Too funny…

How much to ‘rent’ the Blue Angels for a wedding???

Hehehe, talk about ‘perfect timing’…

The rest of the story is HERE.  BLUF, no the Blues aren’t for rent/don’t do weddings (intentionally)… 🙂



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  1. We scheduled our two kids’ joint graduation party for the day the Thunder Over Michigan at Willow Run would host the Blue Angels.
    The whole show flew overhead for hours, but the Blue Angels buzzed the house. I could read tire sizes and helmet call signs. OK, the photos show them.
    Guests would not leave and some actually convinced themselves I had arranged the show.

  2. Pensacola was a wonderful place to be when I spent time there, lo these (mumble) years ago. The Blue Angels practice at the same time every day, weather permitting.

  3. Ed- LOL, why not…

    McC- That they did. Cost me a birdie on the golf course one day when they came back from ‘practice’…

    Bob- 🙂

  4. During our reception a huge thunderstorm with large hail rolled through. Washed all the “decorations” my cousins made off our car. One Aunt quipped, “I always knew when Frank got married all hell would break loose”.

    Nowhere near having the Blue Angels fly over but it did become part of the family lore.

  5. Just can’t do anything of the like this for us missileers. I was soooooo bummed, but I got over it after I got out of those holes in the ground.

  6. WSF- LOL, good one!

    Sam- If they did a ‘flyover’ for you…the outcome would have been a ‘bit’ different…

  7. Imagine trying to live it down, it it were the Thunderbirds putting on a show near Eglin AFB. 🙂

  8. The Golf Course at Pensacola is named after a relative… the Commander of the first airplane to cross the Atlantic. He died in 1967 and I wish I had known he was alive at the time.
    That airplane (the NC-4)is in the Museum at NAS Pensacola, and there’s another link to the fact American airplanes have “N” as their first registration letter.