Apparently there are ‘new’ WuFlu guidelines issued for what is a correct diagnosis…

Amazon ‘steps up’ to help with distribution (yesterday)…

And thirteen or fifteen MORE EOs today… A few which deal with ‘racism’… And apparently ‘illegal alien’ is no longer acceptable, the new immigration plan is about ‘racial equity’, whatever that is…

And apparently CBP has been told to ‘stand down’???

Oh, and then there is John Brennan- HERE.



Coinkidink??? — 19 Comments

  1. The adults with common sense have left the building, leaving the clowns and insane to make the new rules. Only two days since the inauguration and I’m already losing my patience with these jokers. Term limits REALLY is needed.

  2. It’s not going to get any better anytime soon. My advice: stop watching the news and invest in booze, bullets, and burgers.

  3. The Babylon 5 TV series nailed all of this. It’s almost like there is a playbook that they are following.

    • Yup. And I feel we’re more the Centauries than Earth Prime.

      The Centauries 20 years after the Shadow Wars.

      Trump was Sheridan. And Melania was that hot alien…


    • “I do not like Santiago. I’ve always thought that a leader should have a strong chin. He has no chin, and his vice president has several. This to me is not a good combination.”

      -LtCdr Ivanova

  4. As a friend of mine was wont to say when things went well and truly south: S***, f*** and damn. Brennan is a liar. Unfortunately, he is also, for the Left, a very useful liar. His painfully obvious enthusiasm for bringing to bear the various methods used in the much-vaunted “War on Terror” (the caps are important, ya know) on US citizens is far more disturbing than his documented history of lies. I see no way that this ends well, should it become policy and law.

  5. Huh. The Left also control and legislate all of the police and security forces that have been accused of “institutional racism” and threatened to be de-funded.
    The Left also seem to fall on the political side of the “peaceful protests”, the regions where such “protests” occur, and the security and legal organizations where such “protestors” may (or may not) be arrested and may (or may not) be charged, tried, etc. in “A Court of Law”.
    How coincidental…
    If I were not jaded before, it’s time to develop that cynical attitude.

  6. They’ve had these EOs penned, for the most part, since 2017 at the latest.

    I’m surprised the old fart only signed so few.

    Friggin national socialists…

    • They had to have so many “re-takes” to be sure he got his own name right, see… and patience wears thin.

  7. All- Thanks for the comments, and yes, good burgers! Luckily, we have a GOOD local butcher shop in town.

    Posted from my iPhone.

  8. Someone once said that a LOT of America’s problems could be solved if a couple hundred people were taken out and shot. I feel the number should be higher but the idea is accurate. Brennan NEEDS to be on that list.

  9. I for one welcome our brave new socialist utopia and its beneficent trans overlords! (what? surely “sacred democracy’s representatives.” Ed.)

  10. As I keep saying, I don’t know if the media is/are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Dem Party, or it’s the other way round, but it’s OBVIOUS they are in CAHOOTS.