Didn’t we see this once already??? CHAZ/CHOP or whatever the hell they were calling it in Seattle?

Article from December 2020, HERE. March 2021, HERE, and then there’s this…

The Minneapolis Police Department apparently will not enter the so-called “Free State of George Floyd” to respond to crimes.

In the early morning hours of April 29, a woman was pushed out of a window during a domestic dispute on the corner of East 38th Street and Elliot Avenue, sustaining multiple injuries, according to a police scanner watchdog. The woman dialed 911 to get help but was told that police would not come to her aid because she was inside George Floyd Square, an autonomous zone which has designated itself “cop-free.”

Full article, HERE.

Four dead so far due to inability of LEOs/EMTs to get to them…

But I’m thinking MPD’s bosses are so hinky about anything happening, they have given up and are ‘letting’ the Crips run the zone. I truly feel for those who live and/or work there. What kind of lives/businesses do they have now, if any?

Edit- Apparently it has now expanded to 4 square blocks that includes a predominantly black area with a mix of businesses and homes.


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  1. And, apparently many of the residents and mnearly ALL the businesses are unhappy about the lack of police

    • Elections have consequences.
      The Minneapolis electorate is getting nothing more than what they asked for.

      • Assuming facts that may not be in evidence. The big ‘Blue’ cities have probably had fixed elections for many years.

        There may be no higher a proportion of locals wishing for murder and arson than there are of Americans wishing for Biden to cause starvation and to carry out mass murder.

        • Hello Bob,
          I don’t believe Minneapolis has had anything but a faction of extremely Progressive Democrats in charge for 50 plus years.

          For Progressives to complain about racism in Minneapolis is like Occasio-Cortez complaining about systemic racism in New York when the Democrats have run the city council there for over a century.

  2. I think that it’s a good strategy to keep police out of these blighted districts. Allow the inmates to run the asylum and just sit back and watch.

    My sense is that the city needs to erect their own fence and quarantine the place, but that’s just me. Shut down water and power to the blighted area if the bills aren’t paid.

  3. I tend to agree with LL up there… let them run their show in there and live with the consequences. Incidentally, can anyone name a sub-Saharan country which is not a social and economic catastrophe and a Big Man dictatorship?

  4. Sympathy. On the one hand, they continue to elect and support the politicians that made this possible. Most of those businesses probably have BLM stickers in the windows of their businesses. OTOH it’s not easy to just leave when you have major investments in an area, especially if you have been living and working there for decades. I tend to lean towards “too bad” because I have no evidence of city council meetings with crowds of citizens shouting “enough!”.

    • You couldn’t pay me enough to go to Portland at this point, unless it involved the phrase ‘as a support auxiliary for the 82nd Airborne / First Marine Expeditionary Unit, who are tasked with restoring law and order to the area’.

      Because that place is devolving into a classic Z-zone.

  5. As Grog said a crash is coming. This crash is actually being set up by the Elites in power. They want a complete anarchy that they can step into and provide a dictatorship to rule this country. Some States are not cooperating in this such as Texas where I live. The time just get closer and closer to a Big Messiness which will not work out well for our Country for either side.

  6. This insanity is personal.

    I have a 50 year old autistic son (high functioning) living in Seattle. So far, the madness is across Lake Union from him but his neighborhood has seen “marches”. I want to get him out of there but he doesn’t want to leave his church, his friends, and the life he has made for himself.

    The madness there defies rational imagination. The $16 minimum wage plus Covid has put an end to most community resources people like him need. He survives with help from family and relatives.

    My other son’s neighborhood is peaceful. Three houses down is the Sons of Silence motorcycle gang clubhouse. There must be a lesson there as the petty criminals and various agitators avoid that neighborhood.

    • I wish you luck with reasoning with your son, but, well, high functioning autists and asbers tend to stick with the comfort of what they know and fear the unknown, so they’re the ones that stick with failing companies to the last little bit.

      I’ll keep him in my prayers. Nobody should face the impending South Africanization (post apartheid period) alone.

    • Have a plan to snatch him out of there on short notice against his will. Now is the time to formulate that plan – not when the mob is on the lawn.

    • Oh, wow. As a father and grandfather I cannot imagine the strain you feel. I hope the trouble stays well clear of your family, or if it doesn’t, that you are able to pull off a successful extraction. The personal prices paid in all this will never be known.

    • It’s been a long standing tenet that the safest places in “bad neighborhoods” are within rock throw of 1% motorcycle gang clubhouses. The bikers don’t want others moving in and causing problems, and they -tend- to keep much of their own illicit activities away as well, to prevent a handy spot for the cops to surveil. The clubhouses are their refuges, and they like it that way.
      If I had to live in one of those neighborhoods, I would want to move in near (but not next door) to one.
      Ignoring the bikes’ pipes, it would probably be the quietest place in the area.

  7. They wanted to defund the police, now they’re getting what they wanted good and hard.

    Let them be a shining example of the results of their ideology.

    Only downside is that when this falls apart, as it inevitably will, the progressives will pronounce “That wasn’t real defunding of police”.

    • Maybe. Bob up there does have a point about cheating Democrats and rigged elections.

  8. Shades of Snake Plissken.

    I’m with LL, wall it off. Let them grow their own food, generate their own power. Nothing and no one goes in, any one who wants can come out. You want an autonomous zone? You got it.

  9. All- Interesting points. I ‘tend’ to agree with the wall it off philosophy. WSF- Will add your son to my prayers. Autists and Aspers DO value ‘known’ situations vs. unknown, sadly until it is too late in many cases.

  10. I do feel very sorry for the innocents trapped behind enemy lines.

    But… from dealing with many of these innocents in my own area, they support many of the BLM ideas about police, law and order and white people. The innocents won’t cooperate with the police in good times.

    So, well, they can leave. If they want. They can pack up what little they have and escape. If they want.

    If they want law and order and want to support the police and want to, in the future, cooperate fully in stopping crime, then they can stand up now and fight back against the chaos.

    Or leave as long as they don’t bring the chaos with them.

    Over it. Many of these people are finally getting what their complacency and stupidity created.

    Yes, there are actual innocent people being screwed over here, but then again, the BLMers and the George Floyd Free Shite Brigade and other ‘youth associations’ have been doing it for years and years and have been preying upon these real innocents.

    Meh. Let it burn. Let the ‘People’ get what they’ve been asking for.

  11. I used to go into Portland to Powell’s Books and for the Custom Knife shows, but not any more.

  12. I appreciate all your comments/suggestions regarding my son, especially prayers.

    I raised my sons to be their own persons and to make their own decisions. I will give them advice and support if asked. Interfere? No, and one example was my youngest son’s decision to become a medic. A man with a wife and four kids should be a REMF. Middle son went down a spiritual path I disagree with. My oldest, the autistic one, has had many ups and downs. Hard as it was, when he made a stupid decision after assuring me he wouldn’t, I let him sit in jail for two months. I did make sure he had a good lawyer and a bondsman friend made sure his repeat customers kept him safe.

    I may be wrong but they were raised to be men, to make their own decisions, and accept the consequences, good or bad, of those decisions. Snowflakes they are not!

  13. All- Thanks and yes, there are innocents involved. The ‘level’ of innocence may be ‘questionable’ in some cases. And agreed that people have to make their own decisions.