THIS is just…chilling…

SECDEF down, view it as leadership but this isn’t.. It is intimidation. 

There is no  widespread systemic racism in this country, just as there is no systemic extremism in the military. IMHO, this is just an action taken to stifle the 75 million and “modify behavior”.

 An over-reach. A Witch Hunt. Beyond cultural PC:

 R 192207Z FEB 21 MID600050295537U










MSGID/GENADMIN/CNO WASHINGTON DC/N1/FEB// SUBJ/STAND-DOWN TO ADDRESS EXTREMISM IN THE RANKS// REF/A/DOC/SECDEF/MEMO/05FEB21/ REF/B/MSG/SECNAV/121644ZFEB21/ REF/C/DOC/DODI 1325.06/27NOV09/ REF/D/DOC/NAVY REGULATIONS ART 1167/03SEP97/ REF/E/DOC/OPNAVINST 5354.1G/24JUL17/ REF/F/MSG/COMUSFLTFORCOM NORFOLK VA/131415ZFEB20/ REF/G/DOC/OPNAV N1/23OCT20/ REF/H/MSG/OPNAV/092219ZFEB21// NARR/REF A IS SECDEF MEMORANDUM DIRECTING DOD-WIDE STAND-DOWN ON EXTREMISM IN THE RANKS.  REF B IS ALNAV 010/21 ON STAND- DOWN TO ADDRESS EXTREMISM IN THE RANKS.  REF C IS DODI ON HANDLING DISSIDENT AND PROTEST ACTIVITIES AMONG MEMBERS OF THE ARMED FORCES.  REF D IS ALNAV 053/97 INCORPORATED AS NAVY REGULATIONS ARTICLE 1167 ON SUPREMACIST ACTIVITIES.  REF E IS OPNAVINST ON NAVY EQUAL OPPORTUNITY PROGRAM MANUAL.  REF F IS 12-STAR MESSAGE PROMULGATION OF SIGNATURE BEHAVIORS OF THE 21ST CENTURY SAILOR, VERSION 2.0.  REF G IS NECESSARY CONVERSATIONS GUIDE 2.1. REF H IS NAVADMIN 032/21, CNO MESSAGE TO THE FLEET ON EXTREMIST BEHAVIOR.// RMKS/1.  Sailors live our Core Values every day.  However, recent events highlight that the U.S. Armed Forces, including our Navy (service members, civilian personnel and all those who support our mission), are not immune from the corrosive effects of extremist ideology and conduct.  Extremist behaviors and conduct, even if from only a small percentage of our force, violate our Core Values, are detrimental to good order and discipline, reduce warfighting readiness and degrade the toughness, trust and connectedness we are building in our Sailors and teams through our Culture of Excellence campaign.

As an initial step in what will be a continuing and focused effort to address this problem, Commanders and Commanding Officers will conduct a stand-down prior to 2 April 2021 for all military personnel and Department of the Navy (DON) civilians to address extremism in the ranks in accordance with guidance contained in references (a) and (b).

2.  The intent of this stand-down (which may be conducted virtually or in-person with the appropriate COVID-19

mitigations) is to ensure service members and civilian personnel clearly understand the damaging effects of extremism and begin developing more effective, sustainable ways to eliminate the corrosive impacts extremist activity can have on our Force.  As public servants, we took an oath to the Constitution and we will not tolerate those who participate in actions that go against the fundamental principles of the oath we share, particularly actions associated with extremist or dissident ideologies.  Service members, Department of Defense civilians and all those who support our mission, are entitled to an environment free of discrimination, hate and harassment.

3.  A discussion guide, supplementary slides, and additional resources to assist Commanders and Commanding Officers with the conduct of this stand-down are posted at

Department-Exclusives/ .  Commanders have the discretion to tailor discussions with their personnel as appropriate, but at a minimum the stand-down will include:

    3.A. A group re-administration and reaffirmation of the oath of office/oath of enlistment;

    3.B. Remarks from the Commander/Commanding Officer;

    3.C. Division/Work Center training/facilitated discussion


        3.C.1. The meaning of the oath of office/enlistment including what we protect (Freedom of Speech/Assembly) and the limits on these rights for service members (what we sacrifice in order to protect and build public trust);

        3.C.2. Actions that betray the oath per references (c) through (e) (prohibited activities, UCMJ direction on extremist activities, review of political activity and social media dos and donts);

        3.C.3. The responsibility of leaders at every level (obligation to report, obligation to investigate, remaining alert for signs of extremism and then intervening);

        3.C.4. Listening sessions focused on our Core Values, our Culture of Excellence and the Task Force One Navy report.

4.  We have been emphasizing the importance of listening sessions since the establishment of Task Force One Navy last summer.  Some commands have leaned into this while others have not.  CNOs direction is that every Commander or Commanding Officer will continue to conduct listening sessions and get it into their battle rhythm.  This is where the hard work of establishing trust and connectedness starts.  Reference (g), the Necessary Conversations Guide 2.1, is a great tool to use to conduct listening sessions.

5.  Echelon 2 Commanders shall track subordinate command completion of the stand-down using Fleet Training Management and Planning System (FLTMPS), Course Identification Number SDTAE-1.0, STANDDOWN TO ADDRESS EXTREMISM IN THE RANKS.  The Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (Manpower, Personnel, Training, and Education) (OPNAV N1) will promulgate procedures for Echelon 2 Commanders to submit stand-down completion reports (including lessons learned and recommendations) via a Department of the Navy Tasking, Records and Consolidated Knowledge Repository (DONTRACKER) tasker.  In order to support the requirement for the Chief of Naval Operations to report completion to the Secretary of the Navy by 6 April 2021, the suspense for all Echelon 2 Commanders to report stand-down completion is no later than 2 April 2021.  In the event operational requirements prohibit the conduct of the stand- down by this date, extension requests must be submitted through the first Flag Officer in the chain of command, via the Chief of Naval Personnel, and ultimately to the Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Manpower and Reserve Affairs) for adjudication per reference (b).

6.  As Sailors, we must strive to be inclusive, creating an environment where every individual understands that they are a valued member of the Navy team.  This is an All Hands effort.

As we begin to implement the work of Task Force One Navy, I remind you of the Signature Behaviors promulgated in reference (f).  These behaviors include:

    6.A. Treat every person with respect.

    6.B. Take responsibility for my actions.

    6.C. Hold others accountable for their actions.

    6.D. Intervene when necessary.

    6.E. Be a leader and encourage leadership in others.

    6.F. Grow personally and professionally every day.

    6.G. Embrace the diversity of ideas, experiences and backgrounds of individuals.

    6.H. Uphold the highest degree of integrity in professional and personal life.

    6.I. Exercise discipline in conduct and performance.

    6.J. Contribute to team success through actions and attitude.

7.  As CNO stated in reference (h), today, and every day, our Navy must be a shining example of an organization centered on respect, inclusive of all.  Simply put, we must demand of each other that we treat everyone with dignity and respect.  That is how we will become a stronger Navy.

8.  Released by Vice Admiral John B. Nowell, Jr, N1.// BT


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  1. During Obama’s infestation of the White House, he….at the direction of his handlers…..conducted a purge of the command staff that would have made Stalin blush. Now that the commies have restolen the White House they are going to extend that purge to ALL the ranks as part of their plan to insure they will NEVER EVER be removed from power again.

    • Correct on all counts. I’m retired but have friends and relatives still in. The guidance given is basically that you can be chaptered out for “extremism”. No clear definition on what that is. They are going to make it up as they go along and remove anybody insufficiently leftist.

      This is a purge, pure and simple.

      • Purge of the military. Enhancement of the ranks of the civilian reserve corps. All depends on how you look at things.

  2. I am at a loss for words. It is a difficult thing watching my Navy and my country die a slow death.

  3. Watch yourself….they might just come for retirees that don’t toe the line also.
    Witch hunts are often wildly unaimed.

    • Note that as a retiree (not just Fleet Reserve) you /are/ subject to the constraints of these instructions.

      • No, because we are subject to UCMJ (though tbh its rarely enforced except in the most extreme cases), does not mean we are subject to the orders of active duty superior officers.

        • they are NOT “superior” officers; they are “POLITICIANS!” It has been a requirement for promotion to flag rank for years.

  4. Digging a little into the CNO’s site I was unable to find the presentation but I did discover that Kendi’s book “How to be an Anti-racist” is on the recommended reading list. Along with “The New Jim Crow” and something about how people with disabilities are engaged in a new civil rights movement or something.

    • Note that they are lying sacks of shit when they claim to speak for ‘the disabled’.

      In particular, they’ve wrapped up mental illnesses like autism in with LGBT and are trying to push a) all sorts of maladaptive crap on the mentally ill b) all sorts of nonsense of the mentally healthy people who are currently willing to tolerate and accommodate the mentally ill c) all the political crap that they’ve succeeded in attaching to LGBT.

      This is sure to end well.

      To the extent that ruining the reputations of the disabled splashes back on me, it is my own fault for not running away screaming far and fast enough when my organization started making accommodations for disabilities. I might not have been able to manage things without the accommodations, but maybe I should have just accepted lower ambitions. And left and dropped contact with the current organization.

      (I’m not in a leadership position. I do not want a leadership position.)

  5. First move in conditioning the military to move against “domestic terrorists”. That would be us.

  6. Chilling, indeed, all the way up the spine and raising the hairs on one’s neck.
    The eventuality is flat-out scary..and resolve-hardening at the same time.
    The tree of modern liberty may yet be refreshed…may God keep it from us but give us courage to do the necessary.

  7. I was around for the start of this bullshit back in the early seventies when “facilitators” were chosen from within the squadron to lead discussions on race and female integration in the ranks. IIRC those “facilitators” were some of the most useless senior PO’s in the squadron who knew a “good deal” when they saw it. This has been going on for a long time.

    • Wow, joebama is a full blown idiot. But we, Patriots know it’s all part of their plan. Will keep all military in my prayers. GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  8. JLM- Point.

    Fluge- Same here…. sigh Remember Upwards?

    RHT- Not for the first time, dammit!

  9. The only good thing is that it will simply drive out the best and brightest in the ranks, which means any application of the military against the populace will be handicapped by their ‘diversity’ while we are left free to pick up those ‘deplorable’ types.

    The bad news is that any foreign country looking to make a move will most certainly do so. If I lived in Taiwan I’d be looking to move, pronto.

  10. I’ve been watching the ranks decline for some time. I went DEP in 84, the USAF had started handing out “stress cards” to trainees in boot (’85) — I handed mine back to the Sergeant. These Stress Cards were to be handed to the nearest Training Instructor by the boot when the boot was feeling “too stressed out” to continue training. Saw a card used twice. Both ladies ended up 39-10’s {discharged for inability to adapt}.

    My husband, a ’79 PI Marine, has been bitching about the decline of “his Corps” for quite some time — especially vicious after hearing that some male USMC clerk got a purple heart for a back injury while in the Green Zone due to poor lift mechanics in picking up a box of copier paper. (I kid you not, I saw the commendation paperwork, it’s true.)

    The fact that only recently has the Army realized that writing their Student Study Guides at a 7th-grade reading level was a “mistake” and now require all recruits to have — at a minimum — their HSD or GED PRIOR to joining instead of earning it while on duty.

    Yes, the US Military — across the board — has been in decline since the mid-80’s when TPTB decided that Military units were The Place to try out “social reforms” like kinder, gentler Drill Instructors, Mixed Classroom Environs and now? Throwing DADT under the busses and letting Trans serve openly… Question? Does a biological male who IDs as female train in a male boot unit or a female or will they have to have their own, separate, Trans Unit?

    Sheessh… forget I asked.

    I need a vodka. Now.

  11. Twenty years ago, I believed the standard conservative American line: the US military is a force for good and all current and former serving members are good people. Then, I spent some time in countries other than the US and had some good friends from areas east of Eastern Europe. And then came the Patriot Act, and DHS, and then came Obama, and nothing really changed course under Trump, and now…well…now. It is possible that the US military of the 1980’s might have been so high minded as to not act against its own citizens and the Constitution. However, that was an historical aberration (untested). Today’s US military will obey its leaders and its interests. It will not act in the interests of the populace. This has always been the case with a standing military, since the time of chariots and spears. The sooner we remember that, the better.
    If I have friends, it is because they are proven to be my friends. Not because they have a ‘Veteran’ license plate.

  12. Never forget that a lot of this ‘stuff’ started with slick willy. He ‘encouraged’ senior personnel to ‘voluntarily’ resign/retire early. Many did, but enough maintained a low profile and tried to mitigate the damage he caused.

  13. The military should have stood with Trump. The Supreme Court should have stood with Trump. The Attorney General should have stood with Trump. But now they all get “the treatment.”

  14. They aren’t defining, “extremism” so it’s up to the interviewer to determine if you’re “extreme”. Personally, I want my warfighters to be extremists. The tip of the spear needs to be razor sharp. Come to think of it don’t the United States Marines make a career out of being extreme?
    This puddin’ head that the democrats installed in the White House is gonna get us into a shooting war with no end.

    • Oh boy howdy do the Marines make a career out of being “extreme” … and now those who want to make a career will be “extreme” in hunting down “Domestic Terrorists”.
      USMC purged nearly all of the ideologically impure long ago.

  15. Followed a link from instapundit to this site. Was absolutely delighted to see a P3 Orion, because my dad was a flight engineer on the P3 for years. Spent 33 years in, the last several as an instructor. It nearly makes me cry to see what has become of the Navy. My dad’s brother was also Navy, as was both of my mom’s brothers. When my son was tossing around whether to join the Navy or the Coast Guard I encouraged him to join the Coast Guard, I am sad to say the virus of all this has infected all branches. He will be getting out to the reserves and it is directly related to poor command, particularly the way communication takes place. So very sad to see it all.

  16. I notice they say “ we took an oath to the Constitution and we will not tolerate those who participate in actions that go against the fundamental principles of the oath we share, particularly actions associated with extremist or dissident ideologies. “. IMO, they’re the ones with the extremist/dissident ideologies and actions.

  17. Moderation in the pursuit of Justice is no virtue, and extremism in defense of liberty is no vice.

  18. So, will they include Leftism and Islam among these “extremist” attitudes that must be extinguished?

    I thought not.

  19. I was XO of a Navy squadron under him. What a wreck he was to morale. I resigned also at that time, just a few years short of retirement; it got so bad I had to or I would have fried my conscience. But to be fair it wasn’t just him, it was the undercurrent of any filthy thing goes; it was widespread and deep, mostly in the officers but also enlisted. Stopping that was like trying to stop the mighty Mississippi. Now I farm; the dirt washes off at the end of the day.

  20. In the summer of 1982 I was aboard the aircraft carrier USS Midway (CV-41) when our battle group ran across a thousand boat people in the South China Sea. We pulled them out of the water and burned their boats, set up a tent city for them in the hangar bay and dropped them off with the UNHCR in Singapore.

    Many of those Vietnamese were fleeing Communist re-education camps, which sadly seem to be popping up all over America now. It’s the same poisonous Marxist ideology, which leaves me with two questions. First, exactly how is the term “extremist” defined by SECDEF and SECNAV? Does it include violent leftwing extremists like Antifa? Or only those to the right of Mao?

    Second, with all that is happening in America right now with these left-wing lunatics running the government asylums, why exactly did we fight the Cold War again? I don’t have to ask who’s going to pick us up out of the water someday. True Americans do not flee America under duress. They fight for it. Enough said.

  21. It would be fun to watch this Navy re-fight the Battle of Samar, so we could all have our hearts moved at the bravery of the Johnston heroically signalling “We respect your right to disagree with us!” at Center Force, while the Roberts opens up on the rest of Taffy 3 to “fight white supremacists”.

    On second thought, that might not be quite as stirring a tale.

  22. Stalin purged the Red Army and the Wehrmacht made it to within optics distance of Moscow before generals mud and winter intervened.
    Are they going on a devestating world conquering tour to install central banks after the Big Purge?
    The 69th fighting rump rangers are fierce and our external enemies tremble in fear.
    These enlightened beings are the ones that we have been waiting for to build the utopia.

  23. “6.C. Hold others accountable for their actions.”

    this is key, however they are not held accountable if they are “of color” or “queer” or “liars” etc, etc, etc.
    higher ranking are on the top of the list

  24. Seminar slide pack slide number 45:

    Q: My boss is always talking about Black Lives Matter. Isn’t that
    political stuff that they’re not supposed to be talking about at work?
    A: Advocating for or against a public policy issue (as here) is authorized as long as the behavior is otherwise lawful and the advocacy is not politically partisan in nature (e.g. it doesn’t specifically address a political party). If the discussions make you uncomfortable, discuss the matter with your boss or another supervisor.

    Obviously the Navy/DoD didn’t read the Marxist aims statement on the BLM web site early-on. Ignorance leading the way.

  25. I served a Kiddie Cruise right out of high school, 1961-’64. For the life of me I can’t recall even being aware of the political leanings of my officers or petty officers, and was aware of the views of only a few of my outspoken shipmates. JFK was the new guy then, and the change from Ike wasn’t really apparent to an 18 year old deck ape.

  26. I was in the AF from ’67-’87. I sure am glad I’m not now.

  27. All- Thank you for the comments, I do appreciate them. And I am as disgusted as everyone else…

  28. Semper Fi from an old salt. Glad I’m old…hate watching us go down.

  29. I feel so sorry form our MILITARY today !!! -I retired in 1979 after 28 & 1/2 years in “Sea-going-USN” I do not believe I could do that in today’s NAVY !!!

  30. Our forefathers would be shooting by now. Hell, our forefathers would be DONE by now! time to cross the Rubicon, fellas.

  31. What do they define as extremism? The listening part is very strange. Are they referring to listening to everything that is said? In other words are the troops to act like snitches on what someone says and does? This is such a dangerous road the top brass are going down that only a mind with evil intent could have dreamed it up.

  32. Last night a bizarre, delusional, masked, walking Zombie stubbled into a long, empty hall to a podium. He then gave the most bizarre presidential address in American history. After a grim recital of “facts” about the last year, Biden emphasized multiple times that Americans had better take the vaccine — and be grateful to “him” ( when he should have said President Trump) for his amazing ability to get the vaccine to Americans. He also insisted that, vaccines or not, the government’s in control and can lock all of us up all over again. And them he invited himself to our Bar-B-Q! Who invited HIM to my Bar-B-Que? Surely NOT me.

    I guess you haven’t figured out that when the president signs Executive Orders that allow COVID positive illegals to take a bus anywhere in the country, and spread their FILTH all over the country, but you can’t do the same! As you and I are shut in our homes, and can’t get out without the permission from one of these Dictators. …….and tells you that you have to let them inject poison into your body before you can go back to a normal life…..this is against the Bill of Rights.
    Learn to question your leaders even though they don’t make ANY sense….as thay have shitforbrains.

  33. I agree with your assessment of Commie Joe’s speech and especially your closing comment. The only thing I would add is those that voted for this brainless idiot are even worse than he is. How stupid do you have to be to think this Commie puppet was going to make America better?