It’s official, I’m OLD…

Went down to Dallas yesterday to have dinner with friends. Coming back I decided to take a road I used to use when I was in that area… Cutler Dr. It WAS a meandering 2 lane country road with no traffic lights or stop signs…

WAS… now dead straight, 6 lanes, traffic lights every mile or less. And housing EVERYWHERE… Sigh…

In other news, now the Dems apparently want to keep 5-7000 National Guard in DC until MARCH! WTF??? They’ve had their little ‘insurrection’ theater games, why are they continuing to punish the troops? Or is this the reason???

And it’s apparent this administration is Obummer ver 3.0. Twenty-five EOs in the first three days, and who knows how many ‘directives’ to various organizations. They cannot undo the Trump legacy fast enough, damn the torpedoes and lost jobs, and to hell with unity, full steam ahead!



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  1. Biden will be a rubber stamp president for the DNC. He’s been in D.C. for 47 years and never accomplished anything. Why should an upgrade in job title change any of that?

  2. So far, it’s been a train wreck. Hopefully he’ll slow down soon, and it will be come a slow-moving train wreck. Either way, it is hard to watch.

  3. I am beginning to wonder if martial law implementation is being considered. Wouldn’t want a televised insurrection without Home Team Players ready to go and on site. With Martial Law in place, legislation can be done quickly. No pesky Constitution or opposing legislators in the way. C’mon man – it is an emergency !

  4. The walls are staying up from all reports. The number of military uniforms/guard troops may decrease to some degree, but I think that they want to keep the whole red zone/green zone thing going.

    Biden is comfortable in a bunker with CNN carrying his water.

  5. Perhaps the Republican Congress and Senate from 2016 to 2018 bear some of the blame that so much of Trump’s legacy consists of easily overturned EOs.

    That being said I hope there are lawsuits filed. Trump’s DACA EO was overturned based on the lack of consideration of the effect of the EO on the people affected (IIRC). If that is now legal precedent, the Keystone Pipeline EO that Biden just signed might be just as suspect.

  6. Hey Old NFO;

    I would NEVER tell you that you are OLD, I have too much respect for my ELDERS to do THAT, hehehe. Yep the Donks had their 30,000 props for the inauguration of the Usurper, using the nonexistent threat of “The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy”…Sound Familiar? At least some of the Governors have recalled their troops after that dog and pony show and some of the people have started to wake up to what they have voted for because “Orange Man Bad” but the damage has been done, now to keep the anger going to 2022 provided the establishment don’t get stupid and kick off the bugaloo early by trying to seize guns or something equally retarded.

  7. Well, lemme see here: Trump is no longer President. He’s just a citizen. How can gummint fools impeach a citizen? And if they did, would it be a kangaroo court, or a SNAKE court? I’m guessing a kangasnake court. And I’d suggest, if Mr. Trump were to show up for it, to answer each question with a wet New York raspberry.

  8. Where DID my popcorn get off to?

    Found it!

    Let’s get this show on the road.

  9. Over the years I’ve been using Google Earth, and now Google Maps, I’ve seen my hometown change dramatically. Places where we used go drag race, miles from nowhere, are now loaded up with strip malls, schools, and subdivisions.

    Agree with Greybeard. Just gimme back what I put in, in gold, and I’ll shut up.

  10. I’m pretty sure I officially became old today. Just got back from my appointment at the VA Hospital Audiology department where I picked up my hearing aids.

    Last week I bought a cane because my hip’s been bothering me. Probably gonna need a hip replacement sooner than later.

    Getting old is definitely not for wimps.