Sooo, two Yemeni males on the terrorism watch list were arrested in California in January and March. It made conservative media, but the MSM ignored it. When there were questions raised about the arrests, a strange thing happened to the CPB notification-

U.S Border patrol revealed recently that they have arrested two men on the terrorist watch list as they tried to cross the southern border. Both men were from Yemen and the arrests were made in January and as recently as March 30th.

Now, that report has been ‘scrubbed’ from the CPB site-

Try it yourself…

Bet you got Access denied, didn’t ya?

Full article, HERE.

Add this to the whole mess on the border and the LACK of transparency of this administration, and there are now a lot of questions being asked, quietly for now, but I’m thinking they’re going to get louder and louder. Harris has yet to hold a press conference, much less go to the border, even though she is ‘supposedly’ in charge of fixing that mess.

This makes me think they literally have NO idea how to fix the monstrosity that they have created. Apparently 40% of current CBP man hours are being used just to ‘process’ all the border crossers… sigh…



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  1. Maybe someone up on the Hill are finally understanding that it only takes a few ‘Bad Guys’ illegally crossing the border for terrorist reasons to give them (and us) a real black eye. Especially those of us who live along the border and are really concerned, especially those of us who live in high population concentrations.

  2. This is being done deliberately. First the more illegal adults they bring in the more Democrat votes they will have. They will spread them out to the red states in order to turn them blue. Then the pedophiles in the government and big business and the news media will also get their grimy paws on the children being smuggled in to perform their disgusting acts on them. Biden, Harris, and the entire Administration along with most Democrats in congress are the most anti-Christian evil creatures ever brought into being.

    • Couple key points of possible dissent:
      1. What they think they are doing, and what they will succeed in doing are not necessarily the same thing. Their warm body votes might still be smaller than their fraud votes.
      2. Human history and prehistory has a lot of evil. I actually would prefer to discuss all of the candidates before possibly awarding that honor to the Democrats.

  3. Yep, two Yemeni Men on the FBI’s TERROR watchlist were arrested recently for illegally entering the US from Mexico, federal authorities said Monday.
    The men, ages 33 and 26, were busted near the Calexico Port of Entry in California in separate incidents on March 30, according to the Customs and Border Agency.
    Why isn’t this incident at the border being covered by the Quisling Media?
    Joey Xi’s America neither he nor President Kamaltoe Harris have been to the Southern border or said how they intend to stop what they started on Jan 20. Are Americans this naive that they do not realize it is because Progressive Marxist Socialist/DSA Democrat Leftists want this flood of immigrants that have entered by evading the US laws on immigration as they see them as future Democrat voters. All paid for by the American Tax Payer.
    But hey, Why worry…
    You have to wonder, just how many more have actually gotten through.
    Will Joey XiBiden be held responsible for the next terrorist attack which will make 9/11 look like child’s play.
    Why were the faces of these illegal’s covered? If they’re dangerous, shouldn’t we be aware of it?
    Maybe Chairman Biden doesn’;t even know that they ARE our enemies!
    One can only hope that enough of the military still exists and is patriotic enough to save us from Progressive, Marxist, Socialist Democrat Left.

  4. “Why isn’t this incident at the border being covered by the Quisling Media?” As I keep saying, I don’t KNOW if the media is/are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Dem party, of if it’s the other way round, but it’s OBVIOUS that they are in CAHOOTS. The Dems and the media are in bed together.

  5. I haven’t been following the border, or foreign related security issues.

    My basic line of thought is a sarcastic comment about how the supremely qualified, educated, and intelligent geniuses in question can not possibly be understood by the likes of you, me, or the others here.

    No human is beyond criticism, and no theory on which a human acts is so perfect that other humans cannot form conclusions about the wisdom of it.

  6. I remember in 2006, a blurb briefly hit the local airwaves about six terrorists arrested with a group of Mexicans in west Texas, having spent months in country there to learn the language to blend in with the regular illegals.
    That blurb did NOT run again. It got scrubbed and with haste.
    This kind of coverup is nothing new.

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