Sigh… I REALLY miss my 66 Goat…

Back in the day, you could get ‘good’ ads from the magazines and actually get posters from the auto manufacturers themselves…

Ironically, this is the car I had (color, top, etc.)

And the text underneath the ad… Note the ‘cost’ to get a poster…

Why this for a throwback, you ask…

Because I saw one yesterday going the opposite direction on the highway. I ‘almost’ turned around and chased it down, except for the ‘safety cables’ they have in the medians now… sigh

Here’s an actual picture of mine, obviously just after I washed it.

And no, I can’t afford one today… a ‘nice’ one is $60K… sigh…

Oh, and Happy April Fools Day!


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  1. Very nice ride sir. At least you have some fond memories of it. Count yourself lucky to have them.

    Mom had a Pontiac Tempest, very similar in appearance to the GTO. ’66 or ’67, I don’t remember. 326 engine, Mom loved how smoothly it drove, you pointed it rather than drove it. Her favorite car – RIP Mom.

    • My folks also had a ’66 Tempest with a 326 and three-on-the-tree (Dad was a bit weird on cars). I Learned to drive a stick in that car, I always liked the looks of that ’66 body style. P.S. while no GoAT, that 326 with the stick shift embarrassed a few fellow high school kids who thought they had a “Hot” car in stoplight to stoplight challenges. Ah youth.

  2. That is what a real car looks like. The late 60’s produced the best autos this planet will ever know. Thanks for sharing. What a beauty.

  3. There was a pretty red GTO at the car show I was judging on Saturday.
    It had the same Hurst shifter my friend had in his.

    Good memories!


  4. When I was in college, a girlfriend drove one (her father’s). Sigh, I really miss that car….

  5. All- Thanks for the comments. Yeah, they didn’t stop worth a damn, were lousy on curvy roads, but you had to DRIVE them… LOL

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  6. Included in the .25 price was an employee who helpfully folded them in half to put them in the envelope.

    I had a 71 Challenger for years. Bought it used in 1983, ran the crap out of it. Swapped out the stock 2-barrel for a Thermoquad cause I didn’t know any better. Installed Glasspack mufflers because reasons. Blew the 383 and dropped a 440 into it. Wore out the 440 and didn’t have the money to rebuild the motor (or the transmission which was starting to slip) and then the body started to rust out from sitting in my back yard. Away it went. Most fun car I’ve ever owned even though I did spend much of my free time and money working on it to keep it running (mostly because I was a kid and didn’t keep up on the maintenance).

  7. Sam- Throw Back Thursday

    WSF- Sigh…

    Hereso- Thermoquad? Ouch… They had GOOD Holleys back then! 🙂 Yep, we drove the wheels off of them… sigh

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