An ‘interesting’ situation is coming to a head in France…

“Every Frenchman, whatever his belief or non-belief, should everywhere be at home in continental France [l’Hexagone]; there cannot and must not exist any city or district where the laws of the Republic do not apply.” — From an open letter signed by 20 retired generals, a hundred senior officers more than a thousand other members of the French military, April 21, 2021.

Full article, HERE.

When you look at areas in Paris and Marseilles that are ‘off limits’ to not only the police and military, but the French population in general, it appears the resentment is getting closer and closer to boiling over into…something… And that something could be a civil war, either openly or covertly.

And Sweden is now pushing back against the immigrants, HERE.   From the Brookings Institute, we have the Polish take, HERE.

And we know Turkey has ‘threatened’ Europe with flooding them with muslim refugees. What I’ve always found interesting is that NONE of the middle eastern countries have taken in ANY significant numbers of ‘refugees’… Especially none that were outside their particular sect of Islam.

I’m thinking we’re gonna need a LOT of popcorn if the top blows off over there. Just sayin…


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  1. I hadn’t been tracking the goings-on in France. Thanks for sharing this information.

  2. I think that you are optimistic that it will stay in France and not have blow-back here.

    I think the people who want to control us will preemptively implement “measures” to prevent the spread of discontent. Ironically, the preemptive measures are going to accelerate events rather than damp them down.

    I will be very happy if it is a pop-corn event over here but am not holding my breath.

  3. I like France. I like visiting France. I worked at Interpol in Lyon and I like Lyon – and taking the train to Switzerland. But that’s all been messed up by Mohammedans.

    I have no plans to return. Then again, I have no plans to visit New York City again.

  4. JMI- Y’all need to be aware of the ‘entire’ Europe situation… sigh

    ERJ- Very possible… dammit.

    LL- It was ‘interesting’ flying with them on ASW missions. They broke out the wine and cheese coming off station! The pilot with the short straw didn’t get to drink as he had the landing!!!

  5. Let Europeans take care of Europe. Americans have their hands full with Minneapolis, Portland, Washington D.C., etc. whether we realize it yet or not.

    • “Over there?”
      Hell, 20+ years ago my Great-Uncle John told me not to visit the house in Minneapolis where my Grandfather were born. “That’s a Somali neighborhood. They don’t let Whites in.”
      My shirt-tail relatives had Somalis dumped into the small town near their Maine reservation. Strong-arm robberies up over 400%, rapes over 300%, petty crime? Local PD stopped responding or reporting them. FUCK YOU BILL CLINTON!!
      Then there’s Dearbornistan, MI.

  6. This is how you get ethnic cleansing. Good, bad or otherwise.

    Every asshole that spouts “Diversity is our strength” unironically should be dropped into one of these no go areas ala Bruce Willis in Diehard 3. Sandwich board sign and all.

    • Thing is, the problem isn’t solely the criminals. The criminals apparently are being used as proxies by someone.

      Lawyers and judges appear to have an interesting pattern of behavior in certain cases.

      The root is not only criminals in poor neighborhoods, or foreign culture types born overseas.

      It is also people living in wealthy neighborhoods, some of them white, and people born in the US yet culturally incompatible with it, because they have chosen the values of the communist religion.

      Merely /ethnic/ cleansing will not address our own problem.

      A couple days ago, folks were talking about a wall it off approach to CHAZ, etc. 1. Does not do anything to stop or deter the white collar folks enabling conditions, who would act to interdict isolation. 2. These folks are clearly thinking in terms of communist revolutionary doctrine. Their doctrine can be incorrect and have nothing to do with the real world, and it may still be bad to let them get away with stuff. 3. US road networks limit the practical degree of isolation.

      I have no good answers.