USAF pilot’s gloves…

And speaking of ‘aviation’… Houston, we have a problem…



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  1. I remember hearing a story about a ship’s Captain who would every day spin the combination of a small safe on the bridge, open the safe’s door, remove a small piece of paper, study it intently, nod gravely, and then stow the paper and lock the safe.
    When asked what was written on the paper, the Captain would only reply, “I wrote down the wisdom of sea.”
    Sometime later the XO noticed the safe door hadn’t quite closed, and the XO looked around then quietly removed the paper and unfolded it.
    It read, “Port left, starboard right.”
    Rumors that every CHENG has a piece of paper in their stateroom safe that says, “Lefty loosy, righty tighty.” are yet to be confirmed.

  2. When I saw the first picture of the Air Force gloves, I laughed out loud and immediately thought about that old “port and starboard” joke. The I saw the second picture and that was it – new keyboard time.

  3. Well, as to the first I can’t attest.

    But to the second? I think the way the Navy acted over the last 4 years or so that every officer on board needs to read that every day. Sadly.

    But that’s what makes a joke funny, the essence of truth…

    • The more I read about the 7th Fleet, the angrier I get. There is NO excuse for the Sailor’s deaths.

      Every member of the Chain of Command up to and including 7th Fleet should have been cashiered as well as the command of every training and inspection command responsible for the Sailors and Officers involved.

      • That’s a good example of when so many people screw up, the organization decides not to go through the hassle of doing anything about it.

        Eventually they’ll run some people through another of those useless “management and leadership” courses, and then they’ll ignore the rotting albatross in the room until most people forget about it.

        A handful of sailors will become judas goats taking the blame for all the other incompetents, and those incompetents will skate off with no damage to their careers, because that would require acknowledging that the goats weren’t the only problem.

  4. ONFO, dammit, don’t let me see stuff like this immediately after a too-large swig of my gin-and-tonic! Too funny!

    I was asked by a landlubber friend how to tell port from starboard. I said “Port and left both have four letters; port wine and the port light are both red. The starboard light is green and it ain’t the left side. What’s that make it?” Got a blank look. Sigh. And here I was so proud of myself for thinking it up.

    Anybody got a better (for me) mnemonic for “red, right, returning”?

  5. There are times I am SO GLAD that I did NOT take up one of the USN’s offers (to be guaranteed *some* spot on one of the Iowa class battleships named for the state I was in just then…) This is at LEAST *two* of them!

  6. DANG!!!!! My7 USAF fly7ing gloves don’t have that!

    ALSO, that “7” in “My7” comes from my7 BRAND NEW LOGITECH key7board, not me. Also, “7y”. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhh!

  7. False.
    Those are Army aviator’s gloves, probably from a Mohawk pilot.
    The helicopter pilot’s gloves are similar, but the throttle directions go side to side, and add pitch cheats for the collective. (Gloves for the peter pilot say “Don’t touch anything important.”)

    The Air Farce pilot’s model is actually stamped “L” and “R”.
    (The “Up” and “Down” cues are printed on the flightsuit pantlegs.)
    Along the right index finger is the cue word “Saluting hand”.
    Near the cuffs, they also say “Remove Hands From Pockets Before Flight”.

    And just to be fair, the Marine aviator’s gloves have no words.
    The left one is red, the right one is green.
    Colorblind guys who somehow make it past medical get purple gloves, as fair warning to the flight deck crew.
    All the thumbs are crayon-flavored. And the middle finger connections to the palm and back are reinforced with extra leather, due to frequency of use.

    You should know this stuff cold, NFO.

    (BTW: Why is the Blue Angels Marine representative always the #2 position?

    Because when they made one anything higher than 5, it took too long for them to count it out on their fingers, and they kept missing the cues.)

    Semper Fi.

  8. In my experience, Air Force gloves are sown into the side seams of their pants.

    (I reserve the term “trousers” for men.)


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