It’s pretty bad when CNN actually has to do a ‘positive’ piece on a Pub…

As part of a larger story about Florida’s vaccine rollout, the renowned newsmagazine program spotlighted a recent $100,000 donation that Publix made to DeSantis’ re-election bid.
The story, by correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi, suggested there was a possible link between the donation and the state’s partnership with Publix stores for vaccine distribution — a serious issue of foul play, if true.
Full article, HERE.  Interestingly, they actually mentioned the Dems that came to DeSantis’ defense… And there is another article with video, HERE.
If anyone had any doubts about the veracity of 60 minutes being ‘fair and balanced’, this should make it obvious they, like the rest of the MSM are in the tank for the dems.
But I can’t help but wonder if this is just a way to try to ‘redirect’ the ire away from the administration after the crisis on the border (which isn’t going away and coverage is ramping up), or the idiocy of moving the All Star game from Atlanta.
The stupidest thing I’ve heard was a call to ‘move’ the Masters… sigh…
Obviously the left doesn’t have a clue, and Augusta would have their tournament with or without the PGA,  and I would bet 99% of the invitees would show up anyway.
Also, I noticed that the Women’s Amateur played at Augusta this past weekend got NO coverage whatsoever… Only one channel covered it, and it was won by a 17 year old Japanese girl Tsubasa Kajitani, and EIGHT countries had representatives in the top 10. Talk about empowering young women world-wide!!!


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  1. 45 years since they destroyed sales of the Pinto on 60 Minutes by lying and deceptively editing a video. Why is anyone still watching and why would anyone think they were in any way “fair and balanced”?

    Didn’t Dan Rather report on George W. Bush evading the draft on 60 minutes? Didn’t they show slow motion pictures of cinderblocks exploding in an effort to demonize the AR-15? I’m sure readers will chime in and add their own recollections of 60M BS.

  2. Hereso- All of those, and remember when ‘Dateline’ faked the exploding gas tanks on Chevy pickups?

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  3. CBS and Dan Rather put me off TV “news” for ever. Not to mention the Crap News Network.

    Also: As I keep saying, I don’t KNOW if the media is/are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Dem Party, or if it’s the other way round, but it’s OBVIOUS that they are in CAHOOTS. (They sleep in the same beds.)

  4. They’re already working on attempting to destroy DeSantis’ chance to run for the White House if he so desires.

    They are definitely setting up the media to try to destroy him come next gubernatorial election.

    Be funny if he ran for the WH and Trump ran for the Governorship.

    Be better if all the lefties just up and died, too.

    What is spectacular about DeSantis’ interview shows how to handle an interview with the media. Record it yourself and if possible release the whole thing before the media gets done selectively editing it. And make sure you can do a play-by-play breakdown of their edit job.

  5. The fact that Colorado has more restrictive voting laws than even the new Georgia rules seems never to be mentioned. BTW so does Biden’s home state of Delaware.

  6. All I know is that I’ve hit a seriously angry point, and am going to need to take a break, see if I can calm down.

  7. 60 Minutes was and remains one of the leaders of dragging the Mud Slinging Media into the leftist’s corner. They have been doing that since at least the early 1980s if not earlier.

  8. We had a joke back in Gulf ’91:

    “Who do American spies work for? CIA.”

    “Who do Russian spies work for? KGB.”

    “Who do Iraqi spies work for? CNN…”

    There’s a reason I say that CBS stands for, “Communist Broadcast Service.” Frankly, at this stage, I regard every major news outlet as persistently false, either deliberately providing disinformation and/or enemy propaganda, or composed of pathological liars. (Or both!)

    TL;DR version: “Source cannot be rated as higher than D or E under the Military Intelligence Evaluation system…”

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