For the first time in over a year, a few of us got together for dinner last night in my old stomping grounds.

Hard to believe it’s been 52 years since we graduated from high school. Twenty-five of us, plus spouses, one three grandkids, an assortment of cats/dogs showed up for the food.

Paraphrasing from one of the comments Friday night- From the Cold War with its fall out shelters and hiding under the desks, to the Cuban missile crisis, JFK being shot, to the Vietnam War (which some of us fought in), to assassinations, marriages, divorces, illness, and the deaths of children and/or husbands and wives, through the WuFlu and 2020, we have lived through it all and survived (so far). We remembered those we’ve lost, and those we’ve lost contact with. And folks were planning on visiting a couple of our group that are in the hospitals for various ailments.

We reverted to type, grilling out in the yard as we used to do years ago… The difference was the lack of alcohol consumed and the stupid things we did (although some of those were brought up). And strangely enough, some of the girls remembering what cars us guys drove…LOL

Well, that and the aches and pains, and the gray hair, or lack of hair, and a few extra pounds here and there…

Getting old ain’t for sissies!

Take time to call your friends, spend time with them if you can, and remember the good times!


Food!!! — 4 Comments

  1. And you thought all the stories had died and/or the statute of limitations had run out.

    I have an upcoming VP-56 AW shop re-union coming up in September. I’m surprised by how many are still alive and kicking. Unfortunately, my back won’t let me make the 12 hour drive to Tuscaloosa, so I’m going to do a Zoom meeting to say hi (a lot less drinking involved that way, too).

  2. When my ship’s association started twenty five years ago, we set around drinking beer and talking and laughing about on “war” stories in Yokosuka, Sasebo, Subic Bay, Long Beach and laugh our assess off. Now we sit around sipping beer and talking about the knee or hip replacements, our eye sight, diabetes, and stuff. But to a man, we are ready to do it again if needed. Fast track aging is not for the weak ones.

  3. I’ve been treating HS stuff with all the respect Pa gave it (and I suspect that might still be more than it deserves!). He got so sick of invites to reunions he wrote “DECEASED: RETURN TO SENDER” on one. Years later someone showed it to him… “Yeah, we got the message.”