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This ‘battle’ has been going on for at least five years at this point, and it is getting beyond stupid.

Fighting for the Alamo means exactly that: preserving the structures that still exist, researching the history, telling its story accurately through means as varied as a museum, reconstruction, and living history, and making sure its story is remembered.

Fighting about the Alamo is about none of that. It’s about personal and group political agendas that often build their power at the Alamo’s expense, without any evident regard for the consequences to the Alamo. Such fighting has already broken one Alamo preservation project and it’s threatening the current one.

Full article, HERE.

The San Antonio Conservation Society and civic leaders seem hell bent on shooting themselves in both feet with their denigration of the Alamo and its history. If the Alamo goes down, San Antonio might as well roll up the sidewalks, because THAT is the draw that brings people to town.

And then there is this… From 2009, at a Texas Tech basketball game. Still one of the purest versions of the Star Spangled Banner I’ve ever heard. The video is lousy, but the girls range from 6 to 8 years old.


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  1. The Texas State Historical Association journal had an article about the debates (arguments) over care and preservation of the Alamo. That was at least a decade back.

  2. Disparaging the Alamo?
    As they say in Texas, Some people just need killing.

    • No kidding. I’d not seen that before and it is WONDERFUL

  3. The GLO (General Land Office) and the scalawag George P Bush has charge of the Alamo and has been driving a (reimagine the Alamo) preservation program that makes it more of a theme park than restoring the 1836 foot print that everyone had been hoping for. And the libtard San Antonio gov’t. is behind it and the proposed moving of the cenotaph. This book just adds ammo to their quiver, truth or not like most democrats it doesn’t matter. As a seventh generation Texian and native San Antonian it is maddening. No one comes to see the Alamo other than for the battle that happened there. Not the architecture, not the dead Indians buried there, not because it was a church. It is sacred ground to me and most true Texans. They don’t seem to understand, without the battle, there would be NO Alamo and no one would ever come here for anything else unless you really love TexMex.

  4. They’re shooting off their feet with a 155mm howitzer. Aim higher, guys!

  5. I had to listen twice. Wow! Gives me hope for our future. I wonder if those girls went on to do more. Thanks for the link.

  6. I live forty some odd miles northwest of San Antonio. If they want to besmirch the Alamo like that, let the whole effing town of San Antonio burn to the ground. It is a useless cesspool of Leftism now days. I don’t know that it hasn’t been that way for the last 50 years. The Leftist Democrats have as much as been caught committing electoral fraud for a number of election cycles; they just control enough of the local constabulary that nothing happens. And currently the Bexar (pronounced like bear)County DA is a Soros Leftist; he probably want to go tear the Alamo down brick by brick since it shows the real side of his great countryman, Santa Anna’s darkside which needs to be hidden.

    • Bill – I live less than half that distance in the same direction and you pretty well nailed the polly ticks here. I figured that out after the first local election I voted in after moving here (bond issues) ‘passed’ overwhelmingly – with a whopping NINE percent voter turnout. I’m not sure what it will take to wake up enough of Military City USA(tm) to get things to change.
      PS I certainly don’t want the whole town to burn down but some areas ‘might’ be ripe for selective air strikes……………….

  7. Randy- Excellent point!

    Sam- Yes, about 2 1/2 feet!

    Flugel- I don’t know, but I’m guessing they did well!

    Bill- Sadly, it’s the 4th after Austin, Dallas, Houston…

    Gomez- Selective air strikes would work too! Problem is military=transient populations, hence don’t vote locally…

  8. Smarter Half and I visited San Antonio back in ’19.
    While I was trying to figure out the %^&* payment machine (NO attendant) S.H. sat on a bench. Two guys transacted a drug deal at THE OTHER END OF THE BENCH.
    We beat feet out of there as there was no way I was gonna pay $20 to leave a fully loaded vehicle in an unfenced, unguarded lot in crack central.
    I mailed letters to the aforementioned G.P. Bush as well as the Buckhorn Saloon. CCed the C of C. Not that any replied.
    San Antonio is a dead city. Just hasn’t been buried yet.