Some good points here…

1 – Eleven teens die each day because of texting while driving. Maybe it’s time to raise the age of Smart Phone ownership to 21.

2 – If gun control actually worked, Chicago would be Mayberry, USA.

3 – The Second Amendment makes more women equal than the entire feminist movement.

4 – Legal gun owners have 300 million guns and probably a trillion rounds of ammo. Seriously, folks, if we gun owners were the problem, you’d know it.

5 – When JFK was killed, nobody blamed the rifle. Not once!

6 – The NRA (National Rifle Association) murders 0 people and receives ($$$$ 0) nothing in government funds. Planned Parenthood kills 350,000 babies every year and receives $500,000,000 in tax dollars annually.

7 – I have no problem with vigorous background checks when it comes to firearms. While we’re at it, let’s do the same when it comes to immigration, Voter ID., and candidates running for office.

8 – Folks keep talking about another Civil War. One side knows how to shoot and probably has a trillion rounds. The other side has crying closets and is confused about which bathroom to use. Now tell me, how do you think that would end?


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  1. regarding point 5, it was the murders of JFK and RFK that were used to help justify the push that ended up with the 1968 federal gun control act. So plenty of people used the JFK shooting to blame the gun, just not immediately.

    • Had there been a 24 hour news cycle and if the industrial liberal media complex had been full in for the Democrats like today, undoubtedly the rifle would have been blamed the same day.

    • Yep, the infamous mail order rifle was blamed. GCA of 1968 was the result. The propaganda mill went full tilt. “Mail order rifles shoot the muscle, bang, bang.” From “Hair”.

  2. #1 was a pet peeve of a friend of mine, a now retired highway patrolman. And how many have you seen walk into objects because they had their attention on the phone rather than where they were going?

    • There are many YouTube videos of that… walking into doors, poles, fountains, open manholes, out into traffic…

      I fail to find any sympathy for the cellphone zombies.

  3. Hey Old NFO;

    There you go using Logic in a world run by people that run on emotions….Off to the gulag with you for reeducation for wrong grouphivethink.

  4. 5. They pinned it on ‘racism’ immediately, when it was apparently a fuckin’ communist, with suspicious ties to Soviet direct action.

    7. It is ‘security restrictions’ that hit us, and not them.

    8. Gun Control has long only been a plan to use criminals and organs of state power to to defeat the mostly lawful, mostly peaceable portions of the American population.

  5. All- Good points, and yes, walking into things/traffic while looking at the cell phones… sigh

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  6. Yes, awareness of one’s surroundings is a pretty good way of staying out of Danger (Will Robinson!!).

  7. As to the number of functional guns out there, um… 300mil is lowball, seriously lowball. I know one guy who’s only functioning guns are an 1861 Springfield, a Colt cap and ball, and a Spenser carbine. All original. All still work (some newer parts like springs and such, but…) And he’s not the only one I know with still working actual models, along with a few Charlesvilles and Brown Besses from previous spicy times.

    Same with the remake of the Springfield, the Trapdoor. Krag-Jorgensens are still out there, don’t know about too many Lee Navys, though Martini-Henrys are a known thing. Lots of ‘Cowboy’ guns, too. Heck, I know one guy who has a .22 from the mid 1880s that still works,

    My feeling? More like 450mil minimum, maybe as high as 500mil?

    As to the last, yes, it’s nice that one side has most of the guns and ammo, but… the other side seems to have all the tanks, planes and really fun stuff. Sure, the actual military is a small percentage of the population, but add in all the armed federal and state agencies and all the state and local agencies that will side with whatever the current abomination of an administration says, and, yeah, it’s not going to be an easy and quick thing, and there’s no such thing as a Short Victorious War.

    We’re not looking at American Civil War or American Revolutionary War, no. We’re looking at Spanish Civil War or Bosnia. Going to be one giant free-for-all as everyone shoots everybody. Why? Because that’s how well the Commies and their Handlers have divides us all.

    Not joking. Just look at what happened in Lone Star Parson’s, well, parsonage. The Woke Commie Bastiges have divided his particular branch of Christianity up so bad that his parrish/church/parsonage has voted to break away from their mother church and go back to traditional whatever they are.

    That’s how bad it is. It’s city folk against country folk, it’s one church of the same denomination against another church of the same denom. Families tearing themselves apart (how many of us don’t or can’t talk to other family members out of fear of being denounced or just total incapatibility? (Haven’t talked to my mom in months…)) Yeah, old against young, unwoke vs woke, conservatives vs moderates vs commies. And national socialists vs international socialists (that whole Spanish Civil War thingy) and anarchists just stirring up everyone.


  8. The glowie ‘optimist’ school of thought is definitely wrong, but I think your warranted caution may go slightly too far.

    tanks, planes and really fun stuff Two quibbles with this paragraph. One, the utility of some of the hardware in a civil war has adherents that drastically over rate it. Second, rebellion may start within the bureaucracy, or within the political faction, first. Everyone else is losing their illusions first, and starting to play a cautious waiting game. The tyranny is profoundly weak, and shows patterns indicating confused thinking. It may well try to implement a policy that gets the shooting at them starting from within the FBI, the secret service, or the national guard. This isn’t a design made from clear assessment of reality, and they don’t know what they don’t know.

    Second set of quibbles, your description of the division describes their goals, but may not describe the reality of their results. Securitate thought they had the Romanians pretty reliably locked down, and it fell apart in nine days. Key point of the theory of preference cascade is that forcing speech causes a huge amount of hidden/falsified information.

    All not doing anything obvious yet shows is that a person isn’t pro regime enough to go to jail for committing an atrocity, and isn’t anti-regime enough to go to prison or die, yet, for doing anything direct. Actual factions, which way someone would jump, that is stuff inside the heart which many of the people in question do not really know. We definitely have very little information about the inner hearts of large chunks of the population.

    If you were looking at my publicly known profile, there are features that would make you tend to say ‘everyone there is hard left’. Even my voting registration does not provide the critical detail of whether I am establishment, still conned by the establishment, or opposed to the establishment.

    When the balloon goes up, things may simplify dramatically, and it may become clear that the division wasn’t all that real.

  9. As far as point 8. They figure they can call up the National Guard, or the army. Then they treat the guard in DC like a bunch of Medieval serfs called up by the local warlord.

    • It is hard to overstate how much these people look like complete morons.

      And sure, with some of them, we can point to crippling congenital mental problems.

      But most of them, it looks like learned idiocy, like at some point in their lives they might have had the possibility of engaging with real world complexities more productively than someone sitting in a corner, tracing the grain of the wood flooring.

      They’ve trained most of their perception to focus on imaginary things, and either ignore the real world, or treat it as purely static. Because they cannot handle any dynamism in the things that they have learned are ‘just so’.

      Then they sit in an echo chambers, discussing the weighty matters of castles in the clouds, while ignoring everything on earth, except for a quiet consensus that of course the emperor wears clothes, can’t you see how fine they are?

      So, we have the specific insanity of treating security forces as golem, who will act or not act purely by what is written on their forehead. Because of course other people are not really real, and will mindlessly obey instructions given by the person with the most prestigious position.

      One of the most productive forms of intellectual improvement is deciding that you wish to appear stupid and uneducated to these people.

    • And 46 states and 4 territories are fine with that. And went along with the loyalty checks. Embarrassingly, mine is one of them.

      I think there are going to be a lot of NG who decide not to re-up when their enlsitment ends.

  10. All- Good points. Re old stuff, I have 1892, 1906 Colt SAAs that are functional (with ammo), 73 Winchester (1876), and 1886 Winchester (1892), both with ammo.

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  11. Crazy idea here…

    “Permit to Purchase” is a *VALID* Voter ID.

    • My state requires state-issued photo ID or a US passport to vote.

      Every time I go to the polls I show my concealed carry license, which has my photo. (and it’s more expensive and harder to get than a US passport)

      The poll workers always get a kick out of it, and usually ask how to go about getting one of their own. I tell them, but I no longer tell them they don’t need one since we’re a Constitutional Carry state now. For some reason that upsets some people. I got it before CC went through, and I keep it for when I travel out of state.

  12. The federal government immediately pulled all the gun club’s DCM rifles stored at the Sheriff’s Department. They later allowed them back. But the Feds (and media, of course) blamed the citizenry in Texas first.

  13. > let’s do the same when it comes to immigration, Voter ID., and candidates running for office.

    Note Congress voted themselves the right to bear arms *everywhere*, not just in the Capitol Building or DC, *and* they can carry a gun even if they’re convicted felons (some are) or otherwise on the list of prohibited persons they themselves passed in GCA ’68.

    “It’s different for us! Schmucks!”