It’s getting interesting in Maricopa Co…

Apparently the county is refusing to turn over routers to be checked for IP protocols during the 2020 election…

Kory Langhofer, the attorney for the Senate, said he will be issuing subpoenas Monday, May 10, for all five Maricopa County supervisors, demanding they appear to explain why they won’t surrender certain equipment and information for review as part of the audit of the 2020 General Election returns. Langhofer also said the Senate wants to hear from Scott Jarrett, the county’s director of election day and emergency voting.

Full article, HERE.

What are the dems/left so afraid of???

All they have to do is follow the stepping stones…

Unless they know there is a problem…


It’s getting interesting in Maricopa Co… — 12 Comments

  1. I’ve been following it, and it’s getting pretty sketchy in Maricopa county. What is interesting, is that Google seems to be suppressing search results on the audit.

    • Try Brave browser in conjunction with DuckDuckGo.

      From a UK point of view, I believe our simple hand-counted system with the results announced only by the Returns Officer is simpler and quicker. None of this bouncing data around where it’s open to manipulation, say through WireShark or similar tools.

  2. BF, agreed on paper ballots and hand counting. The problem is that our Constitution leaves it up to the individual states as to how to conduct elections. By design. We are seeing the D party attempt to overthrow that with a federal bill that probably won’t pass Constitutional muster (strikes down most protections in the voting system) although who knows how the court will rule. You may remember the Supreme Court ruling before the election that a voter law in Pennsylvania hadn’t caused harm and therefore couldn’t be ruled on, and then after the election ruling that it was too late because the election was already over.

    The solution here in the US has to be for people to wake up and pass voting bills at the state level that tighten the requirements. Paper ballots, in person voting, ID required. All reasonable and all what the left doesn’t want. That’s why they were so hysterical about Georgia’s recent reforms and why they are so hysterical about the audit in Arizona. If this gains traction with the American people they won’t be able to steal elections (not that there is any hint that they might have, just a future hypothetical stealing of elections, probably by Republicans).

  3. Maricopa County Supervisors ordered the DELETION of information on the servers rather than allow them to be audited fairly. I wonder how much the DNC paid them to do that? That’s behind the subpenas.

  4. Hey Old NFO;

    When they start putting people in jail for screwing around with this stuff, then they will get the attention. Right now the Maricopa supervisors believe that the donks will bail them out so they are blowing off the procedures figuring that they will be covered and rewarded.

  5. Occam’s Razor. The simple answer is the correct answer. The dims and the mass media KNOW whats coming when the facts come out. They are terrified that the audits will spread to other states like Georgia, PA, etc etc.
    They have reason to be terrified.

  6. Enjoy the drama. IMO nothing will come of this and no one will suffer any consequences should malfeasance be found.

    The apparatchik are a protected class.