Update from NOLA

Just got a phone call from Murphy over at lagniappes Lair. He came through the storm OK, no damage to the house, no flooding. Some minor fence damage, and power expected to be out for two weeks.

He said the dogs are OK he’s doing OK has plenty of food, water, and he’s only worried about possibly running out of booze… 🙂 Said he’s going to catch up on his reading.


Update from NOLA — 10 Comments

  1. Ah, good. Was wondering what was going on since he signed off yesterday afternoon after losing power.

    Can’t wait to hear how the wonderful NO politicians have saved the city by removing the statues…

  2. We lost some huge transmission lines during Rita. Watching the large helicopters, marsh equipment, and linemen bringing it all back up in a short period of time was amazing.

    I think they want to report this was worse than Katrina. I might be wrong, but the damage after Katrina led to structures more storm worthy, and a better infrastructure. Time will tell.

  3. Beans- Snerk…

    PE- Thanks, that’s what he ‘thought’ happened.

    Miggy- Will do!

    Robert- LOL, I ‘think’ he can find some…

    Jess- That’s true, they are pushing this to ‘try’ to get Kabul off the news, but from what I’m seeing, this isn’t nearly as bad as Katrina.

  4. From another old pilot, thanks for update. Send him my best. Now I remember why I moved up north from Pensacola.

  5. Relay our best wishes.
    I find it hard to believe ANYONE in NOLA can run out of booze.