By Jove, I think she got it!!!

From a friend’s wife… I can’t think of anything she missed in this rant!

“So he’s a dementia patient who is under a very public regime of elder abuse, with a brain dead wife who wants to be called doctor but thinks cardboard hearts will heal the country; followed by a clueless hooker who cackles when nervous…which is all the time because she has no clue what she’s doing; they have a doctor who is caught lying about everything, pretends it doesn’t matter, doubles down on debunked science to push experimental drugs for his own profit.

A bunch of pretend representatives who demand peons submit to national socialism while they are given free reign to spend insurmountable amounts of other peoples money; all while silently swapping national socialism for militarized dictatorship using “mostly peaceful protests” to prove the peons cannot govern themselves or the legal system. With a whole bunch of people who rigged elections, got caught, pretend it didn’t happen, then fight like it’s armageddon to keep people from seeing what is already known and when that fails start screaming about those evil, national terrorists known as white people.

Teachers are refusing to go to work until they can freely teach children that its okay for adult to groom them for sexual assault, to take life changing drugs before their bodies are fully developed, that only white people should be judged on the color of their skin and not the content of their character, that their parents should never be told what is being done and said to them, and that lowest common denominator isn’t low enough, we must aim lower because…race, 12 trillion “genders”, and more race.

Straight people are the devil. White people are the devil. Christians and Jews are the devil. Heterosexual family dynamics are the devil. Men (oh wait sorry, penis owning persons) are the devil. Americans are the devil. Capitalists are the devil. Hard workers are the devil. Free thinkers are the devil. People who know their rights are the super devil. Un-vaccinated people are the super devil murdering klan. People who believe the wrong science are the devil. People who ask questions are the devil. People who don’t want to “circle back” and demand answers now, are the devil. (I’m sure I missed a few). Devil people aren’t real people. We have no empathy for devil people.

Devil people should be locked away from real people, used for labor, for experiments. Devil people shouldn’t have rights. Devil people should be marked so real people know not to trust them, not to let them into schools, hospitals, public places, their lives. Devil people need to be removed from being a drain on society. Something quick, cheap and efficient.

All with the world’s most powerful propaganda wing proclaiming these are all good and right things. This is what America was meant to be, but those evil white men screwed it up, They even used the wrong birthday for the nation right? We’re all supposed to be okay with this, support this, bow to this, or we will be devil people.

But hey everyone, not to worry. The really mean orange guy who wrote all those mean scary tweets, and made you question how an outsider broke the establishment is gone. I mean really, how could we ever live with those mean tweets!”

Yes, this young lady is former military, yes, she is a wife and mother of a couple of young kids. She is NOT happy with the direction of the country…

Your thoughts on what (if anything) she missed???


By Jove, I think she got it!!! — 25 Comments

  1. All part of a plan put into play DECADES ago to subvert, suborn and corrupt our society, government and way of life. A plan that plays to and relies on the inherent selfishness of many people and the willful ignorance that most choose to live in. Add in the reality that one side in this conflict choose to follow an arcane set of societal rules while the other party has NO RULES save one….WIN….and you have the recipe for what we now see unfolding around us. CLOWNWORLD. And when the dust settles from all of this the most likely resulting scenario will be a massively depleted population courtesy of some truly evil genetic engineering and a cabal of evil selfish perverts in full control over a society that will be a hollow shadow of what it was at the end of World War II. A society that will slowly wither away as the rich, powerful elite live in their ivory towers taking but never giving till humanity loses whatever chance we may have had to avoid the probable fate of ALL sentient species…..irrelevance and decay.

    • Yeah, your position is a ‘doomer’ one, a position that is wildly optimistic in favor of the opposition.

      There is no obvious mechanism for them to ever have full control.

      Sure, if you take their thinking at face value on viewing human behavior as obeying the ‘rules’ of a simple model, it might seem plausible.

      If people with the formal title of leader automatically have complete control over everyone who on paper follows them, then sure, any arbitrary person put into a leadership can make anything happen. If you believe the former, either you have never been around any organization, or you have never closely observed those situations.

      The power these morons had depended on trust, and they are throwing trust away.

      They do not have the bureaucratic structure or the force structure in place to replace trust. They will not put either in place rapidly, and the bureaucratic structure may actually be impossible.

      And plans decades old may be decades out of date, presuming that they were ever sound in the first place.

      • I pity the fool. Seems he is likely a lefty who thinks if he says “Y’all are over reacting. Shut up and do nothing” that those who would defend The Republic will say,”I’m sorry. I’ll do what I am told” , and that will be the end of it.
        Who has delusions now?

      • ALL the evidence to date would indicate the commie left DOES have FULL CONTROL…..They just successfully committed the Crime Of The Century by stealing the White House and NOT ONE PERSON has been indicted, arrested or even INVESTIGATED for this crime. So yea…. they ARE in full control. And prove it every day. Thus the NEW “mask mandates”.

        • They don’t even have the level of control that the PRC regime has in the PRC.

          Also, JFK stole the 1960 election, and I recall that at least one of FDR’s was dubious in my eyes. The difference between Biden and JFK is that a) Americans in 1960 could trust that JFK would not mass murder them on behalf of communism b) The lower end of JFK’s sexual appetites was older (apparently 12-14), and he seems to have only been interested in females. Wilson and FDR electoral practices were at least suspect. In hindsight, Obama stole the elections during 2008 and 2012, and 2016 was a near miss, so it is much more a routine issue than it is the crime of the century.

          And far from ‘all evidence’.

          The basic issue is one of appearance, and of a small number of people who have chosen barbarism, and are incompatible with civilization. Exacerbated by some number of the oblivious, and by some number of ‘go along to get alongs’ sucking up to the appearance of power. The actual Democrat criminals, and the subset of Biden voters who actually need confinement or hanging are a relatively small number.

          Right now is mostly a waiting game, letting Bidenistas alienate neutrals.

          Never ‘trust the plan’. Master plans can only work in situations of foreseeable order.

          Right now is unpredictable, and heading into slight chaos. The only thing that can work on net is individuals making careful decisions based on local circumstances, /not/ on estimates of the big picture.

          The folks who only started paying attention to the situation in November, or after January, are probably behind the curve. If you tell them that you are hanging someone for being a would be mass murderer, an oblivious person may be confused, refuse to believe you, and fight on behalf of the person you are hanging.

          In comparison, there are a lot of people who went along for earlier phases of covid nonsense, and are quietly refusing to go along with the current push. Regime is spending credibility on the current push, and not replacing it with more credibility.

          This is one of the pre fight situations, where, not knowing which side others will fight on behalf of, Americans closely watch as people pick sides. If your side is the popular one, you go ahead, fight it out now with a small cost, and avoid the cost of prolonged waiting. But Americans culture also has a lot of experience where one’s side is not the popular side, and the thing to do is get out of the area. Theoretically, we can tell that running cannot work, but most Americans have not studied the possibility of civil war enough to work out that theory. So they rely on instinct, what American culture says to do in various situations, and they are now making the mistake of being a little too cautious.

          But the Biden regime, as expected of a senile pedophile and his Gu jar of vicious morons, cannot calculate the things it should not push on, and really likes to hurt people. So, only the extremely oblivious Americans are failing to realize some of these things, and the extremely oblivious ones may not matter at all in the fight.

          Regime is desperately searching for examples of people that it can label as disturbed rightwing losers. They have routinely tried to do this for decades, whenever there is a mass shooting. “Oooh, a straight white conservative man did it!” they say, and then it comes out that it was someone who had grown up disturbed, ‘raised’ by leftwing guardians and the public schools. Federal security services appear to be supporting Biden, and have agent provocateurs trying to find people to act out their theater of ‘right wing terrorism’. And are finding pretty much zero people that stupid, because we have known the MO for years. If they could find anybody, they would use them as propaganda to persuade the oblivious that “You’ve lost now and conservatives are much too disturbed to be useful allies”.

          But they haven’t found anyone. So regime supporters are putting more resources into information warfare, trying to convince people that “you’ve lost”, or that “the only way that you can win is by carrying out acts of terror so stupidly and so immediately that the security services might be able to defeat your plan”. The latter type of propaganda is the glowies, government agents fishing for unstable people to frame and use for propaganda. So, if someone on the internet is encouraging you to acts of violence, or providing directions, you should make sure that any violence that you do has nothing to do with the timing of their suggestions, or the methods that they are providing.

          The less oblivious Trump voter have figured out some of these things, but many of them have not yet figured out the full picture yet. So they are angry or despairing, and perhaps sound like doomers or glowies. This has actually been going on awhile, I’m suspecting that Clinton cheated in 1992, and following 2008 I’ve spent a lot of time depressed, angry, and at times despairing, so I can understand the feeling. “Why haven’t you done anything yet”. 1. I’m waiting for you to calm down, think things through properly, and find something actually useful that you can do. 2. I’ve figured out the limits of what I am capable of doing, and am doing the thing I think is most useful. 3. If ‘thinkingman’ believes I am a leftist, then I think his target recognition is a little bit broad, and I would prefer that if he does violence, he prioritize targets that he has been a little more careful in determining are actually extreme left. “You should give up, everything is lost, nothing can stop the left, every act of yours is pointless.” 4. FOAD.

          Fundamentally, if you cannot do violence with your own resources, without talking about it on the internet, you will not be effective enough that you should rely on your violence for ‘making a difference’.

          The information war has been very active for some time. Consider what youtube was pushing in terms of BLM and covid back during spring 2020. Look at the degree of push in 2008 for the idea that Obama wasn’t stupid, and at some of the bloggers, who are still conservative, and were actually persuaded by the push for a time. The opposition is pushing hard now on information warfare because they are afraid, and because they think they are vulnerable on the information warfare front. That means that you hurt the regime whenever you say things you believe are true. Look up preference falsification, preference cascade, and Romania in 1988.

  2. The clueless hooker is a puppet, just following orders, which as we all know is not a valid explanation.

  3. BZ, Mom. Right on target, but, sadly, most who read this knows you are right. It’s the other side that really needs to read this and take heed.

  4. My penis is offended that she thinks it is somehow owned by a person. My penis is not a slave but a free being.

    Perhaps in the future she could be more sensitive and use language such as “penis cooperating person” to acknowledge the complex and long term history of the relationship between a person and a penis.

  5. Hey Old NFO;

    Dang, now that was a worthy rant and she didn’t even use any foul language…Color me impressed.

  6. I, personally, would have also ranted about professions and about universities.

    They’ve been building these little incestuous echo chambers for years, with the idea that they would control all the conversation and thought in the country from them.

    They’ve finally hit a certain sort of critical mass with them, but that is just causing a bunch feedback coupling between the echo chambers. So now they are all obvious lunatics, entirely divorced from the real world, and everyone else can see it. So, they are throwing tantrums when even a little kid says that the emperor is naked. The kid is not an adult, but neither are they.

  7. “Bring dynamite, and a crane
    Blow it up, start all over again
    Build a town, proud to show
    Give the name Tobacco Road.”

    I’m ready to start.

  8. So.. I was watching the Olympics yesterday (recorded, fast forwarded through all the talky and touchy-feely bullscat and idiot stuff, amazing how 4 hours of programming comes down to about… 30 minutes) and heard this startling revelation while watching the Trampoline Gymnastics.

    That the relatively huge number of people allowed to watch in the arena are: Other atheletes. Trainers and staff of the various teams. And… DIGNITARIES.

    So, yes folks, we’uns peons, poor people, peasants, serfs and untouchables can’t go watch a sporting event if our children are participating, but various dignitaries, heads of state, high level aristocrats and bureaucrats of every country, the very people who have made any reasonable response to the Covidiocracy a total farce are the ones able to jet over in privately owned or state owned aircraft and watch the damn games up front and in person and interact with all the athletes.

    Dear God. The stupid, it burns.

    Back in the day, when I did somewhat historical European martial arts, we had a saying for the people who thought they were so damned important that they could hang and talk smack with the fighters who actually, you know, could smack each other pretty damned hard. And it’s a term brought over from various high school and college sports. A term for the weenies that hang around the athletes, but don’t, you know, actually do anything useful (like politicians…)

    That term is… Jocksniffers.

    We are being ruled by Jocksniffers.

    People who think they are good enough to act like, well, jocks without being jocks.

    This phrase isn’t used towards the geeks and others who were friends with jocks, it’s only used against those who force themselves into the circle of jocks in order to, maybe, absorb some jock sweat and feel more superior towards the jocks and support staff and others.

    It’s like, well, stolen valor.

    Or that whole “Ima Vet so don’t fire off fireworks” thing where the Veteran served in a radar unit in Alaska or was in the Navy at P-cola doing gardening… (not a jab at real vets, but at people who served and their hardest service was in boot camp yet they think they should get the whole deployed vet experience treatment.)


    We are being controlled by… jocksniffers.

    Who think they are aristocrats.

    It is the “Hunger Games.” Or similar.

    Worse than Royalist France before the Revolution.

    And what brought Royalist France down crashing? Food shortages Food shortages caused by Icelandic volcanos, no, seriously, that’s it. 3 years of food shortages and the city folk pissed because their food was in short supply and expensive. The Revolution wasn’t caused by country folk, who were barely surviving because their food was going to the city folk, no. Caused by peeved city folk because their food wasn’t coming quick enough or cheaply enough.

    Which is gonna happen real soon the way things are looking.

  9. I saw nothing missed except an emphasis that the people, here, and more so worldwide, are like the brush and grass of late summer, tinder dry and waiting for a spark, while the .gov and those who have bought them are shooting flares all around.
    Any organized resistance at this point is probably either .gov theater, like the so-called Whitmer kidnap plot, or so penetrated as to be more dangerous to its’ own members than anyone else. See the history of the leader of the III percent organization. Note. NOT the III percent IDEA, or its’ recognition that only a small number of patriots actually fought in the first American Rebolution.
    The .gov is doubling down on stupid, having forgotten the old truth that the only laws likely to be obeyed are those which 95%+ of the affected people would voluntarilly do anyway.
    The American economy (as a supply chain) is fragile, with multiple points of possible failure. When the sparks land, the early effects will disrupt these points.
    Recovery from a general failure may be possible for us here in America, but as we provide the food that makes the difference between enough and starvation for so much of the rest of the world, if we’re a little bit screwed, they are hammered.
    Be as prepared as you can, but expect that none of us will be able to predict what actually sets the sh*tstorm off.
    Before the event, who could have predicted that the assaination of a minor nobleman in Serbia could set off World War I.
    John in Indy

    • Okay, people, Archduke Franz Ferdinand was not some “minor noble”. “Archduke” was Hapsburg for “crown prince”. He was the heir to the throne of the empire, although his children could not inherit due to his marriage contract.

  10. Well, ya shoulda named those “people”… as in kick asses and name names. But we mostly know who you mentioned…

  11. This sounds an awful lot like the buildup to the Rwandan genocide. We are all going to have to fight for our lives sooner than we’d like. Get right spiritually, and harden your hearts…