cubi, that was fighter central before we moved over there.

  5. I have a few things left from my flying days. Don’t know what happened to my logbook, but I have some charts and books I somehow managed to keep all these years.

  6. I’ve never been a flyer, though a part of me wishes that I was. Still, what great finds at the bottom of the “kit bag”! I love that.

    Of course my memo would say; 0500: iron, polish gas mask. 0530: More ironing, polish gas plug. 0600: bull boots, polish cap badge. 0630: more ironing, crease p.e. shorts, apply starch. 0700: Form up on parade. Get shouted at. 0730: Eat breakfast… etc.