Prospective cover…

Tina is, as usual, doing an outstanding job of putting a cover together. This is one of the ideas for the western cover!

I like it!


Prospective cover… — 20 Comments

  1. Is this going to come out before the next Rimworld, please?

  2. Yeah, looks a bit Frederic Remingtonish, one of the night time paintings. Nice !

  3. Will shoppers assume this is an old Zane Grey novel and that they therefore have probably read it and that they therefore should not buy it? Or is that not really a thing?

  4. Catches my eye and would cause me to pick up the book and check it out even if I was not already familiar with your work (yes, I have multiple books you have written).

  5. I think it’s a bit too dark. I know it’s supposed to be a night time scene, but it’s very jumbled. The rider on the white horse, I can make out his legs at a glance, but then he devolves into a dark, muddy mess against other shadowy figures in the background. Took me several minutes to make out where his upper body was at and what he was doing. A little more detail or difference in shading might alleviate that problem. It IS a wonderful painting. But a book cover should convey an idea of what the story is about in a short glance. Hard to do with this cover. As always, my opinion varies depending on how much of my foot is inserted into my mouth at any given moment.

  6. All- Thanks for the comments. Yes, it is Frederic Remington, Fired On, from 1907. It is dark, but it captures the moments of the showdown at the river. I decided to use it for the ‘confusion’ factor.

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  7. Suggedt that the image be cropped and rotated vertically, which would leave room for the title above the image. It could also be lightened in the image processing andbtitle design steps. Otherwise,a good image choice.

  8. LSP- Thanks! It pretty much goes against EVERY rule for covers, but it is a perfect visual for one of the situations in the book. I know I’m going to catch hell for it…LOL

  9. I KNEW it was Remington, but everyone loves confirmation bias.

    I think it works. The text looks like it’s in the old Vegas style, very distinctly Western.