Dilated eyes…

Can’t see s**t, so you get green Fords… πŸ™‚

Seen Sunday morning at breakfast. 31 A, driven by an older couple out for a ‘Sunday Drive’…

Complete restoration, including the rock screen for the radiator!!!

And a period correct interior, with just ‘one’ addition, seat belts!

And seen yesterday… 1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone

This one is also restored! 4 speed, 289, but sadly I don’t know ‘which’ one. It is missing the tach, so probably NOT the HI PO 271hp 289.

Love that old green color! And the period correct redline tires and Kelsey Hayes Stripper mag wheels from 1967! The wheels alone are worth a BUNCH… .



Dilated eyes… — 20 Comments

  1. Funny how the glossy finish around the wheel well reflects the asphalt and makes it looks like it needs a wash.
    Cool stuff.

  2. NNniiiiiiiiice. I managed to glimpse several of our local classics going to a charity car show this past weekend. The gent standing next to me wondered if TXDoT was going to make the Ford Galaxy hire a “Wide Load” pilot car. Then the classic Impala went by . . . πŸ˜€

  3. Well, I fit right in today. Had my vision “restored” in both eyes with cataract/lens replacement surgery in April. Last Thursday had surgery in my left eye for a macular pucker.


    You are awake during the procedure, and it’s quite something to watch the tiny tools working inside your eyeball. They then inject a partial gas bubble to help support the macula. The bubble is slowly absorbed by the body over 10 days or so. Today, it’s like having a spirit level sloshing around in my eye.

    No further issues with my right eye, and I am delighted to report that I can see the iron sights on my lever guns again. Also, my one Swarovski scope is once again as crystal clear as I remember.

    • TMI. I had the cataract sorted out in my right eye. Local anasthetic drops knocked out vision and movement.
      I keep reaching for the glasses I no longer wear!

    • RHT, been there, done that. What’s even weirder is that because of how the eye works, it looks like the remaining fluid is sloshing around in the TOP of your eye. 😳

    • For the air/gas bubble, watch elevation changes. My eyes were done at 1200′, but going home means a 5100′ pass to arrive at 4350′. My first eye needed a few stops (not much gas), but the second one had a more aggressive approach and more gas (and more damage to repair).

      Using the same stops wasn’t working; lost vision in that eye for 10-15 minutes the first time, so I had to stop frequently to let the eye equalize for the ascent. Scary as hell; TxRed’s Familiar books kept me from panic–I don’t do road trips without a handy Kindle.

      Followup trips entailed use of an altimeter. Sea level practices forbid travel above 2000′ for a while postop. My situation caught the boss doctor by surprise, but the effects were mostly temporary. (Had a nerve pinched and the pupil doesn’t react quickly or fully, though it slowly improved.)

      • Yup. That’s why they’re making me wear this green wrist band.

        “My situation caught the boss doctor by surprise,…”. Hmm. That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the doc.

        It just now occurs to me, I’ll have to ask what kind of gas they use.

        • They use stuff like sulfur hexafluoride, perfluorohexane, and perfluoropropane. IIRC, it’s the same sorta gasses used in some nuclear weapons, and the breathing-liquid segment of the movie “The Abyss” is only semi-fiction. And yeah, when yer eyeball is pumped up with whatever the docs used, it looks pretty trippy after you get some sight back..

        • I suspect he figured that with no problem with air in the first procedure, it would be OK with more of the special gas in the second. IIRC, he used C2F6, *and* I absorbed the gas more slowly than normal. I’ve learned over the years that I can be the corner case in way too many situations. Sigh.

          As it turns out, it’s been 3.5 years since the scare, and the eye that the boss doctor did is working a bit better than the first eye. (FWIW, the business he gets from east of the Cascades is probably 5 to 10% or less of his total.) And no, there are no retina specialists in S Central Oregon east of the Cascades. Haven’t looked at Bend, but Medford is a hotbed of eye practices.

    • As some of us here might reply, “I’ll have you know sir, that I highly resemble your remark!”.

  4. Surgery?
    Certainly, hope you get an expert to fix ya.
    Docked in Aruba, our WiFi is HORRIBLE. I tried to find the YouTube video to share but cannot even get the site to come up.
    Search for it yourself: “Mercury Comet 100,000 miles at 100 miles per hour.”
    Mid Sixties, I cannot remember the year.

  5. Ed- That’s ALWAYS a problem at snows… sigh

    TXRed- Sigh, y’all have some ‘NICE’ cars up there!

    RHT/Frank- Ouch! I have a macular obstruction, so every 8-9 weeks I get a shot and dilated… sucks to be me, but better than blind in that eye.

    Jet- No surgery will help… sigh

    GB- See above. I’ve seen it, and yes that was a 65 recording of running a 271hp HI PO 289 continuously for 40 hours!

    Mustang- LOL, you and me both!

  6. Hey Graybeard! That’s chutzpah to be complaining about Wi-Fi tied up to the dock in Aruba!

    OldNFO, ain’t got words for you man. Just keep in mind if you need anyting I’m over here by the speedway in north Texas as well. Send an email and I’ll send you my phone number if you need anything.

  7. Ooooo. Technically, I’m not a car person. I don’t know much about their inner workings. Once did – when I took Driver’s Ed mumblemumblemumble years ok we had to be able to identify the components of an engine. Now the best I can do if I open the hood is say “Yup. That’s an engine.” But I love old cars, classic cars. One of my dreams about winning the gazillion dollar lottery I don’t play is to rescue the poor, sad abandoned ones left in fields and farmstead. Don’t want to own one, just want to restore and sell to someone who would give it a good home.

    And I’ve become a “Grand Tour” addict. So a few months ago I was thinking “What the heck is a McLaren doing up HERE?”

  8. Jet- Thanks!

    PH- LOL, I followed one out here at a whole 8 mph in traffic out here. I can’t help but hope his clutch survived the five miles of that mess…

    GB- LOL

  9. Hey Old NFO;

    Very nice selection of cars, especially Fords πŸ˜‰ Yes I am kinda biased, LOL