Proof copies of Showdown finally showed up today. Now going through the proof to make sure everything is as it should be.

Due to less pages, I’m able to offer it at a MUCH better price than my others, so it’s going to be $10 for the paperback. I’ll get a post up as soon as it goes live on Amazon.

Thank you too, to those who have left reviews on the Kindle version already! I knew some folks wouldn’t like the cover, and I’m taking ownership for that. ALL reviews are appreciated!!!


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  1. The cover is fine. I made a joke about it here (not on Amazon) looking like the new Zane Grey novel, but there’s nothing wrong with it at all. FEITCTAJ

  2. Ed, You don’t have to wait. I’ve read it already. Entertaining. Kindle version is up (unless you are waiting for the ppbk).

  3. Found one small oops… The link to “Showdown” in your book list in the left column goes to the Amazon page for the “Supper Table” anthology.

  4. I have a rather large backlog going right now. I’ll try to get to it eventually.

  5. Miguel- ‘Thank…you…’

    Ed- Thanks

    Hereso- LOL, I know

    Pedi- Damn…thanks!

    Jim- Take your time. It’s not going anywhere!

  6. Good luck on the sale of your new book. Texas is due for some good luck for a change.

  7. jrg- Yes we are, although I will admit we were extremely lucky out here in small town Texas.

  8. Trying to figure out if that back cover pic increases or decreases the price…

    Handsome devil, eh?