So far, so good…

Got my second Wuflu shot yesterday (Moderna), and the ‘symptoms’ are much milder than the first go around…

Got the stiff arm from the shot, and a headache, but not much else.

We got in a rather interesting discussion in the VA Clinic while we were sitting around waiting to see if anybody was going to fall over. It was a mixed bag of folks, every service except the Coasties again, and all ethnicities represented.

The discussion centered around ‘fairness and racism’ reporting in the media. The consensus was that just about everything now has some kind of ‘racism’ attached to it, either as part of the story itself, or insinuated by the talking heads. And that led to a discussion about how ‘fair’ the reporting was. A couple of Vietnam Vets kinda went off on that, going back to the reporting about baby killers, etc. when they came back from Nam, and most of us could point to similar stories during our times. There was a digression into the counter reporting of police actions vs. Pantifa, and how they are not reporting looting, and when it gets mentioned, they immediately decry the assertion, saying that, guess what, that’s ‘racist’. There was also sad laughter about the whole defund the police movements and what is happening in those cities (which is not being reported). But the real invective was saved for the Capitol and NG troops STILL sitting there. As I was leaving the below got brought up as an example of the bias/leanings/actions of the talking heads…

“I think it’s become clear that fairness is overrated … the idea that we should always give two sides equal weight and merit does not reflect the world we find ourselves in,” he said, asking viewers to let him explain further before “tweeting that headline.”

Full article, HERE.

Go read the folks on the sidebar, I’m going to kick back and not do much today…


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  1. Congratulations – it sounds like you won’t receive the 2nd day after effects. Wife’s 2nd shot hit her hard the 2nd day, but she went to bed early and next day was right as rain.

    Good day to kick back – a lot of places are closed for Good Friday any way.

  2. The arrogant incompetence of this administration is so cringeworthy, almost as bad as the MSM’s arrogant partisanship.
    Since the previous presidential press secretary now works for Fox, it would be very entertaining to have her cover the White House press conferences!

  3. Apart from feeling a bit queasy for about an hour after shot #2, it left me alone. I could feel the lump in my shoulder for about 3 days, but it didn’t hurt.

  4. It’s bad when the journos feel they can openly express their contempt for fair and impartial coverage, rather than just give us slanted coverage while saying it’s fair and impartial.


    Wonder how he’d feel if the shoe was on the other foot? Wait, I know how he’d feel. He’d be just another professional victim whining about how it isn’t fair yada yada yada.

    Glad you and yours are doing okay.

    And, well, it’s Good Friday. Time to reflect on pain and suffering before redemption.

  5. Apparently the Capitol is back on lockdown as some one armed with a knife crashed the barrier with a vehicle. He’s dead at least possibly a guard. Certainly not meaning full insurrection but I bet it’s played that way!

  6. Walking back home after 2nd Pfizer shot I was working up a good sweat so hit my bed.
    3rd day my shoulder felt like a punchbag.

  7. Beans- Excellent point!

    Howard- Yeah, ONE person tried something and they’re already comparing this to Jan 6th…

    Frank- Ouch… So far all I have is minor discomfort in mine.

  8. I applaud your courage. I haven’t had the shot and don’t intend to unless it becomes mandatory. Then things become… different 🙂

  9. Recently had Dose Two of the Pfizer.

    Dose One: Sore arm. Worse than flu shot, but NOTHING like Shringix. Big deal.

    Dose Two: Sore arm. And at ~20 hours…dog-dead TIRED. Slept several hours outside normal sleep schedule. Next day seemed alright with a bit of residual soreness, but took it easy. Then a worknight (midnight start)… around 4 AM felt like I was about to drop. An hour or two later, no big deal. Night after… normal. Well, my version of normal, anyway.

  10. I think MLB just cut its own throat. Baseball is about beer, hotdogs and a game, not politics…

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