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  1. YEAH! Where IS that “Global Warming” we’ve been promised?

    Well, my 2-2.5″ of snow have done melted off, it’s 45F here, I got heat and electricity, so I’m good to go, or to stay right where I am.

  2. I know I may get blasted for this, but, don’t confuse “climate” with “weather” and “global warming” is more properly called “climate change”. It ain’t only warming, it’s more of the usual, just harder and longer. Goin’ back to my tequila now.

    • In general, yes. Though reduced solar radiance and a weakening geomagnetic field may be playing havoc with the jet stream now. More meridional than zonal.

      Climate has been changing for 4 billion plus years.

    • ‘Climate change’, in general, is a way to conceal the degree to which the AWG idea was a load of hooey.

      Environmentalism and climate science are a crock, partly because they take as a constant baseline things that were never constant. There is no pristine unchanged nature, because things have always been fluctuating before any human could have altered an event.

      The smallest period of temperature variation, the day night cycle, has to do with the sun, and the energetics of it are beyond meaningful human intervention. What might be the next smallest period, the year, has to do with the sun, and is likewise beyond meaningful human intervention. Look up the dual dynamo solar model, another period may be due to the sun, and if so is beyond meaningful human intervention.

      It is possible that all the major long term variation is periodic, and beyond human intervention.

      It is also possible that the baseline after subtracting periodic effects is basically chaotically noisy, and impossible to draw any conclusions from about human effects.

      For what reason does your understanding of fluid mechanics lead you to think that this shit is linear enough to form any meaningful conclusions about what climate models show?

  3. Sam- Yep, melting up here too! (FINALLY)

    Orvan- Wow!

    Robert- Good point!

    PH- Snerk…yeah, right. Didn’t even bother to call for SIX days.

    • ONFO: You’re too kind, sir. And tequila is the reason it’s merely February here vs. snowpocalypse.

  4. It will get warmer. Then colder. Then warmer. Then colder. Sometimes warmer. Sometimes colder.

    Climate is cyclical. Not linear. Humans have the attention span of a gnat. Unable to comprehend anything happening beyond a five to ten year window.

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