Morning world!!!

We are winding down the last day of Foolzcon this morning. And my butt is dragging… Sigh

we are once again fighting the battle with the coffee pot and losing, but we’re making it work 🙂 seems seems like everybody has had fun, which was the purpose of the whole damn thing. No panels just folks actually able to sit around and BS, but it’s funny to watch the kids running screaming around the building and out in the field and having fun and working themselves out unlike what They have to do that icon which is go sit in a room.

So, normal blogging will resume tomorrow morning, so go to the folks on the side bar they are much better than I am at this.


Morning world!!! — 12 Comments

  1. “…unlike what They have to do that icon which is go sit in a room.”

    What did you mean to post here? That sentence makes no sense what so ever.

    • I have to agree with Roy. I think more coffee is indicated.

      • I sense text to speech error. “and wearing themselves out, unlike what they (normally) have to do at a con, which is go sit in a room.”

  2. The fun you’re having is a sorely-needed supplement to daily existence. And have more coffee! 🙂

  3. Yep, it was supposed to be at cons, not icons… Damn Otto Corrupt on the phone… I didn’t turn my computer on at all the entire weekend. What a nice break!

    Thanks all!

    • Yes, auto-correct is the work of the devil. Whomever invented it will burn in hello.

      It’s good to get away from the computer for awhile, though too long and I start having withdrawal pains,