Take that…

They said we couldn’t do it…

Doing renovations at the local American Legion, kitchen style…

We received a ‘donation’ of a brand new oven/microwave combination for the kitchen. BUT, there was no cabinet. We were told we needed to go buy one.

Challenge accepted…

ONE piece of grade A plywood was $59.00!!! ONE 2x4x8 #2 was $9.47… sigh

The cabinet need to be 24 inches deep, 28 inches wide, and 63 inches high. Measured three times, marked it, measured again, and finally ripped the plywood. And the sides matched! Yay!  Next was building the shelf to hold the combo at a ‘working height’. Measure, measure, how high is the total unit? Remeasure… Okay, got it. Cut it…

And that gives us a half inch clearance all the way around, so the ‘trim’ will fit and we ‘should’ be able to get it in the cabinet. Should…

Meanwhile the electrician was running power to a box behind the cabinet for power and we’re trying to figure out how to get the @#%$%$#@ armored cable to feed up the back of the unit in the slot while stuffing it in the cabinet.

Gotta love Seabees… Loop a piece of string around the cable, keep it taunt as the unit is shoved in the cabinet. I’m qualified to do that…

It got wired up, the working party lifted, groaned, cursed, shoved, and we finally got it IN the @#@%(*& cabinet…

Lastly, attached the two pieces of stainless steel ($44 ea) to the side of the cabinet next to the stove (which will be moved back once everything is complete). The only thing left is to build a bottom shelf, stick it in, and paint it.

Less than $200, three hours of work, and voila! 🙂

Where’s my Aleve???



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    • The sides of the oven are insulated with fire retardant insulation. Your stove in your home sits in a space between two cabinets, usually with a 1/2 inch clearance all around.

  1. Last I checked…about two weeks ago, AC plywood like you used on your cabinet, was $75 a sheet at the local box store. Same as a 2x12x16 foot timber. So you got a considerable discount.

  2. How much for the store-bought cabinet?
    And why is “donate” in quotes, he asked innocently?

  3. looks good.
    i might suggest making the bottom shelf a slider. makes it easier to get to the stuff way in the back.
    if you are like me (old) bending over, or even worse, getting on the knees, to get stuff is not a good idea.

  4. Very resourceful sir. Lumber prices are outrageous. Keeping a stash of materials at home is now like hoarding treasure. Those who have some can afford to barter the materials. I’m guessing the price of hardware like clip angles, hinges, etc. is also high.

    Dang … a $10 2×4 stud … and hurricane season just round the corner.

    • Not saying it’s a conspiracy to punish the South for going wholesale for Trump during the stealection, but…

    • Yep. I now look at my hurricane repair stores as a savings account rather than as a prep setup. Wood, tarps, deck screws, roofing nails, all seem to be more in the line of coin of the realm than hardware.

  5. Mike- You are correct, both are fully insulated.

    Robert- The ‘cabinet’ we found was $400. sigh And it was an out and out donation to the Post!

    All- thanks for the comments!

  6. David- Actually that’s the plastic over the stainless steel. We left it until the trim is painted…LOL

    David- That plug is going away.

    Ed- Pretty much!

    LSP- Thank you!

  7. Count your blessings. Was at Home Depot the other day looking for treated stringers (3 step) and new 48″ boards for same, 89 bucks out the door.

    And heavy plywood 3/4″ was running $56 a sheet, strandboard is around 44 per sheet, holy smokes! Glad I have two sheets of ply and some strandboard left from prior construction in the wood bin for emergencies.

  8. Does your Post have 200 on the membership roll and 12 who are doing all the active work?