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First up is Cedar Sanderson with a new novel- The East Witch

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The blurb-

Anna’s rescue training kicked in when she tripped over the injured elf. Getting him home? No problem. Getting herself home again? That’s going to be a little more complicated.

Trapped Underhill, in the land of the fae, Anna has to remember everything she knows about fairy tales. Not the sweet happy ones: the stories where Baba Yaga boils you alive and giants grind your bones for bread. Her skills as a hunter and her good manners might be all that keep her alive. At least, if she can keep the Wild Hunt at bay!

Next up is Alma TC Boykin with another in the Familiar’s series- Malevolently Familiar

The blurb-

Caught between the Old Lands and the New . . .

Less than a month after confronting an ancient evil, Lelia Chan, her Familiar Tay, and their allies meet an unmovable object. Meister Gruenewald needs their help. A new danger rises across the Great Sea, one that requires more than just his knowledge and power.

What Lelia and Master Saldovado find in the Old Land triggers a race. Can the shadow mages and their Hunter allies bring a power-obsessed sorcerer to justice? Or will his twisted idea of paradise destroy all they have fought to protect? Light-side magic workers have tried to stop the sorcerer, and paid with their lives, struck down by a creature from Elsewhere. One with a grudge.

Worse than death awaits Lelia and her chosen family if they fail.

Next up, David Tatum with his third book in the Law of Swords series- In Division Imperiled 

The blurb-

THE LAW OF SWORDS: A set of laws written to prevent infighting among Svieda’s Royal Heirs in the event the King dies unexpectedly. One of these laws has never been needed… until now.

Divided by a war on two fronts, Svieda hopes to benefit from an expected reduction in hostilities that the upcoming winter snows will bring. With armies of hostile Porosian Elves in training, however, it cannot afford to pause its own operations, whatever the weather.

Euleilla soon finds herself defending the new military capital of Rocky Run from Poros’ Human armies while the bulk of her own forces are at large, scrambling for any advantage they can find against both of their enemies.

Meanwhile, Maelgyn has been called away on a secret mission by Wangdu and Phalra: Finding their uncle, who happens to have been one of Lord Ajiro’s greatest allies in the Ancient era. Is he going to be able and willing to help? And just where are all the Elves in this Elven sanctuary, after all?

Last but not least, John Van Stry with a nice little three book series- Days of Future Past: Part 1 Past Tense

The blurb-

Paul’s been having a bad day, perhaps one of the worst days he’s ever had. And now into the middle of all this, his instructor just got drafted by some mystical goddess to help save a world.

As for Paul? Well, he’s really not supposed to be there, and if he thought he was having a bad day before all of this, it just got worse, a lot worse. He’s now on a one way trip, forced to help a man who despises him while at the mercy of the world’s biggest trickster.


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  1. Get Cedar’s book and read it. Don’t even think about slowing down to savor it, you absolutely will get caught up in the actions and start reading faster and faster.
    Yes I recommend reading it! And rereading it.

    I’ve added the others to my wishlist.

    I think the MANPAD missile would home in on the dragon flame, but that’s just ’cause I overthink this stuff.
    Now my mind will dwell on the question, “What caliber for flame spewing flying dragons?”

  2. “Anna’s rescue training kicked in when she tripped over the injured elf. Getting him home? No problem.” WTH? Kill it and dress it out and oh, wait, “elf”, not “elk”. Nevermind. Getting new glasses in a couple of weeks…

    • The elk is a different story.
      Hey… did you hear that we’ve been trying to persuade the Old NFO to pull together a hunting story anthology, ala McManus? (runs for cover before he sees this…)