Peace and unity…

Yeah, right…

Makes you wonder about PBS doesn’t it…

And where were/are the calls for this for the Antifa/BLM activists who tried to burn courthouses and police cars with officers inside to be on the No Fly List? Just asking…




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    • Yes, but will he be made unhireable like a deplorable? Or will he be hired at another firm at a cushy salary? Or worse, hired back by PBS once the flak stops flying?

      That’s the question. They ruin our lives for being within a mile of a riot, I mean, a peaceful Antifa or BLM riot, but these guys and gals and whatever they are? Fired for now, but hired almost immediately somewhere else.

  1. Remember to boycott the inauguration. Don’t watch on TV, don’t protest, just don’t show up. The best thing we can do to keep the media from lying about us is to not be there.

    • I’m with you on that. I’m not going to watch a fraudulently elected not-a-president get inaugurated – desecrating a Bible and mouthing words to an oath he’ll never keep. I have more respect for the Ayatollah Obongo than I do for this cretin.

  2. Did you see the video of that woman yelling at Schumer while he was at that spot? Good on her, needs to happen to more of these “individuals” more often.

  3. Jim,
    Did you know that Blogger now will not allow you to comment on websites using it unless you have a Google account and log in through it. That gives Google access to all your comments. Tightening the noose.

    Retired Cop

    • That started about 5 years ago, with Blogger making it harder and harder to comment without an account. It’s just gotten worse lately.

      But that may be due to the blog-owner shutting down anonymous or ‘guest’ comments, as the flaming harpies don’t want to be tracked when they flame a good blog.

      • There are still a couple that will allow comments without going through the Googleborg.

        There’s no blog I want to comment on badly enough to do that.

  4. Hey Old NFO;

    There you go expecting equal application of the law against BLM(Burn, Loot Murder) and Antifa and the Capital day riots…haven’t you figured out yet that there is a sliding scale depending if you are rioting for a liberal or a conservative cause depends on how the law is applied? This is the enlightened age….

  5. As ‘rioters’ are identified, they are being added to the No-Fly list. Some are stranded in DC, as the NF list has been handed to Amtrak, the bus lines, the rental car companies…

    And the info is being released to the people’s employers. A lot of them have been fired outright even before the employer gets doxxed by the brownshorts (yes, shorts, as the new brownshirts are so full of carp they can’t hold it in….)

    Funny, burn down a courthouse, assault a police station, point lasers into cops’ eyes, burn, loot, shoot, beat, molest, kidnap, destroy for the Left? You get money from the city and the state, a go-fund-me site to raise even more money, you get to keep all the consolation prizes you stole from businesses and homes, and you are still allowed to fly freely, to travel, to have a job (probably with a promotion, too) and so forth and so on.

    Fart and make a MAGA sound? You are forever unemployed, beaten, shot at, stabbed, tased, pepper sprayed, and that’s just what the cops and the feds do to you. Elsewhere you become a pariah as your once supportive community and job shun you so hard even the Amish are like, “Dudeth, that doth be too harsheth!” (Well, actually, something more like, “Dude, das ist zu hart für uns zu betrachten.” or something.)

    And now the House of Reprethieveatives is voting to Impeach, Impeach, Impeach.

    Sooooo pissed. So verrrry pissed. So much for their oaths, sworn on holy texts, to protect and defend the Constitution and us.

    Right about now would be a good time just to drop a rod from God on the place and start over.

  6. The left TOLD US over and over for a long time what they were going to do when thy attained thekwer they saught. Now they have it and they are following through on what they told us. They have FULL control over EVERY meaningful organization, every facet of government and the full support and cooperation of the media whores and Big Tech nazis. They will NEVER go away, NEVER cease imposing their will on everyone and NEVER willingly coexist with anyone who doesn’t bow and scrape before them. The only choices left for the rest of us are slavery and extermination or war. No other options now remain.

  7. Dox the asshole.

    They do it to us, sauce for the goose..

  8. PBS: Haven’t gotten my money for yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrs, now. They haven’t asked me about it, but if they ever do, I’ll just tell them NO. N. O. Never! Not gonna happen!

    • Oh, they’re getting your money, from your taxes, and from extorting businesses.

  9. Just wondering when the reverse travel restrictions, you know, the ones that prevent herr schumer and his friends from going ANYWHERE in flyover country will kick in.

    Kinda like hey red commy puke, stay put behind all those great new fences recently installed. We don’t want any outbreaks of your type of VIRUS, in our flyover country.