Recall them all…

We know what the current administration and the left think of the military…

Biden’s first act in the Oval Office was removal of ALL the military flags!

Next was ‘background checks’ (e.g. checking loyalty), then the powers that be pushed the National Guard out of the capital (yes, small c), into a parking garage for their bivouac.

A number of governors are just a ‘tad’ pissed. DeSantis (FL), Abbot, (TX), and Sununu (NH) have recalled their Guard folks.

Of course ‘now’ the powers that be, including FLOTUS are out taking pictures with them and trying to mollify them, pandering with photo ops and ‘thank yous’ grudgingly given.

DeSantis recall, HERE.  Abbot/Sununu recall HERE.

Sigh… The left just doesn’t get it. And day 2 they have lost the respect of the Guard, not that they care, they have their personal security details now and live behind walls, so they’re good to go…


Recall them all… — 12 Comments

  1. Sad. “Oh, we can’t have the masses here because they’ll give us COVID.” As they put our soldiers in conditions only slightly better than the WWI trenches (anyone who has ever been in a parking garage during cold weather knows how damp and cold those things are.)

    So, now, of course, our troops are coming down en-masse with COVID, in conditions both hygenically and environmentally bad for the troops and good for the bugs.

    Bastards, bastards all.

    It took far less of this garbage for our forefathers to tell King George to shove it up his wizwang (politely, of course, but that’s what they said…)

  2. They need much higher walls around DC. I’m waiting for the announcement of the first Hunger Games.

    • Tall, solid walls, then fill it with water and alligators. 😉
      John in Indy

  3. Joe Biden is a supreme military genius, and not a hopping corpse with Pooh’s Fu worn over the mask and sunglasses. He is paying close attention to the orders going out in his name, and not simply rubberstamping a feuding pile of the sort of junkie pedophile humanities drop outs that would think it productive to work implementing his policy. He isn’t screwing over DoD programs, simply to give advantage to the PRC.


    Full disclosure: I might have had personal interest in the possibility of profiting from some of the programs likely to have been funded had my preferred political outcomes occurred.

  4. Remember when we used to criticize and laugh at the old Soviet Union for its ruling gerontocracy?

    On a positive note, it’s a sign of decline.

  5. Vote for challengers in every race. If votes still count.

  6. hey Old NFO;

    As I understand it even our spineless Governor in Georgia recalled our National Guard troops. Will dig into and find out more to confirm though.

    • I’m an Australian, born August, 1950. I served my Country and ALL Australians, from 1967-1991, Army and The Royal Australian Air Force. I consider it an abomination to turn my barrel on those I gave my word to protect, no matter the cause or reason.