Teh stoopid…

Is getting stronger…

What happened to the hue and cry over the shootings in Boulder, CO???

Turns out the shooter destroyed the left’s narrative… He was Syrian, proposed a Jihad, and BookFace immediately pulled his profile. AND he was on an FBI watchlist… And one other inconvenient point, he drove a half hour to shoot up a King Sooper in a Jewish section of town…

Yesterday, there was an ‘incident’ at the Capital. Turns out rather than a deranged white Pub, the ‘subject’ was a young black follower of Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam that killed one of the Capital Police. Article, HERE.

Oh, and BookFace also immediately yanked HIS profile…

The hoorah over the GA election law passed has gotten almost comical with the mis-statements, outright lies, and the various charges/counter charges… The latest is Delta coming out against the law NOW, but they were for it before they were against it, HERE.  And the GA House passed a bill to take away their tax break on fuel… LOL

The other stupid move is by MLB, but I repeat myself. They’ve decided to pull the All-Star game from Atlanta in ‘response’ to the new election laws…

Following the prodding by President Biden, Major League Baseball made the announcement Friday afternoon that it is taking punitive action against the state of Georgia and the citizens of Atlanta. Commissioner Robert Manfred released a statement that the League has decided to pull this year’s All-Star Game, as well as the MLB amateur draft out of the state. 

Full article, HERE. So, they are going to penalize the ‘little people’ that work at the stadium, plus those who would have made tips/etc. off the people attending, AND the planned memorial to Henry Aaron goes by the wayside… Real smart move…

Another one is the whole kerfuffle coming from the left about assigning ‘sex’ to a child at birth… Really? If there is a penis, it’s a boy, if there is a vulva, it’s a girl… sigh

But no… (bold/italic mine)

“Sex assigned at birth” refers to the label a medical professional gives to a baby when it is born. A medical professional may say a baby is male, female or intersex, depending on what the medical professional observes about the baby’s body. For example, a baby with a vulva will be labeled a girl, and a baby with a penis will be labeled a boy. Some babies may have bodies or chromosomes that don’t fit the typical categories of male or female. A medical professional may label them as intersex. Sex assigned at birth is about how someone else sees our bodies and does not take into consideration how we feel inside. 

Full article, HERE. It’s a baby!!! sigh…

And last, but damn sure not least, the human trafficking down on the border, thanks to the ‘new’ administration policies… 21,000+ kids now in custody, estimated 30% of the children sexualy molested on the way up, no Covid screening, facilities overloaded, sending kids to ‘unknown’ adults without checks on the homes, etc. And more on the way… And most of the MSM are ignoring that.

YGTBSM… You gotta go watch the comparison between Russian and US recruiting videos, HERE.

Kicking the soapbox in the corner before the BP gets any higher… sigh…


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  1. I don’t understand why the qualifications to vote aren’t the same as for buying a gun. If you can’t fill out a 4473 and pass the NICS then you don’t get to vote. To keep it simple, maybe not every time you vote, but once a year. You get a voter registration card with your SSN on it, and with government issued ID, you get to vote for a year.

  2. Well, it at least implies a concession to the personhood of babies.

    Anyone wanting to bet that such is not only a flag of convenience?

    (Yeah, I am inclined to think that a baby is a person, and at the same time do not think they exactly have clearly organized minds containing a great deal of self knowledge.

    I remember having political opinions at the age of eight. Those opinions were, in hindsight, garbage. Eight year olds do not have opinions on adult politics worth advertising.

    Likewise, I disbelieve that the self-diagnoses by folks fresh out of the k-12 bullying and mind games are at all reliable. Bureaucracies have also shown that they exactly in line with fad and political convenience.)

  3. Messing with the little children is a good way to get some serious blowback . When the mothers start telling the dads to get yer gun and do something it will get real .

    • WSF, all future elections will be rigged one way or another to give the Democrats full control. If H.R. 1 is passed into law they can “fix” everything. If their opposition tries to use H.R. 1 the opposition will be persecuted and prosecuted.

      Not only do they want a 2/3rds majority in the U.S. House and Senate, they also want control of 75% of the States so that the Democrats can dispose of all they don’t want in the U.S. Constitution.

  4. Watched the military recruitment video. I am embarrassed to have been a member and now retiree of the U.S. Air Force. Will they start passing out white flags of surrender at the swearing in ceremonies?

    Old NFO, the link for the sex assignment article is not there. I guess we could start to referrer to all young children as girls like the English did long ago. The birth certificate could state “Presents as XX/XY or inditerminate at birth” (sounds of me retching for having written such dreck).

  5. Regarding babies and gender, funny how there are now tests that show what genetic defects a baby may or does have, scans that show malformed hearts and such, but there’s no way to tell the ‘gender’ of a child until the child decides the gender?


    As to the MLB boycott, funny, most of the little people hurt by moving the game are… not Caucasian. Hmmm…

    As to the two shooters/murderers, well, that’s actually fitting into the statistical norm for murders. Really.

    Funny how the race and religion of the victims of the Colorado ISIS muslim never came out in the news. We do know the shooter was a muslim from Syria who favored ISIS but we weren’t told that all 10 victims, including the cop, were white. Well, we were told, in a round-about way, because we weren’t told, even before the news of the ISIS-loving Syrian Muslim leaked out, that the victims were white and probably mostly Jewish.

    The border crisis, 30% of the children and almost 80-90% (depending on what ‘rumor’ you listen to) of the teenage age on up females are sexually assaulted.

    Good job, Team Biden! Keep it up! (Ya bag of male reproductive members…)

  6. It’s official: I’ve run out of words to describe what I think about the mess we’re in. Those above have described it more-than-adequately, so I’ll just keep on keepin’ on.

  7. NFO. How DARE anyone assign gender on the basis of biology? You’re clearly a dangerous EXTREMIST and must report yourself immediately. Yes, for reeducation and a COVID passport.

    But seriously, are we at peak insanity? Getting close, imo, and when it breaks it won’t be pleasant.

  8. Although I agree with everything you’ve said (written?), there is such a thing as penile and testicular agenesis. This is described as a male child who is born without any genitalia, and occurs in one birth in five or six million. The only reason I know about this is because a co-worker has a relative with this condition. He’s being raised as a boy, and I’m very glad he’s got this particular man to help him along.

    As for the rest of it, our U.S.A. was never perfect, and never will be. However, our country is slowly being ruined by the intolerant liberal left. I’m sad about this, but there’s very little I can do except write.

  9. Regarding the Russian recruiting vid, We’ve lost our minds and our balls in this country. We deserve to lose at this point.

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