Range cards…

Does anybody else have ‘range cards’ for their homes?

And ‘anchor points’ you measured from?

Just curious. I plotted mine out right after I moved in.

North is 650 yards max, with intermediates at 300 and 100.

West is 175 and 75 as an intermediate.

South is 550, with intermediates at 300 and 150.

East is only 65, as it drops off the hill.

Anything other than the cardinals +/- 10 degrees is short range stuff…

Just curious…


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  1. The longest sight line from my home is 120 yards. Now, if I want to watch birds from the road, then I’ve got 350 one way and 550 the other.

  2. Yes, I do,
    Plus the three trees that need to come down in order to lengthen the field of fire.
    14o north, 650 west, 285 east and 193 south (if the trees are down)

  3. depends on which home – main house is limited in range to about 120 yards or closer, depending on direction, so really no need for a range card.. unless I’m trying to be more precise than really necessary. Secondary home is much different story – out to 900 yds in one direction, or even further if I’m on the roof – and yes, have had that carded out for quite a few years. Just got a new Sig rangefinder, so will re-visit the cards with the newer technology, and then make sure my mil-dot estimates are within reason just for the practice… 🙂

  4. Let me see. About 75 to the east. 100 to the north with an intermediate of around 50. West is about 50. South is maybe 400.These are , of course, guessimates. I may have to delve into this further.

  5. I live smack in the middle of a small town. To the edge of my property in any direction maxes out at about 15 yards. The good news is that I am on a corner lot so I have decent sightlines down all four streets if I want to walk out into the street (or even just stand on my property line). I thought about putting white painted rocks on my neighbors lawns in each direction at 150 yards but wasn’t sure how they’d take it. I figure I’m good for hitting anyone in sight.

  6. After a bit of looking around, I found the rangefinder and the battery is both working and not leaking. (not always true)

    Not more than 200 yards, and because of houses, trees and other obstructions, usually much closer.

    Batteries. I need to do a better job of checking on batteries.
    There are many, many, more battery powered electrical and electronic devices around the home than one thinks there are.

  7. Yes. And it’s amazing how much intel you can garner from walking the dog. Which of the neighbors is going to cause problems, which neighbor has stuff and you don’t like enough not to raid them…

  8. All- Thanks, I was beginning to wonder if I was an oddball…

    RHT- That’s a nice looking little scope! I run an ACOG TA-11 on the short range rifle, and a Loopy 10X fixed on the long range one. I’m zeroed at 100 on both for 1300 feet and 75 degrees.

  9. My lot is only 1/3 acre, and we are anchored on the west by a fenced cliff, leading down to a school complex.
    The closest I’ve ever come to developing a range card was pricing out rangefinders. I wanted to check the distance to the lights over the baseball field, which they used to leave on for hours after the game, and which shine through the windows on that side of the house.
    I was happy when they responded to my request, and the rangefinder wasn’t needed.

  10. 100 meters to neighbors corral. 270 meters to the well house in the field next door. 500 meters to the tree in the field. 825 to 880 meters to the fence line depending upon location (it is at an angle to my location). 1060 meters to the road junction across the field. >300 meters down the street. Next door neighbor’s house most limited; 25 meters but his yard gives me anywhere from 60 meters to approximately 125 meters line of sight. Alarms around the perimeter of the property plus thermal and IR scopes. No, I’m not paranoid, just prepared. And I get to see some pretty cool wildlife that I otherwise would not know was there!

  11. Not much I can say about that, but I did work at a laser factory for a while.

  12. I have ALL the range cards – AND I freaked out my neighbour when she commented on the loose orange tape marking the power poles in our street that are scheduled for replacement.

    I told her they were range and wind indicators for snipers.

  13. Col B- Nice set up!

    Ritchie- LOL

    Sedarius- Dang good idea… LOL But I DO have flags that give me the wind!

  14. I live in open woods so it’s close range. It is 16 yards from my back door to my dry storage which a grizzly broke into about ten years ago. We put a hinged sheet of plywood studded with sheet rock screws every three inches and he never came back again after he bit down on one of the screws next to one of the hinges. If times get worse I’ll put a gate you couldn’t drive through at the end of my curved driveway and cut a shooting lane. That would be 120 yards

  15. I KNEW there was something I was forgetting … Thanks for the reminder.

  16. Why would one not have a range card? You have a spare tire in the vehicle, fire extinguishers in the house and insurance, think of “degrees and distance” as a kind of insurance (side note: several of my friends think my occasional reference to “D and D” is expressing interest in a role playing game….but a few know).

    I actually have 2 range cards – summer and winter; due to the thick greenery several of the sight lines are shorter in summer, but anchors and the compass headings don’t change.

  17. Nah…I have optics that give that info. Besides, when in doubt, just flip the switch to FA. At least one of my little friends will find the mark. Seriously though, yes on RC.

  18. I’ve never measured and plotted anything from here. Just ‘eyeball’ measurements, and a rough idea of how far things are from walking around the neighborhood. Seeing as this a frame house, I don’t think we could withstand very much return fire without a LOT of sandbags inside.

  19. Old home in VA had range cards by all the windows that had more than “point blank” field of view. Longest LOS was just shy of 265yds. Had fire hydrants and distinctive trees that served well as markers.
    New home in hilly, wooded east TN doesn’t have a LOS more than 100yds. And that’s only from the front porch/windows. Those nice scoped bolt actions and I can cover the whole area with my Winchester 94.

  20. I don’t have a clear shot of even 100 yards in any direction. With the guns that we’d be using, it makes a range card sort of irrelevant.

    Life in the Southeast woods. It’s why the 30-30 is such a favorite round in this area.

  21. Main house is 30 yds to the treelines all around, end of the drive is 50; all 12 ga or pistol carbine distance. The North 40 is a mile and a half off the road. One way in due to terrain features and “traffic control devices”; I’m gonna know you’re there. Longest shot is 227 yds down a single track lane.